Last Week Tonight Season 4 Promo

Last Week Tonight, literally one of HBO’s Sunday night shows, returns 2/12 at 11PM.

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Clément Houssais
Does anyone has the name of the music with the 3 "TIIIIINNNNNN" at the beginning ? thanks :)
Sasha Rubello
what did we do to deserve John Oliver 🤣😍
Still one of the more brilliant ads I've ever seen. Keeping in mind that I don't watch the Superbowl...
Michael Ma
The comment section is so weird. there are people complaining about trump supporters complaining. And then there are people complaining about people complaining about trump supporters complaining.
Curse Heart
He is getting really fat in the neck.
Wonder Women
Can it be for an hour
The Triple A
He's a genius
Anna Bunovsky
Forget all the Trump talk people, the real news is that we finally know how it's going to end; with John Oliver on the Iron Throne.
M.Angel black
I love youuuuuu!
Ah the HBO cinematic universe
I love how more people are talking about politics in the comments section than the actual video
LMAO as a neutral person. its hilarious seeing the Trump Babbies so triggered and they say liberals are whiny cunts lol
I was so hoping, he would get to sit on the throne. And i was cheering inwardly, as he was about to do it.
Arlene Tognetti
John Oliver is great WE LOVE HIM IN THE GREAT NW Seattle/Tacoma. Love Last Week Tonight: the best way to deliver the weeks NEWS!! THANK YOU JOHN!
Kerop Grigorian
That's our beloved Now This guy isn't it?
Neel Shejwalkar
I can't even find a comment by a trump supporter anymore
Lily Darkmoore
LOVE John Oliver! He's both hilarious and insightful!
Tiaan Beukes
Jirre John I love you ma God you looked sooo fucken bad on mock the week, fuck that english kak, glad you picked up some fokken weight!!
Sahil Saini
day 3 of searching through people complaining about Trump comments. May i ever see said comment? the world may never know because I can't seem to find the bloody comments!
whats the name of the bald guy with glasses?
Julian Bransky
Epic promo, epic idea :)
Landon Tokiwa
Can we please get a John Oliver cameo in Game Of Thrones? that would be awesome and hilarious..... and hey if gets to seat on the Iron Throne thats fine by me, he'd do a better job then most people on that show! :)
Carlos Juarez
Fuck you!
I want a full hour of Last Cuck Tonight With Johnny Trigger Warning!
John Oliver is a fucking joke. any main stream TV hosts now a days are just liberal hacks
Mawgan S.
Issac Kaiser with extra spicy commie-propaganda . yummy.
AoE Ronin
I have seen more comments bitching about bitching about trump supporters then anything else
magahdlahag LAhAG
Lisa Johansson
Guys, please take a look at what's going on in Belarus! Right now people have been protesting for months against a new law (that makes people who seem unemployed pay unemployment tax) but those meetings are mostly about how extremely poor our county is, how working class, elderly, students, ill and just generally poor can't afford medicine and to live. What happens though (what happened to my best friend as well) that police dressed as civilians grab the protesters, without introducing themselves, shove them into cars and take them away. People think they might get killed in some forest, it wouldn't be the first time. My best friend (who had two broken arms) spent over 12 hours in jail awaiting his trial, got a fine. His friend got kicked out of university and had a closed hearing for some reason. Some people get sentenced to jail. Maybe worse, we don't know exactly how bad it is yet. But they grab journalists, ordinary people, mothers of four, everyone... please give them some international heat. Thank you!
Lachlan Duggan
LMAO this was one of the funniest promos I've ever seen, and definitely the funniest for any show currently running. BRILLIANT JOB. also fucking LOLZ @ the butthurt Trumpers. free speech is still a thing unfortunately. get over it. ;)
Lucian Florin Feier
Out of the 4 shows that they featured in this video, I actually only watch Last Week Tonight.
Ankita Jaiswal
One of the best promos I have ever seen.
Blair Crysline Mampen
I'm just fucking ecstatic about the promo man its so good
I cant watch the new videos on the channel 😢
Mardas Man
At 0:30 he looks like Steve Mnuchin ;).
Could only be better if he sat down on the thrown only for the actor who played the character "joffrey" walking up to the thrown and starting making pissy remarks as John Oliver starts to question how Joffrey is there since he died seasons before the latest. Ending with John Oliver saying "I am the king of HBO now" or something like that.
Scott Steiner
Love you Cheeky bastard!!!!!
Blue Diamond
I can't view any of your season 4 videos. Why is that?
Conor Grissom
I've seen significantly more comments complaining about people that support Trump than I've seen comments that support Trump.
David Mailhot Tanguay
Why is their no video of season 4 on YouTube? Have they all been blocked again?
Devin Gendron
Last week tonight and game of thrones are the only shows I watch on HBO. I watched Newsroom before it ended.
Molly Simpson
so is this channel no longer uploading the show?
oh cmon the man deserves to sit in that chair hes show rulez!!!!
Will Plummer
Need to know can anyone else watch the last 3 John Oliver videos? My computer says I can't watch it for some reason... is it me or...
kys for leaving international internet viewers with a big ol'dick up or ass
Seyedmorteza Ghaffarishahri
That "sorry" at the end almost killed me
anyone else getting Video Not Available on all the new season videos?
is anyone else having trouble watching the new uploads since this video?
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