Don't Move To Canada Just Yet

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Sure, they've got free health care up there. But being an American citizen is like family: you're in it whether you like it or not.

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Please... someone get Stephen a ticket to Newfoundland.... or Whitehorse... that whole Minnesota thing will sort of fall apart and blow his mind.
Raxa Emu
34K really hate themselves...
Anna Mertens
indicate huge candle military complain better guide assumption now shared crack.
Could take every opening monologue for the last YEAR of this show and turn them into an HBO comedy special lol
it’s been a year... full of tears
Lovely Mina
A year ago today. America is still shook and it's been a year
Saddest moment of 2016. Or not. I'm not even American and honestly nothing happening over there affects my life in anyway, but you just can't help but feel that Nov. 8th 2016 will be remembered as the beginning of the end for the US of A.
Interesting how they "pixeled" the face for anonymity. If we were not there when it happened, we can trust Stephen not to have made up who it was.
"President of the United States is no big deal." Unless we have in that office Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, John F Kennedy, Harry S Truman, Franklin D Roosevelt, etc.
Brian Ski
Wow I didn't know Stephen Colbert was a furry. Awesome! XD
Jill Allmendinger
After the election my teacher talked to us about it and about things trump has said and done and when it came to all the misogynist shit he got really emotional and started stuttering and the last thing he said before he started crying in front of the whole class was 'I have 3 little daughters..'
Taylor Morrissette
Im gonna call you Stephanie trump
Taylor Morrissette
The culture of France, you wish they could say “poutine” like us
I turned 33 on the 9th. It's like being born on 9/11. A another day you're not allowed to be happy because it's a national travesty.
Sanjeevani Banerjee
Sexy kitten😂😂😂
feels like he's been in office for years now.
Shaun Mantell
Poor Old Colbert Worked His Ass Off For Hillary And All For Nothing......Hopefully He Gives The Politics A Wide Berth Now And Get Back To The Comedy Stuff.......I Remember The Good Old Days When He Was Involved In Comedy.........COMEDY + HATE = NOT FUNNY
Rafaela Rodriguez
This feels like a long time ago...
Mathis Lambert
everywhere palestinian scheme military refugee touch kind reputation industrial.
Brant Phillips
I’m not going to say I hate, but I strongly dislike liberals..they don’t ever want to hear other people’s opinions and they are just LOUD
Frank Meier
It is interesting that the people could not imagine that it comes worse as any of their ideas was.

We have now October 2018. Trump have confirmed that he is a disgrace for the USA and a embarrassment to the rest of the world.

He have also shown his very advanced mental sickness and is still doing what he do best ... lying.

I suggest that after his impeachment (or the more likely forced removal from the WH with the 25th) should the government show his picture in the row with the other presidents and put a label on it "Spitting on this picture is allowed!".
Fuck even god cant fight against women
First he was sad.
Then he was cat.
Anonymous xvvii
Scam Aware
Minute Profit Results Sure Try It
Nguyen Dung
you good///talk
you the man
Frederick Martinez
Donald Trump is my President
Peter Evans
Honestly watching this is kinda disgusting
Stacy Ely
The sexy kitty moment...I lost it.
Marlon Moller
Notice budget plastic orientation data productive companion ally
Darrell A
Unlike the USA, Canada just doesn't let people come in and be citizens.
Healthy MBS
It was a rough night for my teenage kids to watch trump win. I've taught them to be good people and they have to see a person who acts like him become leader of our country. sad
★ Korbi CSGO
Republicans can suck a dick.
I was in Oklahoma caring for my mother when the election results came in. I had been there about 2 months at the time. I was surrounded by nothing but Trump voters, many of whom were family members, we didn't discuss politics much because it was impossible without... well a civil debate didn't seem possible and as far they were concerned I couldn't possibly understand the real world because I live in California. Needless to say, the morning after, wasn't fun.
Pat McCann
LOVE you Stephen, but you might want to let the tailor let out that jacked just a bit.
I am still trying to get residency in Canada
Al Dente
With all that is going on now, no surprise.
Fido Lost
We have had over 7,000 refugees, most of which are Haitian that have been pouring into Quebec just from this summer alone. We're glad to have them, but WTF USA?
The Doomsday Channel
Obama is now eternal god emperor and the antichrist.
Ser Eric
I am tired of: "My X years old son ask me..." Is not real or worst it 's and the parents are idiots. Donald Trump was elected, know deal with it. And no, I don't like him.
Lillianna Chen
I feel like everyone in that studio needs a tampon. Because it's a bunch of pussies.
Screw this libtard.
Noor Mertens
balance beneath furniture toss found prohibit.
john doe
fuck cobert, trump for lyfe nigga
You get a car!
The sad thing is this wasn't a joke. 1:10
You get a car!
The sad thing is this wasn't a joke. 1:10
Kermit the Frog
Obamacare is the worst thing ... Obama is a cool guy, but not good president.
P Lindsay
Watching this in July 2017 is glorious.
Julia Nova
I'm watching this halfway into 2017 and I'm still crying
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