Don't Move To Canada Just Yet

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Sure, they've got free health care up there. But being an American citizen is like family: you're in it whether you like it or not.

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Darrell A
Unlike the USA, Canada just doesn't let people come in and be citizens.
Healthy MBS
It was a rough night for my teenage kids to watch trump win. I've taught them to be good people and they have to see a person who acts like him become leader of our country. sad
★ Korbi CSGO
Republicans can suck a dick.
I was in Oklahoma caring for my mother when the election results came in. I had been there about 2 months at the time. I was surrounded by nothing but Trump voters, many of whom were family members, we didn't discuss politics much because it was impossible without... well a civil debate didn't seem possible and as far they were concerned I couldn't possibly understand the real world because I live in California. Needless to say, the morning after, wasn't fun.
Pat McCann
LOVE you Stephen, but you might want to let the tailor let out that jacked just a bit.
I am still trying to get residency in Canada
Al Dente
With all that is going on now, no surprise.
Fido Lost
We have had over 7,000 refugees, most of which are Haitian that have been pouring into Quebec just from this summer alone. We're glad to have them, but WTF USA?
The Doomsday Channel
Obama is now eternal god emperor and the antichrist.
Ser Eric de la Tostada
I am tired of: "My X years old son ask me..." Is not real or worst it 's and the parents are idiots. Donald Trump was elected, know deal with it. And no, I don't like him.
Lillianna Chen
I feel like everyone in that studio needs a tampon. Because it's a bunch of pussies.
Screw this libtard.
Noor Mertens
balance beneath furniture toss found prohibit.
john doe
fuck cobert, trump for lyfe nigga
You get a car!
The sad thing is this wasn't a joke. 1:10
You get a car!
The sad thing is this wasn't a joke. 1:10
Kermit the Frog
Obamacare is the worst thing ... Obama is a cool guy, but not good president.
P Lindsay
Watching this in July 2017 is glorious.
Julia Nova
I'm watching this halfway into 2017 and I'm still crying
Julie Jacobs
shit identity i love this"rewult whisper ! !
David III
paid dancing monkey!!! fake as fuck...
Elizabeth Vega
Stephen, your advertisers are selling round up. it's poison. is that ok w/you? It's not with me and about a million other bee and bird loving people.
Geral Hammonds
Its amusing how he brings up Trump unproven an supposed sexaul transgressions but not how Bill Clinton would've been back in the Whitehouse getting blow jobs from interns and abusing women if Hillary would've won. Hes the one with the short memory.
I like how people started cheering when he said,"there have been riots in cities all over America"
Debby Zutant
Where the fuck were they when it was time to vote????
Marsh Mercenary
When my parents told me, I burst into tears of fire and sadness and rage.😭
box doodles
i wore a trump mask as a joke for halloween in 2016 and 2 houses denied me candy.
Katherine osmond
the thing is Canadians are trying to go to good old mother England we want as much distance as possible
William Shinn
I don't blame Canada for wanting to build a wall. Some Americans are crazy.
The Demogirl
Kitty Colbert had struck. :3
The pollsters didn't get it wrong. They just didn't know Russia was hacking the election. Without Russia, the polls were right. Even with Russian interference Clinton won by nearly 3,000,000 votes.

Democracy... we should give it a try sometime.
John Boduris
pls stay, please...
Chris Robalino
your son is a faggot
Redpill 286
People cheering for Multitudes of people protesting in the streets over a democratic election.

Let that sink in
Can I move there now?
"Trump might be president... But I'm still a sexy kitty" Rawrrrr
Kuroda Cursus
What's funny is watching the number of dislikes decrease dramatically after the elections.
no...i live about 2 hours drive from windsor canada.........and im planning to exit. yall killed this country.......
Vanessa Ibarra
God for president, 2020
Macedonian Hack Club
What's wrong with moving to Mexico?
Tiger TV
Yum yum! Delicious liberal tears! 😋
My first question after watching this was: "Wait, God has a wife?!"
Brooke Walker
This guy is a real fairy. He's got a filthy, smart-ass mouth, too. Would love to meet-up with this liberal.
"this suuuuuucks", actually that's what we all felt when Obama won in 2008 & 2012, but as you said back then "he won, deal with it" ;)
CazzoPORTICO Scimmie
Pedophile: "I'm Stephen Colbert...I think."
Audience: "HAhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha etc"

Amazing writers you have there, Colbert. Is one of them Al Gore? Bill Clinton? You did the tired old "verklemt" voice crack when you said, "I think", which caused uproarious laughtr throughout the libtard world. Kiddie Diddler, we saw how you panicked when Pizzagate investigations gained momentum. Don't think for even a second that you and your ilk quelled it with your stupid show and the hired social(ist) media shills infesting FB, YT, etc. You're going DOWN, creepo, and this time it won't be on a child.
Patriot Games
ahhhh...nothing better than cunt liberals STILL crying like the BITCHES they are...and cuckolds from UK and Canada running to wipe their pussies for them lol....and THATS why it is America that runs this rock...and NOT the UK or Canada eh?
Colbert. You used to be funny. What happened?
Ella Zahra
Please, Justin Trudeau looks more like Prince Eric than Eugene ffs
CazzoPORTICO Scimmie
More and more Pizzagate info is coming out, Coal Bear, you faggot. Soon you will be moving to a hidey hole.
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