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In todays video I try to catch and release a fish while underwater!
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Location: Columbus Georgia


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Niki Mead
Erik Kebel
At 1:37 the two fish in the bottom left were like. Welp franks dead
uyen Fuck
Hey DALLMYD Congrats on ur very own own GOLDEN play botton! the matter of fact you get it 1,000,000 for a golden play button but u doubbled it SO now u have OvEr 2,000,000 i hope ur chaannel grows alot.Q-how did u get this much subs A-apparently people actually like tresure and and diving.
Trolling Jukesmaster
He catches a fish in 3 seconds, i cant even catch one in 3 days.
Tucker Marvin
Hey DALLMYD, I'm new to fishing and do you know and good company's make fishing poles etc.
SgtMatthew008 Awsome

My life is a lie
5000 Subscribers And I'll Do Something Epic!
guys he didn't even hold his breath for that long...any freediver could hold his breath a minimum of 3 min
Cameron Jk
Do this with your new gear!
Danilo Mitic
Honda CBR500R
did anyone else feel like they needed to hold their breath throughout this video!! XD
Douglas Donaldson
He's wearing a back pack with a rock in it
Moore Reactions
Wow his lung capacity is incredible.
You are really cool
matias jaramillo
When you aré going to do a video under water
Ildefonso Escamilla
your so cute im a lady
Wittle Salmon
Imagine doing this trying to catch a shark
Rotorz4Dayz Playz
At 1:14 he's just casually sitting there with a fishing rod under the water and I think to myself this is what I could be doing if I could swim
101 owlman
How long can you hold your breath?
Ilan Kahanov
What is the snorkel you use
Foxy Frazbear
i srsly learn more in his vids than in school
How did you hold your breath for so long?!
How do you hold your breath for that long sub to my account TOXIC GAMER
Trey Clark
DALLMIGHTY you need to do a longer video of you fishing underwater. Who's with me
Energy 10
Michael Jordan
Awesome video! Not too much unnecessary talking and straight to the point!
Jen Grabill
can you do a shout out for jg nerf nerd
angrywolf pack
how can he hold his breath that long
Kryštof Čapek
wow mega.I from czech republic
Kryštof Čapek
wow mega.I from czech republic
blue beast
How can you hold your breath for so long?
Ethan Green
I held my breath for that long easy
Rui Mestre
0:46 of rap without music.... LOLE
commando rambo
commando rambo
Do longer videos
Robert Darnell
Do a fishing challenge with some friends. But use the Lewers that you have found underwater
Will Lammers
Were is this at?
Colton Philips
I just got back from fishing
Lpsmnm's 101
anyone else scared that he would have caught a gar and relased it and the gar came back and bit him?. No just me ok ur welcome for taking up ur time bye
Bjarn Wittmann
That's so cool!!!!!!!
Did that fish just squeak 2:45
Jake Duff
How long can you hold your breath for
Drifter Films
Man where is this
Carlyle Rogers
when you do this you need to show the fish when unhooking it and releasing but good vid
muhammad muhaimin
thats a good idea i really love watching fishing challenge video... i watch a lot of your video... nice video dude...
Kastmaster 2000
Can someone please tell me what he says in the begining of his videos?
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