19 Dirty Jokes In The Loud House

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Grace Pressinger
lol, ur anus
Akimbo Master - Zaid
WHY HAVENT I NOTICED THESE!! Thx god I am not dirty minded I didn't noticed these at first sight
Also I don't understand some of these
King Irving
Y'know, these are only dirty is you think dirty.
Stop Arguing Kids.
I've noticed a lack of BALLS in this room -Lincoln Loud 4200
Leo Coolz
this is nonsense!
Lee M
I don't get the yippie yi kae one sorry about spelling it wrong
Anyone else look up the song my house and see this
Hi, Discover my Lincoln Loud game on Google Play Store. I hope you like it.
Huso Cubed
3:46 Have you noticed Roblox logo
Katakana Neko
When Lynn says "I'm noticing a complete lack of balls in this room", it's completely innocent. I'm British, and they didn't get rid of anything. I just think that you're dirty minded, to be honest ^^'
Yellow dolphin
6:38 What's a girble? You meant girdle?
and its not even jokes -_- UNDERSTAND ENGLISH
10 isn't dirty at ALL agree? Reply
EliteGamer 21
this mr loud and ms loud already got face revealed?
TriggerHappyGaming 26
the Zombies got the succ
flameing skull
I disagree with 12 it's just immature humor
Steven Godina
Wheres the one with the frogs
Brianna Jackson
Did you notice that Everytime they need a planetary reference, they always use the planet Uranus?
Paris lover
i new like more than half of these before this vid.
Sports 101.5
Where is when he sticks the pencil in the sharpener
Julie Duron
people are idiots these days😂😂
Damien Tull
you really think you have a chance against us Mr. cowboy? #diehard
Variety13 Lolz
the highway to hello is a reference to AC/DC, not a dirty joke
can someone explain number 5
Aedann Korvyn Rivera
I subscribed!!!!!!!
Malachi Kaline
on number 3 he says it is gassy listen
Roselyn Eyo
The Anime Men 2.0
That not pg
Toxic Wolfs
Itz Glitchy
ok #8 is just wow, that really is a dirty joke since it isnt pronounced UR ANUS its pronounced URE NES
Hmmm there was no one that klydes adopted by his gay parents?
Katalina Phangirl
Idk how 10 is dirty..
river gaming and toys
I don't get the market shopper one
Some ppl plz explain 15 and 7
Amy Romero
Amy Romero
1:11-1:14 I died 😂😂
Tera Bryner
carolina battaglia
11 is not a dirty joke or a creepy thing,because hello has that word inside it doesn't mean it's saying it.
Yabado Nation
They had sex in number 16... SEX THEY HAD SEX
Eduardo T.
why is this on my recommend and why do peo0le like this show
Alexandra Moncada
Gabriel Araujo-Gimenez
Uranus Ewwwwwwwww Penius
theshineingstar 09
ok YouTube are you happy now? 😠
The Dillzer Channel
I didn't get 10.
The Dillzer Channel
I dont understand 19.
AquaSlime Gaming
the whole ties that bind episode is a dirty joke
AquaSlime Gaming
she said hello after getting more views and looked to the other side so she meant something else
Jeffrey Bush
Drippy Ty
My little cousins are watching porn hub!
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