19 Dirty Jokes In The Loud House

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TheDoping LegendaryKnight
Whats so bad about twerking?
I don't get the Highway 1
Helliose Bernadine
So what in cereal thing
Maddison Basos
I don't get 15
Brick Bear Studioz
my mom hates spongebob but she likes the loud house... i've watched all the loud house and most of spongebob. the loud house has blood and gore, sexually offensive stuff ('no such luck'), dirty stuff, pulling girls in the hand-me-downs episode. do you see SPONGEBOB with any of this crap? no! also, in that sophisticated party episode, leni says 'constipated'. imagine a 4 year old hearing that and asking their parents what it means. i mean, sure spongebob has naked people at times, but... at least it's not intended... >:c
CyborgCreeper Playz
That proves it. Lynn is kicking A+
poisonivy313 backup
Hey do you want to hear a dirty joke

me too
ZevenAte Nine
You forgot the part i the episode with the frogs and some kid asked "what are those 2 frogs doing" and the teacher covers it with the map and the frogs were having sex
KadMonster 12
This show is very irritatingly entertaining. I only watch it to criticize it
Josiah Clark
i love this show but this just is.....
Elsa Charles
OMG number 16 wow and at the ending too ah lord
Blue Taco
Is the "white hair" one a racist joke?
What does the grocery shopping one mean? 🤣
trisha ileto
The uranus should be the top 1 joke
trisha ileto
Why is no.7 a dirty joke???
Kaur Vilipuu
Mom And Dad:Telling
WHICH ONE? sorry caps
SuperMuffinGamer Roblox and Rocket league
I knew about the pool bit already
Nerdifact Tribute
TV: 12:24
Me: Bruh.
Amy Hesler
whats wrong with "YIPIE KIE YAY! GROSERY SHOPPERS!" ?
the green flaming skull
1 isn't bad
the green flaming skull
7 isn't so bad
Gaming with Roseyth
Number 14 i noticed and number 12 too and number 6 and 4 and 2
FluffyName Secret!
If y'all don't get the first one it means Kick Ass
A lot of penis's in this room
I read your ass nice and clear Mom
I was swimming naked and made sex but they only can know that when they are old enough-
I had to take a shit /dunno:
I take off my shirt I show boobs which is gross and the boy wanna see the boobs
I don't know)
I'm gonna twerk to fight them zombies also I already noticed that
I uploaded a song high way to hell! Which is a real song
Dunno again)
I'm wearing my mom old bra/girdle
I'm not leaving my anus alone!
I ain't letting me out of my home
Didn't read it all-
I will share my ass with you
I can see your penis from here and boy is it smelly
Thinking of sex-
Wanna kiss and make out? That's all
Cayleigh R
Ok what about the scene where Bobby is at a grown woman's house and she says "now lets get you out of those clothes" in a seductive tone and Bobby takes off his pants. Clyde then covers his eyes and says "I'm not aloud to watch R rated movies" while him and Lincoln were spying on Bobby
#16 is very innapropriate for a kids show. Im actually shocked😂
Supermariogamingandplushproductions 1540
What about frog wild? Two frogs were making tadpoles
Master Bionicle
7:51 I don't get it
The Kawaii Unicorns
If it's not to late you should do another one where Luna sang a song that went like this but she totally got inturupted " I wrote it on my Christmas list, if I don't get it I'm gonna get pi--"
The Lost Pearl
OMFG XDDD most of them are actually really dirty lol
ChOdE bLoWiN
What's loud house?
Gavin Neary
11:35 well what would you do if somebody was peeking under the door of the bathroom when you were in it
Gavin Neary
7:52 how is that dirty?
Gavin Neary
The high way to hello one isn't a dirty joke it's two things
1.a reference to the song
2.she says hello not to say high way to hell but hello as somebody commented/like the video
Gavin Neary
6:08 how is that dirty?
i dont get 19th? explain plz
Mega Gecko Craft
1:49 why is her left arm blurred?!?!?
xxx_ pikachu
So may ads for a 12 min video
Howl Of A Wolf
reads the work twerking and then gets a flashback to the episode where they introduce the "victory dance"

(a.k.a near the end of the episode when they find Lily's blanket)
MyBoy Bob
"This is captain loud to ground control, and I can​ n see "uranus" and boy is it gassy"!
the green flaming skull
12 isn't that bad
Dawson Summers
What about the episode where the fifth grade class was dissecting frogs and at the end they cracked in something nasty
brat the ppg
Keith Rumer
The Loud House is overrated.
Runboy 7
How did Viacom let you be?
Luca Harris
You are dirty minded
Dylan C
12:22 close your eyes OMG!
Sky Duran
In MY opinion I don't think twerking is a "dirty joke"
Littlecrazy70 Aj
I made a video related to this. Most people decline the fact hat they are dirty and use circle tool I bet they are all triggered loud house fans
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