The Warriors
She's probably good at faking orgasms...
Astro Girl Arts
She sounds like a wounded wolf!!
Philip McMullin
Maria Sharapove Flair!
jotti sarinquil
she sounds like she is having sex
Theuniverse Isaniceplace
John Lu
Wow she's still using Prince
Sharapova sounds like an abused dog
Rajendra Nadarajan
If ever there is a leaked Sharapova sex tape, the internet would shut down......
Kevin Han
Grunting is okay I guess.. But that is too much and to be fair, hearing the ball off the strings is kinda important at that level of the game so... yeah
Declan .LFC Whitaker
she doesn't say shut up...
Kevin Cassidy
I remember a few years back Natalie Tauzier asked the match umpire to tell her opponent to be quiet as she couldn't hear the ball strike. Timing is taken from that sound so to a point it kind of is cheating. It's totally over the top and isn't generated by the effort of playing. The horror of it is youngsters watch this and think it's what you should be doing so the problem will only get worse. I just read that she's reached 101 decibels!!!!!
The Beast
If you insist on making that ridiculous noise, you accept being laughed at.
Save it for the toilet Sharapova
Fara Marie Justin
Just imagine it's Rick Flair.
Lorena Jade
LMAO "Shut up!" oh god i love australians
Jack Mehoff
this stupid shit shouldnt be aloud. and im not talking about the crowd. ridiculous sounds
There should be rules for that type of shit....they do it to distract the opponents. It serves no other purpose.
Mokka Cui
There's fact which is unrelated to Sharapova's grunting: this is actually the late bloomer Li Na's first appearance in a grand slam tournament at almost 23, she made it to the 3rd round and lost to Sharapova 06 26 in this match.
Marcin 00ful
like an orgasm (joke) 😁
Jason Rafaelia
cyrus zuniga
That's pretty fucking awesome. She's in everybody's head.
Joe Belunke
lol apparently people asked Sara to shut up since she started yelling like a dog 0:17 onwards
Flippin Bratayley
so many internet bullies on this comments.
I was wonder did she make the same voice while having sex...
Joe505 Mc
Who the fuck wants to hear that shit
Lance Baker
Notice that for most of these sounds, it doesn't coincide with the time of hitting the ball. She waits a half second to make it more interfering for the opponent.
Lance Baker
This is the new female tennis player faked effort grunt meant to distract the oponent. Should be counted as interference, point opponent.
Skate Nation
We were playing volleyball in gym and I yelled every time and ended up getting detention cause everyone thought I was hurt...
On the Pitch
Maria Sharapova doesn't play Ping Pong, she plays Ping Woo

ivo lorca
everytime i hear her scream i go to have sex with my girlfriendthis is why she love maria:)
i find it fcking hot lmao
ryan bambino
I love Maria but I howled so hard at the guy saying shut up. I mean cmon, save those moans for the bedroom, damn.
Chevas Chirstion
Woouh woouh woouh
Odisseu de Ítaca
I imagine her moaning in bed
EgoBrainiac 1
It takes a lot of strength to hit the ball.
Starigniter Wanders
Christopher Palmer
a bit embarrassing no need for it just a sly way of cheating
the peace and quiet, will end in may 2017
Taeyeon brought me here
John Smith
She's a bird!
Hi Everyone.
Every sponsors of Maria should have gotten to court and sue her ass off! If I was one of her sponsors, I would have draged that hoe to the court to get all the millions she got. She is busted and caught as a cheater of illigal substances.
hhmmm is she having an orgasm every time she hit the ball wow sure good she is not a squirter
Randy Zhen
I actually find it really hard to handle a tennis racket. It's so fricken heavy.
Jens Cristian
Bahaha the crowd was heckling the shit out of her.
Ray Perkins
Bet she is loud in the bedroom. haha
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