Why People Are FREAKING OUT About Trump Jr's Email Dump and YouTubers Attacked At G20 Protest

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Philip DeFranco
Hiiii you Beautiful Bastards! :) You know the routine, let me know what you're thinking!
Eric Posey
Gota be frank phil, it makes their cause seem intolerant because it is. By definition they are intolerant to those who support the opposite of their ideals. You can argue that being intolerant of nazis is justified, I would agree, but you are still being intolerant.
DSC To the Be
Antifa are fascists, people can argue otherwise but brownshirts did the same stuff, other fascists in Spain and Italy too.
Saw that Kit Harington video and just about fell out of my chair laughing. :-D
Constant Throwing
To anyone who thinks what happened to those people are G20 is fine...

Yeah firstly it's not okay to punch anyone for holding opinions you
don't like (even Nazis... sorry).

Secondly these people being attacked at G20 were NOT nazis at all.
There's a huge trend of labelling people as 'the other' with misused and
unjust terms like 'Nazi' in order to justify physically assaulting them
(this in reality being because they hold a different opinion to you on a
given issue)...

Maybe if you understood that this is how hardline regimes like the Nazi
Party used to demonize people themselves- and justify you know...
committing genocides...- then you'd think it was wrong. They don't teach
you about the horrors of Nazi Germany in school as a way to say "Go and
do that to people when you get a bit older." they teach you about these
things as a warning and so hopefully you can identify it in the future
and oppose it.

Grow up.
Jenne Lawrence
Is she really identitarian? Cause the actions they take to publicly provoke Muslims in France are sickening. And the people that attacked them are extremely ignorant and weak/narrow minded...its a shame
Oh man, regardless of your political stance, you have to admit....Donald Trump Jr is totally Gob from, "Arrested Development"! I hope Will Arnette plays him in the movie, "Collusion?? Junior's Big Score Maybe" 😂
Katrina ShadowKat
if you are comparing yourselves to apes, you have a self-esteem issue lol.
Matty Matt
No secret link (in the description)!!! (5:36) Proof that Phil is FAKE NEWS!!!!
Just Kidding if you can't take a joke! But there is no secret link in the video description under “Today in Awesome”
What's an Identitarian?
I thought that the planet of the apes allegorically highlighted the unnecessary discrimination against people different to ourselves (i.e apes=racial minorities in the real world) and the underlying ignorance surrounding the prejudice showing the humans fighting the apes as dumbasses, so why is he complaining?
But here's the thing... Philando Castillo''s death and the circumstances speak for themselves. So obvious is the wrong that even DeFranco, yes I am insulting him here, clearly, thinks something wrong happened. If you can overlook that because DeRay made a tweet about an ape in a vest... what the fuck kind of douche are you, if Castillio's death was unjust and you can be swayed by one off the mark tweet then honestly fuck you. The fickle favor of some Shia LeDouche type fake ally.

