Trivikram Srinivas Emotional Speech | Katamarayudu Pre Release Event | Pawan Kalyan | Shruthi Hassan

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Katamarayudu Pre Release Event LIVE, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's upcoming movie Katamarayudu. 

#Katamarayudu, starring Pawan Kalyan is directed by Kishore Kumar Pardasani (Dolly), while Prasad Murella is the DOP and the music is being scored by Anup Rubens. The film will be edited by Gowtham Raju. Brahma Kadali is the art director and action will be composed by Ram - Laxman. Katamarayudu is produced by Sharrath Marar under the NorthStar Entertainment Banner.

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trivikram evnet shows speech be it any place he will talk as if ramayanam and mahabharatam as i f writer been discuss with him and executed that what his clarrifciation one of biggest thamsha live fun will talk about as if those writer called him for dinner and he had enough understanding

his film recent relase related to village subject tarnished basic understanding on village member their intensity of understanding

that this tirvikram will talk anything as broiler chicken laided golden egg amazing to c

how people look his when he strarted saying in audio fucntion or any fucntion as tirvikram intepretation

itself a big understanding we need

first he will as if writers belong to his generation that itself a biggest mistake and he will still narrate as crowd yell and shouts he never stop his speech inbetween as if anythng happen

all people suffocate and watch and uploaded in youtube those u watch more than baahbali trailer this wil carry open fooling public as if i been his family member he will talk that itsle mke to bring blood pumps and bp shoots up like ever that what and he wil justify his talks that highlight of talks in an interview

that itself camel forceblly made to milk and people has to drink salted milk highest painful to watch how come their team members wil fully accept death and get keilled when he started narrated and any fucntion on defending when none raised he will keeps on hanging wallks talks look like when team itself a have a big bothersiation

in audio fucntion he kills every one who has come all the way waited for hrs he will talk anything as much al cannot cry , cannot show pain

and those been standing on the stage cannot run from that place this is biggest thamsha carried

how to control bp y yoga mediation learned to control negative wibes like suggestion , gaaddatha gudu , narration , justification amazing now yoga shaped how to control when some one narrate it up as story run from that place how to switch off the ear drum ent docs still has big que after every fucntion event show where trivikram partciapation as acting partner or sharinrng partner
trivikam astrology no reference all mixture of anything and vomited eppa naa vala katthu even hard to understand even to unheard

how for ent gets more patients this days when we ask x any y they says recent astrologer film astrolgers talks which is not refered any books no reference created than and thre which often not dilute to meet it those people visit and hear it has to face

