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It's time for a REAL battle in FAKE world!

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Pewdiepie 2 -
I know what is under the panda suit!!
I smellyfeet
Im pretty sure that they copied team egde with the googly eyes...
Nolan Huizar
stario type water bottle flipping
Kirito Kun
I like went archering and missed all my shots
Kirito Kun
Good job
Pshyco Gaming
Nice job copying Node.
Jonathan Lashtur
play sniper fury
Ivan Pollock
Good job
Doge Playz
WOOF BORK BORK WOOF (that was awesome)
London Zelaya
Ty is good
Doubtindeath Studios
they should do super hot vr
DA vlogs
Marley Kingston
Don't worry Coby. We'll be back. Team Coby all the way.
Karen Depottey
play more of your game
Mitchell Stephey
reply if you want more stereotypes videos too
Creeps PlaysYT
Pls pandas face reveal!!!
Lux Taylor
ice fishing
alief tubegaming
very cool
William Bentley
Call of duty you guys should play
Gamer4 Manic
nice building
ayden walton
yall need to make a prank addition
ayden walton
yall need to make a dirtbike addtion
Daniel Hill
Luca Zanette
if i get 1000 subs panda face gets revealed
Heather Emery-Coleman
How do you get everything on one try. by GeorgeColman
CHS Youtube
I'm kidding no Spin the bottle
CHS Youtube
Spin the bottle jk weird
Kobe won something for once
Mr. Awesomeness
I've watched all of you guy'videos
ty wins every time because he is a try hard and coby doesn't even try he could win a battle if he wanted
Jack Donovan
this is the worst song ever playing in the backgraound
Vonda dyer
Ty always wins
Jack Gardel
In my opinion they should do battles like this: the winner of the last battle doesn't get to compete in the next battle, this way other people will win instead of Ty.
Javon Engelbrecht
they should do gta 5 mods
my lil brother is a big fan
play rocket league and do trick shots in it
Naji Alkreidly
I subscribed to your channel
Antonio Moreno
I have the Vive it is so fun
Connor Goehring
Connor Goehring
This is awesome
This is so sick
Carol Sparks
cool video
Darth Cameron
you should make a video of just you guys trying out video games
Gabriel Levin
do a give away for the virtual reality stuff
Jing Jie Jing Jie
come on Coby you r always so close to win a battle
make a video on cricket guys
dasari sudarshan
can i have one vr for mr
Who is team Tyler if u are leave a like
Javier Haros
is it just me or does ty win all the time
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