Folks that would dismiss DeRay are also the same ones that tell you not to judge someone like Pewdiepie for his use of a racial slur and "kill all Jews" as the only measure of his character and quality. But this black dude that is saying things that already make you uncomfortable, regardless of whether some or all of his assertions have merit, let's dismiss it all cause of these tweets.
Top Clipz
Leave it to black lives matter activist to some how make a movie about apes that has been a franchise since the 60's to make it some how about them and some how racist. Why can't we just look past race I don't get it. Everything some how becomes "racist." Man just had to vent a little.
The tittle should be violent ANTIFA rioters attacked youtubers
Bani Grisson
"Seems these days like more and more people are trying to preach tolerance with their fists" DAMN.....!!!
fuck off, i love PoTA
Conrad Seeto
"Drain the swamp! (...but only the one side of the swamp we don't like...)"
Well said.
Anita Viona
It's exciting to be on your channel, very fun and pleasurable. you must see my channel and be a part of my giveaway.. •8
Andrey Ivanov
we need new Hitler asap to teach these violent bastards a lesson
Some Guy
That's why you carry a knife around in countries that don't allow guns, at least if you're a public persona. If they punch, you stab them in the kidneys or liver. It's less resistance than trying to angle through ribs. It also helps that it's harder for the other person to defend against due to its anatomical position relative to their arms. They have diminished strength when trying to stop you stabbing them low and to one side. If you're wondering, yes, I AM saying you should kill protesters if they become violent with you, regardless of what they are protesting for or against. The mob mentality isn't doing you any favors if your a target while covering an event. Also, stay in groups of other armed people. If you're going to be injured regardless, at least take as many of them out as possible for as long as possible, hopefully even permanently.
Eric Laforge
those nigas be tripin
Rayn Gryphon
Thanks for keeping up with the most important dimensions of human existence.
Cedric MacTavish
BonBon CL
This Russia shit is hypocritical.
"Don't talk to Russia they have terrible human right laws"
"Hey Saudi Arabia, how it going?"
A Gef
I'd never heard of that movement the report was supposedly associated with. What was it? Idenitarianism? But I did a quick check on Wikipedia. It looks like it started as a movement to maintain the individual flavor of each country, rather than melting into a homogeneous Europe. I even saw it referred to anti-jihad. I couldn't figure out what that had to do with Nazi, but a Find on page revealed that the movement has been associated with some Neo-Nazi groups, apparently.
Is it just me, or is it true that if people want to discredit a person, group, movement, etc. then they associate it with Nazis? I'm getting a little fed u with how quickly people throw around the "Nazi" label.
Brandon Wiebe
I'm a simple man, I see Lauren Southern, I masterbate.
Chris A
of all the fucking songs on youtube to pass gangnam style it was that one?? Uhh ok I guess. didn't find it to noteworthy myself but why not
Normally Phil's commenters are conservative leaning but I'm finding a lot of Nazi sympathizers on this comment thread. I thought others were being trolls when they said he had many white supremacist supporters.
Julia Andrea
Why People Are FREAKING OUT About Trump
Joshua Smith
Despacito 2.6B views in 6 months... I think it's fair to say that is going to be the most viewed video.
Rachel Williams
Watsky is amazing!
I don't know Philip and other anti-SJW crowd make a big deal about some stupid comment made by stupid person. The SJW don't hold any power and don't effect your life or anyone else's life; there are more important issue.
Toxic Madman
hey Phillip if you want something unknown you could look up the war in Philippines against ISIS, you might know about it but I haven't seen a lot of news on it and I would think its important.
Collin MacInnis
ummmm. things of value.. Information... things of non value... following the carrot..

things to learn.. some people will just f with you because they can... some get kicks out of it... others have long term gain involved..

end of lesson
Ashlyn Hunter
why is Lauren Southern in the thumbnail????? click bait or not I guess I'll have to watch to find out
what do you mean their movement seems intolerant and violent. Antifa has always been intolerant and violent
Only here because of Lauren kek
wtf is an identitarian? Are they like vegans?
Ohhh dear,
that useless "reporter" Lauren Southern being insensitive again, working for the misinformation rubbish spouted by rebel thingy,
such as the stupidly Unscientific S Crowder→the British
failed-comedian who's
a nobody in the UK
Nathan Rothschild
Trump supporters complaining about violence?
Yet Trump did exactly that in his rallies? 😂😂😂
Charlie pub made all the og intros
Nazi are everywhere apparantly o.O check under bed every night guys! .

Praise Kek.
Johanne Gutenberg
Why do you believe Donald Trump Jr.? Also, we now know there was another person at the meeting - a Russian American who had been trained in Russian intelligence. You can't take Don Jr. at his word and just say, "Oh, that's what happened. I know that because Don Jr. said that." Doesn't work that way.
Kat Doughty
Maine hype <3
Reading through these comments, I'm honestly surprised at how many beautiful bastards are so vitriolic to their opposing sides. I thought this channel was supposed to be about escaping the echo chambers and encouraging people to come together to share their different views, ideas, and opinions?
I love Deray Mckesson. I think he's doing amazing work. Honestly, if you aren't listening to Pod Save the People, I don't know what you're doing. However, I agree that succumbing to a knee-jerk reaction without considering the entire story can do more harm than good. I understand that black people have historically been called apes, so suspecting Planet of the Apes of racism would be an easy assumption to make if you no nothing about this classic. But publicly jumping to conclusions without doing an ounce of research first makes you look like you're grasping at straws and makes those who disagree with the cause feel validated. There are way too many real and serious issues regarding race to be attacking a science-fiction story about humanity and war.
Andrew Escobar
SWJ's you mean S'GAY'W's
Please stop saying, "Drain the Swamp". I cringe every time I hear it. We desperately need swamps, they provide vital ecosystem services, and the saying perpetuates the falsehood that they are useless plots of land.
Nancy Gordon
Democrats are just saying they are much better with skirting with laws than republicans ever will be. Except if your a republican part of the swamp then these laws can be skirted and even weaponized. How ingenuous of them! Who knew they can write the rules, change the rules and hurt you with the rules.
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