HOT GIRLS WANTED Turned On (2017) Documentary, Netflix HD

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HOT GIRLS WANTED Turned On (2017) Documentary, Netflix HD
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this is a fascinating look into social media, porn and this generation in general. great watch!
yep time to get it on shoolboards now
Just Entertainment
facts you dont know about girls
Digen Bhatia
girls are awesome that's why boys are insane.....😎😎
Alexander S.
How`s called the Song? 0:39
Frank Furlacker
I don't care about other people so I hope this continues.
Jake Bryant
Whew for a second there I thought this was about videogames, it's just porn
Alp Muhsinoğlu
Shit I opened this at the office lol
Dick Brag
pornography hands
Humanless God
There's so much hate in the comment section, but I bet 90% of you will watch it
Janine Searea
this thing is good. fuck those retartds for being a pussy.
Jean Gimenez
People actually live like this?! that sucks
To the people saying porn is not sex education: she knows porn is not sex education But is merely stating that porn is what teens go to to learn about sex. That is where they have to go to learn because they don't get proper sex education in places like America and lots of other countries.
Estera Kowalczyk
Yin Gor
the first blonde is Bailey Rayne‏.... What can I say except you're welcome....
pornography is the embodiment of the most vile humans psyche ,saturated they feel nothing and will do anything for cash.
Tyler Pierce
سالم حسين السومحي
سالم حسين
Kenneth Smith
Am I the only guy who would want to experience what's it like to be a sex object to women?
Adnane TruthSeeker
People who want freedom for women have no problem with using women as sexual objects; hahahaha HYPOCRISY
Lisa Gandolfo
Okay everyone who has an inquisitive mind like me. For your information I just uncovered that Hussie Models, LLC new young black porn star aka Jax Slayher as featured in this newly released documentary, Hot Girls Wanted Turned On had been arrested for resisting arrest in Broward County, Florida on January 9, 2017 and his pending court date is May 22, 2017. He is apparently from Riley Reynolds hometown of Brandon, Florida according to the drivers license address on the arrest record. I guess birds of a feather flock together. Riley Reynolds is NOT an insured and licensed talent agent as he states on this documentary. Why is the media not uncovering what I have for the last 4 months on him and his illegal operation? He contacted my office for location houses that he thought my company would provide for "hard core porn" scenes. When I turned him down, he called me an unprofessional stuck up cunt and proceeded to harass me! I got his model house doubling as a 24/7 web cam operation shut down with the help of the City of Coconut Creek and law enforcement. Plus acquiring information myself like a veteran private investigator that I have become. Really this is not about porn it is about a predator/pimp who is violating young women who barely got out of high school and misled by a Craigslist advertisement by Riley Reynolds to come to Florida to live in an isolated house with a high fence, no friends, no contacts, no car. Then they change their identity and get peer pressure to boot!
Kay Bee
If you watch porn...even sometimes...then you contribute to this industry and have no excuse to bash the people in it.

A product or service would not exist without its consumers.
The Insane Bolt!
0:27 fucking neckbeards
It's pronounced E-JU-CA-TION
Lordd Sheffield
Great something to make me want to waste my future children even more
Arthur Donenfeld
great editing, though.
Brock Stiller
This shit is retard as hell!
Ex0tic R3D
Wtf is this
Why not just walk around holding a giant sign that reads COME RAPE ME! cause the only fckn thing porn teaches is how to throw away your self respect and how to perfect your rapist techniques.
Cffmnn j.nkuio
Zachary Rose
The Jew World Order ladies and gentlemen.
my dick feels guilty
J Stone
I'm scrolling through these comments

bruh, i'm laughing so hard right now XD
Avishek Dhar
This Society can judge anything they want in a positive way bt only they can try... Nobdy gonna buy it! Aftall people chooses this line if they can't do anything else for living... If it is soo Respectable profession thn prefer it ovr something else.. Bt No! This is the last option for many to earn more money with literally no talent!
Kyle Madison
These dumbasses
Vinícius Gomes
Did anyone else see Jada Stevens and had memories Turned On?
Javier Darder
Joh Kikazz
Did a religious club stumble onto this trailer and then forward it to every religious club they know? Because it seems like it in the comments...
white gurls re so dumb they re ruining their DNA with black apes
Sambo falcon
Get some fucking help
Evan Speis
i came here from battlefront 2....
Jazzi Winchester
WTF I regret watching this
Oscar Barahona
I can fap to this
Fernando Ferreira
why so much hate? people are so hypocritical
Azmol Hossain
welcome, Christian girls.
Time to go beat my dick off till it launches into outer space
Mexicán Forever
Gabe Newell???? 1:38 haha
song name? it has a gta v vibe.
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