The AC Drop
I fucking hate Kodak but damn yo his old shits bumpin
J Bugz
mike jordan cryface
wtf he look way different now lol
Herbie Desrouleaux
You dk Kodak if You don't know this song 💯
Edgar Marquez
Rest of them lame rappers needa get locked up so they can start making dope music like this 😂👌
Imma Gophermine
My nigga one grand went hard on this one!
Random Floating Galaxy
"Im lyrical and what I say gon make you think"
1:35 I know y'all saw dat airball
KingIam hisQueen
shit go hard but the beat Sampled is by loverance - beat it up ....
360 Mari
lots of future Miami Hurricane skill position players here
Sosa David
Marlon Clarke
Wesley Sanford
koylon better Kodak 💯
Pussy Juice
Whos still listening to this in 2017?
young wildn
this that old kodak if u from broward this is most likely your fav song this and molly
Noah Loera
shitting on faker rappers like lil pump since he was 15
Tanisha Martinez
TBT free KODAK shout out to KOLYON they did dat!!!
here from zias
Cody Bell
I rob so much I'm in the booth with my mask on
sendo andretti
i could turn a Drake into a Diddy..
Why he wearing blue around 2 fuckers wearing red ??
Will McHerison
lol that porsche
Thaddeus Brown
The hood loves Kodak.
Erin Mcadams
Why that boi Kodak clown like that bruhh
His voice is like more understandable 🔥🔥🔥
ethan vannasse
who else from tampa
KemoThaGod ひ
Someone what 1st and 4th Quarter mean.Its a hood term
Evan M
Kodak black is trash
Chikis Skates
Badass song
Samuel Alvarado
kodak black look like Randall Boggs from monsters inc.😂
Blade Herron
song go hard
Glo Cris
Who only listens to the Kodak part then plays next song?
Alexandre Besneux
/ \
no wonder why the feds trynna lock him up. he putting on black people on a real level
David Arnold
it's hard these days
Malik Billings-el
he sound like he one of the cash money members back in the 90s
Isaiah Bates
this shit years old from project baby. this lil nigga BEEN snappin
Nothing but the hotboy and cash money flow
Chief Otto
So who was the original creator of this beat an who used it first sound like its from the 90s
dj akademiks brother
0:10 those two girls are wearing the Jordans that just came out
Zay Bruten
lol love yo main
Jayson Eugenio
death pool
kodak and koly would kill this rap game forever fuck migos
Marat DOPE
B Pumper flow
_ ThatOneHaitianGirl
"I'm really lyrical so what I say gone make you think" Facts 👏🏾
Matthew Douglas
What happened to This Kodak???
TrVp PaPi
FUCKkk 12
Noah Vondran
I'm not really a Kodak fan but his verse on here is lyrical af and he kills it.
Jervoris Hewey
Koly p so underrated
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