A soul
Trumpty Dumpty fool didn't fall far from the tree.
Dan Forster
Judge: you agreed to meet up with what you thought was a 13 year old girl you met on line?
Pervert: yea but she turned out to be a fat 40 year old policeman.
Judge: no worries free to go!
Avinash Kumar
the old gods and the new...
You can see the dumb all over his face.
James Sutton
"...and mentioned the Magnitsky Act."
Meeting behind closed doors to get dirt on an opponent from a hostile foreign government in exchange for talking about sanctions against Russia. How are they not in handcuffs? We've moved out of the grey and into the black and white realm of treason.
Why believe what Don Jr. says about what the meeting was about?
guesswho kk
Enemy of the State, great movie, bad reality
Ah, this is brilliant. Trevor I mean, Don Jr....not so much.
In law it's called having a guilty mind.
Liberal Hater
How do we end up with these douche bag liberal Englishman on late night TV in the US?? Don't they

have any conservatives to bash in their homeland, or are they afraid to live their anymore, because of all the Muslims?
Demonic Chronic
LMFAO people still think russia hacked the states ROFL
Mike Pence, smiling.
Victoria Jones
Trump's children are corrupted just like him. Remember the apple does not fall far from the tree. Lock them up.
Slim I
Russia, Russia, Russia.. Wah wah wah wah fucking cry baby's for ratings. Enough is enough, this is not comedy anymore... Let's push the Russian agenda more, since the president got along with Putin. Oh let's dig for some deep bullshit. Now his son.. Fuck sakes peoples lives are at risk. I always loved this show but eniughhhhh!! About Russia. And I'm not Russian. Fucking annoying. Russia is clearly doing something right since all these asses are hating
Live and Let Live
Who cares? America gets involved in other countries elections all the time. Karma.
Prestige Clash
philharm17 music
true! their enemies are themselves...pitty!
Boxing Guru
Trevor shut up son.
M Mac
Noah seems like a good, intelligent guy....just don't find him funny.
Adrian Colley
That cheater analogy is just the greatest thing.
I think the biggest lie Hillary told during the election was complimenting Donald Trump on the good children he'd raised during one of the debates. I remember thinking at the time "didn't his son's go on hunting trips to Africa to shoot Lions and Elephants?" They're bigger assholes than he is, they remind me of the murderer out of American Psycho. His whole family reeks of Saddam Hussain, Gaddafi or countless other tinpot dictators who appoint their own family to positions they're not qualified for, simply because they're loyal.
Harry Buttworth
Yes, but the lawyer looks hot :)
"its called diversity bro"
He has a woman with the name Ivanka, and people still wonder about Russian collusion, the hell! She was probably send to the US as spy by the KGB before the 1990s! A sleeper agend, that just awoke now, after she became the first lady! Just to realize that the Soviet Union is no more ... but Russia is run by a former KGB agent! And their secret plan, is to rebuild the Soviet Union on american soil! You're warned americans!
Alex Alencar
"shi...tupid !" this was new for me
Socratease 1


Chris McPole
Tha Alqarnayn
Countries work with each other, it's a world regime
They really are stupid.
Kundai Mark
Do the daily show and left wing media have this much enthusiasm and anal desire to find stuff about Trump for Hillary and Saudi Arabia?
khalid zeyad
That's by far the best analogy I have heard about Don Jr situation. Steven Colbert also had a pretty good one.
Anonymous Queen
Oh god, I missed your videos so much!
Lorna Keen
A family of thieves, liars and con artists I hope they rot in jail for their crimes
We now know it is way worse - the email confirms that Don Jr knew he was meeting a Russian government lawyer who had dirt on Hillary obtain by the chief Russian prosecutor. And the email confirms that it was part of the Russian government efforts to elect trump

Game over, or at least the fourth quarter
Halldór Magnússon
The only thing newsworthy here is that there is a place in the world that isn't stuffed with dirt on Clinton.
Denise Coelho
Finally a new video!
peter-john de jong
Jacob Zuma
lio kuul
I wouldn't have thought there were so many people beyond stupidity in the U.S to fall for this clueless and cryptic man, Trump. "Make American great again". That's just a comfort to a fool. When was America great? Last I knew, it was united and strong, but now it is divided and weak.
Angel Palacios
right right, but what is losing is that if Clinton didn't have had something to hide, nothing will happen. I hate Trump but that doesn't change the fact that Democrats don't get the right direction.
So... how many dimensions is this chess game up to now?
Leah Smith
This is why anyone who wants to work for, or run the government, should have to first pass an IQ test. I would have thought that America would have learned not to vote for the "dumb guy" after what happened with Bush. But then again you were kinda in a lose/lose situation
Joseph Kirby
You've even missed loads of info about who organised the meeting:

Junior was approached by a guy he sort of knew, a music publicist, who told him about the meeting with the purpose of giving info on Hillary (fake or not; maybe she thought the room was bugged, so she changed subject, or she didn't change the subject, and he is lying)

This guy was told to say about the meeting by a musician from Russia, who also happens to have a father who is friends with Putin, Donald Trump, and is his own business leader.
this guy every time I open utube he killed me with American mesery... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 just dumber and dumber #theamericandream🗽🌋🗾 lol ... they should be in the world gins-book.
Kevin Diago
Trump Loves Russia because Russia is not bunch of pussies
David Phan
Dad must be so proud
Robert Dornan
John Oliver quote "Stupid Watergate" comes to the fore
Thivya Prasad
Trump is the jesus
Trump is our saviour
Trump is our hope
Allan Koivu
Trump Supporters = Gullible BUMPKINS
Droopi Barows
Within two years China will be the world leader
Jitka Soliman
It's incredible how they all lie!! Makes me sick!!!!!
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