Stupid presentation...deceptive title..
Lary West
green house gasses my ass, you fucks need to get a real job !
Helene Llanera
Giraffe Backflip
Came here, saw dislikes, left
So they are planning on fighting against mother nature? Seems like they are evil and want us all to freeze to death. What do they have against us living in a lush tropical paradise? Are they scared dinosaurs will eat them?
Sharon Lynn
Earth is not getting warmer just stop your LIES and agenda.
Robert de Gruiter
Our weather , is always changing. As humans, this is a natural phenomenon. Are humans responsible? I don't know, but I do know that a lot of these sciencetists fabricate The data to fit their government's predictions. When governments get involved the data always becomes tainted.
mexcan fun
I believe Antarctica was tropical with beautiful stone cities.
Dillon Miles
This is how you change the fucking world!
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bc. of a free wix website u built 2 days ago! LMFAO!!
The supreme Meme

I mean the penguin I the beginning
AR 15
So if all the ice on the earth melted We loose Florida, California, New York City, and gain an entire continent. Whats the problem? No more Blizzards in the north and warmer equator perfect for growing fruit and spices, no more panama canal so you can just sail around the US without paying taxes and fees. more water covering the earth we can use for drinking and crops. why do people want to live in an ice age?
patrick tousignant
what bullshit global warming LIE
What "lies under" is a lie... Duh
Hear we go again, everyone be afraid of climate change, because it might affect your great grandchildren slightly so please loving and loyal government take more money from us, worsen our economies and standard of living. Like how brain dead are people, do you actually believe in 100+ years people will give a damn about our 21st century cities? By then we'll have anti gravity hovering cities or something. Like how the hell do people justify in being concerned about this it just baffles me. Doesn't help that our governments push this and in a way LEAD us on in worshipping this crap, the same governments that can't seem to ever have enough tax $$ coming in and are terrible at spending it. You wouldn't give drugs to a drug addict so why would you give more money to the government who is terrible at spending it.
Tavoi Aiono
More lies!!!
Lao Laos
if we go deeper we mint find Hitler down there??? never
brandon brister
Lets transport all our extra water to mars if the artic melts. that kills 2 birds with 1 stone. 1 starts life on mars and we get to go to mars :P
Another liberal ploy to make you think fossil fuels are poisons from Satan but they riding around in helicopters, snowmobiles, and using gasoline vehicles lol.
You are so full of it. Pay your own way, sluggards.
ki ik
Man! All this is, is political platforming and global warming propaganda. So disappointed. I was interested in real science.
Crinie Dog
im so scared
propaganda bullshit
Ruski Ryan
They found a Planet beneath the ice, and it's called Earth! wow what a coincidence
Ice cores from the age of the Dinosaurs showed that there was 200X Times more CO2 in the Atmosphere than 2017, but what we do have is Pollution.

All Thanks to GeoEngineering, this is the reason we are seeing what we are seeing, the fact is the Earth is expanding by 12.5 to 13 Feet Per Year, this expansion will have an effect on Climate coupled with the Global GeoEngineering 'experiments' which have influenced the flow of Atmosphere on the Planet, take for instance the USA, thanks to all the Fracking the ground levels of Methane have practically terraformed the region, the West coast has turned more desert like, whilst the east coast is disintegrating slowly with liquefaction, sink holes and flooding.

It is unknown if the planet as we know it can bounce back from the GeoEngineering as up to the moment I type this, even if we got it to be stopped, yet still the 'experiments' are being pushed no - matter - what.

Think about that,
oh and it's pointless writing to your local political Rep.
They're on the Pay - Roll of the very companies who conduct it.

