Don't Move To Canada Just Yet

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Sure, they've got free health care up there. But being an American citizen is like family: you're in it whether you like it or not.

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Chris Robalino
your son is a faggot
Russell Lane
People cheering for Multitudes of people protesting in the streets over a democratic election.

Let that sink in
Can I move there now?
"Trump might be president... But I'm still a sexy kitty" Rawrrrr
Kuroda Cursus
What's funny is watching the number of dislikes decrease dramatically after the elections.
no...i live about 2 hours drive from windsor canada.........and im planning to exit. yall killed this country.......
Vanessa Ibarra
God for president, 2020
D Saucey
What's wrong with moving to Mexico?
Tiger TV
Yum yum! Delicious liberal tears! 😋
My first question after watching this was: "Wait, God has a wife?!"
Brooke Walker
This guy is a real fairy. He's got a filthy, smart-ass mouth, too. Would love to meet-up with this liberal.
"this suuuuuucks", actually that's what we all felt when Obama won in 2008 & 2012, but as you said back then "he won, deal with it" ;)
CazzoPORTICO Scimmie
Pedophile: "I'm Stephen Colbert...I think."
Audience: "HAhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha etc"

Amazing writers you have there, Colbert. Is one of them Al Gore? Bill Clinton? You did the tired old "verklemt" voice crack when you said, "I think", which caused uproarious laughtr throughout the libtard world. Kiddie Diddler, we saw how you panicked when Pizzagate investigations gained momentum. Don't think for even a second that you and your ilk quelled it with your stupid show and the hired social(ist) media shills infesting FB, YT, etc. You're going DOWN, creepo, and this time it won't be on a child.
Patriot Games
ahhhh...nothing better than cunt liberals STILL crying like the BITCHES they are...and cuckolds from UK and Canada running to wipe their pussies for them lol....and THATS why it is America that runs this rock...and NOT the UK or Canada eh?
Colbert. You used to be funny. What happened?
Ella Zahra
Please, Justin Trudeau looks more like Prince Eric than Eugene ffs
CazzoPORTICO Scimmie
More and more Pizzagate info is coming out, Coal Bear, you faggot. Soon you will be moving to a hidey hole.
get free fifa coin many #freefifa5mi
Alex Lancaster
Applauding aggressive protests of a fair, democratic election? Disgraceful.
świat jest pełen smutnych histori
Magic goat xD
Carter Paulson
even if u hate trump can we at least admit that too many people are babies, like seriously crying after an election
Patrick King
Such a liberal biased show.
Dhruv Rao
Republicans who I wouldn't mind being president: Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham, Ana Navarro, John McCain, John Boehner...see it's not the entirety of the Republican Party, I think there are some great leaders in the party, but somehow they don't end up at the top.
Why isn't Bernie Sanders your President? THAT was a horrible move, putting Hillary Clinton in instead. You some how ended up with NO GOOD solution for choices. *Glad I don't live in your country
Tommy G
What are you doing Stephen!? Take the cuddly animal that tastes good!
Johnny Murgatroyd
The American people clearly have plenty of brains. This can literally be proven physiologically. I can cut open a thousand American heads, and you can see the brains right there. Right in front of you.
Colbert is a fuckhole.
Papa Was
Buzzfeed alert (y'all)
BrendanJ Rice
1,000s of people "protested" by smashing cars attacking police and destroying property
Raja Sekhar
Siddhant Kadam
This is why parents are hated by kids.
Michael Macdoff
I found this e-book. I just read just 2 chapters and I got SHOCKED! E-book: "Anti-Trump, 13 Reasons Why Donald Trump is Dangerous.pdf"
Colbert always feels better after he has a child sex party with his Hollywood buddies.
Id rather move to Canada then a Democrat run city in America, The top ten most violent cities in America are all run by idiot Democrats like that shit for brains Colbert
phil's eyelash
I remember watching this when it first came out and being terrified. I was crying and I was so scared of what this means for me and all of my friends. One of my friends thought she might have to move because her mom is too scared to be discriminated against because of her skin. I'm watching now, 51 days after inauguration, and I am no longer scared. Not because I am happy with what has happened not because he has taken back things that apply to me that I was scared of.
Because I am numb,
because I have no say in what happens anymore.
Because I go to school and someone walks in and they were crying.
Because I am not allowed to have an opinion
Or show myself
in any way
For the pin on my coat
and the pen on my arms
15:29 made me think of when God tweeted, "I love you. I love you so much I'm going to destroy the planet and wipe you all out someday. Don't ever forget that."
He's so bias. Hillary didn't take it well at all. She didn't talk to her supporters after she lost because they were so overconfident that Hillary having a Va jay jay would get her elected that they didn't bother to even write a "I lost" speech. You can't move to Canada either because they actually ENFORCE there immigration laws and they will arrest and deport you. They joke about the KKK but it was BLM that were destroying and terrorizing people and property.
Grace Good
Let's all just be sexy kittys
Yhasman Knight
I had the same reaction as that guy's son. I cried over the phone with my dad. He told me "Don't cry, baby." He told me that God never changes and that he's in control.
Maya Wilk
Donald Trump can't be a woman abuser, he has a wife, and he never said anything about woman, thats all fake. Also, Donald makes so much sense, especially about the fake news stuff, he's trying to protect him and all the celebrities who get lies from the news. Its funny how i am Canadian, and the majority of Canada and U.S hate trump, sad, that majority listens to fake news. 🙁
Question: Is there a Late Night Show that caters more to a republican audience?
Luna Chan
John actually played oompa loompa when Stephen mentioned a candy store. The man is a musical genius
Patrick Chole
I love Stephen. But. To say the democrats (I voted for hrc-very reluctantly) didn't fuck this shit up in a big way is negligent.

After Obama turned out to be a drone war/whistleblower prosecuting establishment guy, I stopped paying attention. had faith he wouldn't use nukes. That was enough. Then Bernie came along and I had to get involved again.
Then "T" got the GOP nomination. Bannon's desire to "destroy the state" was first criticized by Chomsky in 2014?

Flynn had to resign in disgrace. If they get Bannon out, the administration will collapse. That's the pressure point.
The Greek
Canada ENFORCES their immigration laws. liberals...try to illegally migrate to Canada, or Mexico..see how that turns out. I don't see all thse faggots saying they will go to Mexico. I wonder why?
Well, I've got dual citizenship for Canada and the U.S. so I'll just move back home once I get my degree. Have fun with Trump, I promise to avenge you my brethren!
Exhibit A when it comes to the argument that the mainstream media is baked-in soft money for the Democratic Party.
Rara Zap
Oh my Sexy Kitty!!!
If any american wants to swap with me, a canadian, I will gladly do it.
Tired AF
annnnd nobody moved.
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