Jordan Dalland
When I was 8 I didn't have a phone but he just lucky
Sequoia Spaar
you shouldnt have a fucking iphone when youre only 6 months, fucking white boy.
Mikaylah Kyarra
whos still listening to this song in 2017?...cus I am...reply if u are
Shirley Smith
Mirna Benavidez
He is so cute
Brandy Skinner
Love you
Zahra Hussain
Brett Groebner
I don't have a phone and I am 14
Kofi Finesse
This song cringy asf
saylen -
matty b i love you
Robert Da Beast
0:18 wtf was he humming πŸ˜‚
Courtney Newport
My sister had one when she was 10 y'all are sick
pandu alghivari poernomo
weird song
Melissa Olson
i have a phone and im 8
Zia Qasavara
+julia !! Actually i had a phone when i was 3....
Adriana Puerta
baer foster
Love his sister she's so cute
minecraft bressler
whats the noise in beggining
Gerald Dilley
hey your gay
Die homo
Logang-Jake Paulerz
I got my 1st phone at 7
Umbralello Hard
What? What? What? 2012? Now? Puberty hit harder than the train that hit grandma
Courtney Newport
You have one don't you
jackswagger 100
This song is ear cancer
andrew Lock
This kid must get no pussy
BidoofWagon Desiigner
Why is this kid givin a phone at this age
Oreo Awsomeness! Kitty cat love
2012 Matt looks like a kid but 2017 he's a teen! He's changed so much!
Aklima Sultana
luis Ameti
love you matty Brapps 😍😍😍😍😍❀❀❀❀❀❀
Lilly Mendoza
Back in my day this kid was the coolest version of Jake Paul
Kayci Robbins
Paige Galvin
Your the coolest 😎😎😎😎
Sirius- Clash Royale
yolo lol
My Name is MARLON
yolo lol
WTF 146 milionen aufrufe what
Bobby PangeranS2
hello my name is raisya hello
Bobby PangeranS2
i love you
Bobby PangeranS2
ilove you song mattb
Taniecia Lau
I loveee matty B
Ekobeko Eko
this is my life my mum takes my phone i am like this mum give me my phone beck
This is so cringy
Erin Braundel
😟Um how bout not in a song
Brenda I Burroughs
who watching in 2017
Zuza Mubanga
Jestes pedalem zulem dziwk** podrubom justina bibera pedalem skoda ze ta mama cie nie lutla mocniej moze by ci sie ryj wyprostowal pedale
Daily Jameson
My favorite part is at 2:42
mayra mendoza
Eres un pinche chiflado todos los que quieren todas tus cosas
Airial Boyd
I got a iPhone 7s
VJ Nation
wat 8 year old has an iphone?????????????
killian Guzman
and he smiles when his mom puts his hat down
killian Guzman
his mom allways put his hat down and i think is because he Is bothering his mom
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