I am disappointed with this PBS production, it's nearly as bad as the old 'bogey man' CFC's in the 80's / 90's I was blasted with, 'oh that's why there's holes in the Ozone'...
If they had looked just a little longer they would have found Jimmy Hoffa.
3:11 Note that this video when showing the ENTIRE (so called ) "continent" it's CGI
A real picture of the entire (fake, non existent) "continent" does not exist, it only exists in CGI and drawings
This is one reason why no one "owns" it, it does NOT exist!
It's a RING of ice that surrounds the earth to keep us in, until God removes it.
Job 26:10 He hath compassed the waters with bounds, until the day and night come to an end.
Acts 17:26 And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;
big ass dude
do you think any of these people would have a funded job if globul worming didn't exist?
Phil Mclamb
The Antarctic ice is more massive than ever before. Even larger than when Al Gore said it was melting away.
Deadly Beauty
I love how if you might disagree with something scientific you are labeled some ignorant idiot. Yet, science is always finding out things they were wrong about. So, now we will just blame....... farting cows. lol
Jazz Johnson
isn't everything on the earth millions of years old?
why did Buzz's evil there.very evil.
Blind Man
I Knew it!!!!!!!

And we don't give a fuck.
alchemy432 the fool card magician
welcome to mainstream media !!!😘😘😘
Nathan McKay
Have you guys found the fortress of solitude yet?
Kent Perry
.,OMG what a waste of time. NO ALL YOU PEOPLE ABOUT TO LISTEN TO THIS GARBAGE. IT IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS BUT SADLY IT IS JUST ANOTHER GOD DAMNED INBRED, BRAIN DEAD STUPID FUCKIN LIBERAL BLITHERING IDIOT, PUSHING the global warming BULLSHIT! and that it is all Mans Fault. To be more specific Evil white American Christians who have been the cause of very liberals entire pathetic life. From their restless leg syndrome to their acid reflux. TAKE YOUR PROPAGANDA ABOUT AGW and SHOVE IT UP YOUR FAGGOT ASSHOLE S, LIBERALS
Another scaremongering film from the climate change bullshitters who have not yet figured out that if they were truly so certain they would not have to lie and deceive.
chris walls
Rob sounds exactly like a woman.
to the people worried about climate change I ask, what happens when you drill holes in an ice cube? it melts and comes apart. leave the ice alone.
Reed Sawyer
They did this entire video with the assumption that "global warming" was real. Which is unfortunate, because the "evidence" of global warming was created by using false temperature readings. It's the old story of "garbage in/garbage out". Hopefully, "global warming" will soon be revealed as the hoax that it is, and we can concentrate on things that are more real, we have more danger from zombie unicorns than from "global warming".
Robert Crawford
Honestly, why do documentaries convolute their videos with the bullshit you don't care about, I just want to see what is under Antarctica. I don't care about a testimony of 20 different professors or what the drilling team is doing. Just show me what the drilling team found, such a waste of time. Assuming I live to be 80 i'm not wasting an hour of my 700800 hours on Earth listening to this bs. WHAT ELSE WOULD A DRILL BIT BE MADE OF, OF COURSE ITS DIAMOND AND OF COURSE IT CAN GO THROUGH A BOULDER.
Qing Dynastie
my dick lies there
Evan Sanchez
minute pleasure assistant frequency monitor unlike couple inventory galaxy
Dillon Miles
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To whom it may concern -
why does not seem to be working? is there another working link
Journal Of A Wimpy Prepper
I think what everyone forgets is that CO2 is a nutritive gas, essentil to all life on earth. It is already below the ideal level for plant and animal life, including our own. Due to its scarcity, we have developed ways to store it in our bodies, but even lower levels would mean all sorts of problems for us.

You have to ask yourself why the government is trying to harvest it if it is essential for life on earth to thrive. Why are there programs trying to convice us that we are causing the earth to warm, yet there is no increase in plant life, which would be the result of higher levels of CO2?

Sea Levels - Just as the sea rises and falls with the tide, the ocean also swells as she breathes, raising sea levels to the point where whole islands disappear, and reappear again decades later...or even centuries. It makes sense that the oceans will rise for longer periods of time.

Instead of trying to change nature, why not work to adapt while we still can?
after reading the comments I have a feeling that i'm not drunk enough for this :]
And yet people don't believe that the whole world was flooded as a judgement by the one true God.......smh but if only 10% of ice from Antarctica melts there's major consequences???? Wow praise Jesus Christ for he is real....
Bruceann Yellowega
What I'd like to know is; the deeper they drill the further back in history they go. Does this mean the earth is expanding outward? 🤔
Psudoscience from start to end!.
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