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In todays video I try to catch and release a fish while underwater!
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Location: Columbus Georgia


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Carlyle Rogers
when you do this you need to show the fish when unhooking it and releasing but good vid
muhammad muhaimin
thats a good idea i really love watching fishing challenge video... i watch a lot of your video... nice video dude...
Kastmaster 2000
Can someone please tell me what he says in the begining of his videos?
Ari .S
Ari .S
Those were sunfish not bass
That's impossible to fish under
Ilari Ilveskoski
Andale Axl
this video has 1800000 views and Dyallmyd has 1 million subs🤔
damn and i'm here being proud of being able to hold my breath for 1 min and 13 sec
Jason Roth
How long can you hold your breath???
Dennis Le
Shawn L
Damn you talk fast...lay off the mountain dew
Maria Fraire
do more
Is it fresh water?
Rick Van Der Waal
how long can you hold your breath??
Did u hear that second fish squeak? lol
Robert Moua
I would of love it even more if you swam up to the fish and released it. So we can all see where exactly it was. Hold and follow the line. 😊😊
cole rocks in socks
you should get one of of those ninja mask that allow you to breathe underwater. you can find them on Amazon
S upermanSinger
This guy has some monster lungs hahaha
Ghyf Yhggb
Congrats on 1 million subscribers 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Bounmy Bounpraseuth
I'm definitely gonna try this
Game Joch
You are so close to 1 million
Calvin Narine
I can hold my breath for 6 hours I tryed it
Calvin Narine
Anyone see the catfish 2:00
wildan nugroho
what is the difference between casting your fishing pole underwater or over the water surface srsly?
Dylan Stewart
cool vids
you you ?
Merp ING
Shit wit rock gave me shivers
Bob Penn
Love it
Mason Ricard
this place is beautiful what river is this?
Johnny Brown
dude how long can you hold your breath
Matthew Davis
Hundred likes plz
Tropic Clan
How did you train yourself to hold your breathe so long?
Noverholt1 -Siege and more!
Wow you can talk fast
Chicken Nugget
You can hold your breath for that long jeez.
you deserve more subs! great videos!
Justin George
this is the most brilliant idea ever. never tried that before, I'm gonna try it out
where is this?
shameir nembhard
This is cool
Heno Marsham
How do you hold your breathe for so long underwater?
Ben Piatkowski
Lol it would be funny to see this from a fishes perspective like the fuck this guy doing
Prank Crew
Goal for 2017=1000 subs you can help me get there
Ques Vlog Rise
DALLMYD how do you hold your breath underwater? a scruba tank
Willy Gilligas
where are you doing this!!???!!! it looks so cool!!! please tell me where I can do this.
matthew wood
How long can you hold your breath for
How do you keep your breath for so long
timelin_24 xrane
get a scuba tank
jake smiths videos
will you do a quick vid in how you hold your breath for so long please will every ine like this so he sees it
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