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October 4th.

Aired during the Emmys on September 17th, 2017.

Why doesn't my phone have a home button?
Jose Loco
Ayy it’s the same music from “I’m not a player “
Mine Turtle
Why does my phone reset all the time I go on it?
Abuse to apple
whats the name of the song
bbc c hrildren dvd beddow
Why is it even a phone in the first place
Why did she leave me for another man?
LPS Darkness Wolf TV
Rahul Nehra
Sidhu Saab
Most of these questions just sound like user error situations. Storage isn't that complicated grandma
Keion Evans
Pun Died Of A Heart Attack...
Why did you remove the headphone jack?
I love how some apple users still think their phones are designed better (I do have an apple phone that I’m typing this on also)
Nick Grimaldi
How many characters are in Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga?
Som Guy
Why is google ruining youtube with nonsensical censorship and mass demonetization?
Daniel E
Ian Connel
Why does my phone hide news sources that aren't leftist?
logan sup
song name plz
dum ideot
Why is there no clear search history?
HiddenDead X
Why doesn't my phone has a headphone jack?
0:22 shots at samsung lol
edvard Bosehagen
what is the song
Kind Heart
Why is this phone so costly????
Why doesn't my phone have a headphone jack?
Joe King
Rest in peace Big Pun.
Broad Pete
Why not give Google even more control of your life? Give them control of your hardware AND software. Full disclosure of your life. Let them know more about you than you do about yourself. Your phone can predict your next move, get everything ready, remind you if you've forgotten anything, fix any hiccups instantly before they impact you and your smartphone-led life. Have the perfect personalised AI from Google, that knows you inside and out. Of course all this intimate and private knowledge about you is secure and safe with Google. It'll never be disclosed to anyone except Google's employees that need access, any law enforcement "agency", AND Google's advertising partners. Yeah, it's all anonymised data, and all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again... but Google's partners can.
Marty Means
u are
Anonymous Person
Hey Google, can I just have the new pixel? I have original and it's great so I've no reason to pay for a new one. But if u wanna just send me a new one feel free.
Jack Spencer
What's the song on 0:15
Why doesn't my phone not have a headphone jack?
Memes 4 U
Why doesn't my phone have a headphone jack?
Rboy306 A
What is the song
Jack Manne
Ummm what's happening on October 4? That's today
Campbell Comedy
Why wouldn't you just save time and ask "why do I have an iPhone?"
Cruel? CRUEL?
Why is your phone cruel?
Please help.
Jordan Martin
Why can't my phone wirelessly charge? Why doesn't my phone have a headphone jack?
"Wheres My Niece"

Funny You Should Ask
A L for you for lying
Jason Tung
why don't the google pixel have the headphone jack? Why is that thing so over priced? Why do you charge $45 for a dongle that allows charging while listening to music? Funny I should ask
Supergaming Fun
How do I make a video like this?
Cyber Turtle
You guys should make a free editing software. like the discontinued Windows Essentials. Just a suggestion! :D
All Usernames Taken
Why doesn't my phone have wireless charging?
Why doesn't my phone have a dedicated smartwatch?
Why doesn't my phone have dual cameras?
Why doesn't my phone unlock with my face?
Why doesn't my phone have high customer satisfaction?
Why doesn't my phone look trendy?
Why isn't my phone environmentally friendly?
Why does my phone have such big bezels?
Why doesn't my phone come with headphones?
Why doesn't my phone work well with my other devices?
Why does my phone look like an upside down iPhone 2G?
Why doesn't my phone have the best specs?
Why does my phone's camera still look bad?
Why isn't my phone's OS designed exclusively to work with it?
Why is my phone just a bad knockoff of last year's iPhone?
Why is my phone's camera pushed off to the side, away from my face?

The Pixel 2. Phone by Google.
Banjo Bob
Answer to the first question - because it's a Google Nexus 6p that's 2 months out of warranty and Google and Huawei both refuse to acknowledge that it's a defective battery and replace it.
Melissa Tran
sexuality qw cailuonge
death reporter
The finest click bate in the country
Bigg Redd
I google this
I google that
I google anything ...look up what
what Im looking at.
I google frugaly
I take a chance
I google a song
that makes me dance.
I google day
I google night
l antidisastablish my
mind to get it right.
Like Lou Reed likes
to watch things on TV,
Google satellite of love
Watchin me?
Steve Webb
What are they promoting?
Bigg Redd
has questions for google.
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