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It's time for a REAL battle in FAKE world!

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Gav Art
Tyler never loses lmao.
Qadeer Rahaman
can we get a fidget spinner trickshot
nice homer Garet
Charlie Skillz7
What be system did you use
Veronica Rubio 1993
Adam Czaus
What the music
Do a fast addition
mario pop player
pls fitget Spinner edition
Gaurav Rasal
coby you can do it!
Fire Box
The Mediocre Gargy
ty in the beginning killed me. "oh my gosh! i am petting a virtual dog!"
Aurora Ramirez
this is trash not real
Jason Pipkin
can we please get a pool basketball trick shots
Pablo Miguel
legenda pro Brasil pfvr
Phoenix Beyond
That editing was awesome
Kawaii Frog
The viewsssss teach me your waysssss 😱
AK Horselover11
ok will someone please tell me who the panda is?!
Andrew Cantu
Absolute gaming HD
6 38
Swoosh Wright
Look up swoosh wright to see more trick shot videos and subscribe
Long Canadian tongue
Why does yet always wins I'm not watching dude perfect anymore
Steelb 0907
that first game is totally like that sim in the hunger games!!!
Your editor deserves a raise. Holy hell.
JoaqQuack Plays
Next video game u should play is a horror game
Coedy Walsh
I wanted 🐼 to win
patriot 808
I guys should try action games for vr
Meynard Viduya
nba 2k17
cod PlAyZ
I got one question for you guys. Who is in the panda costume?
Noel Latuihamallo
I want to see Panda's real facw
José Andrés Sánchez
Do a fidget spiners tricks video
Kiyan Nascimento
Get 1 billion subscribers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shelby beck
I feel like every time panda loses or fails or something like that I feel like its animal abuse
AKA kabu yug bros
Martin P
Gavin Sykes
do Minecraft
Alejandro beast123 Marrero fox channel
U guys rock so much
Nicholas Lawson
I lost it when Cody said strictly bamboo
Taufick Mochtar
I subsribe
DO MORE virtual reality
Nelson Rider Jr
let's go Tyler!!
Bishop Nis
my friend has the exact same games on his virtual riality
love your trick shots
Payal Chotrani
do one more vr video
Cindi Massey
ty you always win
Gian Evalle
Rubberband itgaming
Nice trophy ! 😁😀🏆🥇🎮🕹
Can we get a vr battle but super hot vr?
W.L. Jones
Ty quit winning
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