so thrivakm promotes ent busienss availing more patients
naresh saru
# ma annayya power star
#pawan kalyan
jai pawanisam
prasad kaya
great person.....pkk
Sudheer Kumar
Mari me herolu kanisham baja naku kuda panikirara
Sudheer Kumar
Mari me herolu kanisham baja naku kuda panikirara
Vishnu Vardhan
ImraN Shaik Pspk FaN
#ZindabaD_kalyan_Anna_pavan_kalyaN_Anna_FaN_ikkaDa .....✊✊
Ramavathu Ramesh Naik
jai power star, jai Jana Sena
gopi thirumalashetty
Jai power starr
Narashima Koppula
tivikramu garu meeru yeppudu meeru pawan anna pakkane unadli
lahari koppolu
3:00 to 3:11 abbaaa....em chepparuuu trivikram garu.....supr ga chepparu😍😍😍
vijaya kumar
trivikram garu meeru yeppudu pavan gariki thodundalli.
vijaya kumar
excellent sir thanks for this speach.
Vamsi Krishna Kallepalli
A beautiful add so far...made soo lovely...
Pradeep Reddy
Pk marri chettu kadhu Mulaga chettu 😆😆😆😆
Pradeep Reddy
Bajanlal trivikram🙏🙏🙏
drlng funny
ur great sir............exactly right si.....
Gundarapu Benny9986
Super words sirrrrr
Nagarjuna B N
jai pawanisam
vamsy attili
yadavalli bhargav
నిజం గా మీలాంటి చెత్త వెధవలు పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ ఫ్యాన్సా...? ఒక అమ్మని నాన్నని పెళ్ళాన్ని బూతులు తిడుతున్నారు... అందుకేరా మిమ్మల్ని ఇల్లిటిరేట్ గాళ్ళు అనేది అంటే చదువు లేని వెధవలు అని... చదువుకొని ఉంటె సంస్కారం వచ్చేది.. లేదా ఇలా పవన్ ఫాన్స్ అని చెప్పుకొని తల్లి మీద చెల్లి మీద బూతులు తిట్టే ప్రతి ఒక్కడిని మీ తల్లి తండ్రులు గాలికి వదిలేసి ఉండాలి.. ఒకరి అమ్మని బయట ఇంత దరిద్రంగా బూతులు తిడుతున్నారంటే.. మీ అమ్మల మీద మీరు చెయ్యి వేసి ఉండరనడానికి ఏం సందేహం లేదు... ఇలాంటి వెధవలకి తల్లితండ్రుల విలువ తెలియదు... పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ అంటే తెలుసు కాని తల్లి చెల్లి వరస అంటే మాత్రం తెలీదు... ఛి... మీలాంటి వెధవలకి నేను హీరోనా అని పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ సిగ్గుపడే రోజు తప్పకుండా వస్తుంది...
Naresh Reddy K
ʜᴇᴀʀᴛғᴜʟʟ sᴘᴇᴇᴄʜ
ʀᴇᴀʟ ʜᴜᴍᴀɴ
Aadhya 2013
edi ardam chesukone janam leru . pain ni pain tisukoni cheste Adi yela vuntundho prajalu telusukoni
LEVON Kelsoy
so see veeram ,... it cant be any better
LEVON Kelsoy
nothing but overaction with stupid fans
ppl like bill gates, zuckerberg and even wipro head Azim they donate 60% profits for ppl n infrastructure of their societies they never get this popularity n this ppl drag ppl to watch their movies n they do little help donating a lakh r something when their house alone worth 100 crores n ppl treat them as DEMI-GODS...have a fandom n respect for ur star hero but remember they r not what u see on screen they just portray a character of some good writer...PAVAN KALYAN has became mad nowadays...he has so much fame ask him to adopt 5 villages n donate 100 crores n develop them...with this stardom he can make 100 crores with one movie but he will not do not only him no hero will do...they just make u fools to drag u to theatres
suresh krishnapavan
Very Nice trivikram garu
chetula sainadh
mana pawn sir ki milanti arjunudu pakkana unte I krishnudini.evaru m cheyaleru sir
g.sunnysujith Kumar
hat's off to you sir
siliveri venkatesh
power star gurinchi matladalante trivikram tarvate evaraina jai PK trivikram love u PK annd trivikram sir
suresh tvs
hey picchikukkallara don't comment on pawan trivikram ok , nee daggara keyboard untey takku takku ani kottuko kani telisindi kada
nitish porumamilla
babu ne meda chala gowravam unde adi lekunda chesav nv chepetivi vini patinchevallam ela bajana cheyadam start chesinapatati nunchi ninu ninu ga gowravinchukolekunda unam sir
Rams Pspk
matala mantrikudu
singamrao sarath chandra
I admire Prabhas and Pk for their attitude and kind heartedness....All the best to katamarayudu and all the upcoming telugu films.
the english
pk nu pogidhi kadupu manta enduku. mana hero ni manam pogudukoma?
great speech trivikram garu
Pavan Subbu
srinivasarao billa
neeku avakasam ichchadani nuvvu 100 maatalu cheppochchu..?.....
srinivasarao billa
hitler gas many more fans here
s satya
director creates hero's and superstars but hero's doesn't create great directors that's y directors are always captains
sandeep cv
sir meru great
Durgaprasad Achyuta
super speech Annayya
vasu Nivas
That's the power ⭐️
krishna teja Akella
ikkada konthamandi Trivikram garu Kalyan gurunchi chepthe bajana antunaru valaki alage vuntundi endukante valla heroes gurunchi avaru ala cheparu..ayna chepadaniki peda em peekaru..Real life lo 😂😂
Kumarvarma Vadapalli
Soodi vadu sir...
sastry aradyula
em matlalu Ra Babu... waiting for your movie Trivikram Garu.
Bharath Sajja
biscut lu vesi pawan ni mulaga chettu vekkinchaku, he is a down to earth person
Yu Sai
6k likes 360 dislikes no problem
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