april the giraffe vet visit... poor vet

poor vet gets kicked by april

What was he doing? Leave her alone.
Toni S
Shitty ass video!
Wait until you see how she acts after baby is born. He can not get near that baby.
steven marchiano
whats the chances april had a baby in april!
I think he ran out of treats...
hillary clinton
hahhah, higher rate of reinforcement needed...
Go to real live cam to view!
She's giving birth now
Trish Wirth
How many times has she kicked him?
Pamela Yarbrough
What you did't want to pet me, get on outa here.
Ann Kreitlein
I would have kicked my ob but I was restrained. You don't mess with a female in labor.
Judy Cookinham
it is 7:25 and it's dark in April's pen, why
nanny fairy
I'm sad to see the bickering among posters. Zoos have a good and bad side. The best side is, when humans have murdered off all the animals,there will still be some animals safely in zoo's. Thank you Zoo's.
Wendy Iacono
you are stealing this live feed, it is clearly stated not to re-use in any way. Reporting
www.aprilthegiraffe.com for all links, live cam feed, video feed, facebook, giraffe store!
Copyright violation
Claudia Julien
this is copyright material..please remove it
watching a youtube video recording on youtube video. video is from another video on youtube. click bate.
Jeannie Willems
She didn't really kick him I don't think- I think she went to paw at the ground and he got in the way. At least it wasn't her hind leg- she would have sent him flying!!
he has snacks in his pockets!!!!
Fuck Lebron Fuck the Cavs
Shoot her!!!!
Lori Boettcher
2:04 he taps the vet... (lol)
"whoah, hey! easy on the goods!"
She's not even pregnant this is just Trump trolling us just wait untill April 1st Jokes on us lol
Dawn Fleming
Has the zoo said if April's bags have colostrum or waxed over yet? Have they ran a protein test strip on her colostrum ?
looks like he gave her a shot and she didn't like it js
Poor baby, just wants some attention or food.
she said..you think you can just feel me up and I get nothing in return? I don't think so..I don't play that! lol
Lionel Allen Allen
April said that u know you r the baby daddy stop lieing. We can both love him. I am not got have this baby until you tell everyone
S McCaskill
bad girl April!!!
Kristina Wells
she doesn't really know this dude for him to be "poking" around. Even Oliver isn't happy in the back. It's not "poor vet",she's very pregnant and doesn't want to be poked around at by someone she doesn't know. When you're a giraffe expert,then you can speculate whether or not an animal is acting out
valerie hildreth
He got exactly what he deserved
Keep calm and eat icecream 12345
Watson inc.
I'm beginning to think - if they can't figure out the due date - what kind of people do they have working there ? hhhmmmmm....
I have seen horses, handled all of their lives, who weren't a fraction as patient as that giraffe. That was nothing and I'm sure the vet thought the same XD All in all a relaxed and easy exam!
Terri Garvin
Hey stop that....wait....you got treats? Ok don't touch me but can i still have treats?
MJs Smile
that'll teach him not to warm his hands up first..lol...poor guy
Jeri Tejas
Just getting in her parting shot. The thought bubble over her head should read: "DON'T TOUCH MY JUNK!"
victoria pelcher
he didn't actually get struck by April, their video update, question answering session the next day stated that.
caitlin paige
They even said in their official fb page the vet wasn't hurt and it was only a warning. He wasn't hit or hurt at all.
mac laydon
That some brutal shit!
Kelly Stevens
She still needs to be checked in case there is complications
Paula Boynton
This story saddens me. That poor animal. Cooped up....lonely....walking around in circles....not cute at all, and certainly not what God intended. Shame on the humans who continue to cage animals.
Jodie Couch
1 like = day of good luck
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Misty I
Haha! She's like, "that's enough dammit!" Glad the vet wasn't injured because that could've been way way worse!
If she would have the baby already she wouldn't have to worry about people poking at her belly.
Ruby Avila
Hormones 😜 😂
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