Friendly Gaming
15 isnt
Isaac Olivas
5:59 that’s not actually a dirty joke
Smol Chara
The one about Uranus and rusty, he was holding a ball, intending he never left home without out the ball, so take that off the list.
Number 7 was really shopping clever ;)
Natsu God459
Gosh I got one
List:over 3
Minecraft mini figure ////the sneakingcreeper
I don't get 10
Evan the Wolfy
What is up with Lynn and sex jokes?
Miggy Reyes
How is number 7 dirty im confused
Gold Coin
9:19 anime nosebleeds have penetrated the mainstream!
Luigi 64
We are number one Robbie strikes again
Master of super Mario run
How is 10 is a dirty joke
Arkhamboy 999
It even says that he's twirking which is at 5:07
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) [porn]
Red John
Red John
Hell isnt a bad word.. idiots
Gumball Watterson
The Loud House is fucking garbage
ish durr
In joke no.1 Lincoln nearly kissed Ronnie :o
Patrik Heinonen
Omg so many ads
Awesomespringtrap1 Awesome
They are gay
Awesomespringtrap1 Awesome
Wtf Mrs.loud and Mr.loud swiming naked in pool closeing time get some chill never do that
The Great Lagiacrus
What is up with cartoons and their obsessions with twerking AND dirty jokes?!
Tiffany/Leni Loud/Marlow
10 isn't even dirty
matthew gage
you forgot the moment in the episode when they thought bobby was cheating
Skelebros Sans and papyrus
The cereal offender one isn't dirty
Kimberly Sanchez
That was the dirty one I saw the whole episode of sute and sour and lincoln's mom and dad said they should tell them when they are older I was thinking of the word sex I am nine Idk how I know this stuff or maybe I do r0from kids in my third grade class.
Squidwards Toenail
how is number 10 a adult joke
c jaybezzygaming
8:06 he like...
Uni Dog
When Lincoln catches the bunny he mouths the f word
Hello I’m a Sloth
I should say something funny..

“Something funny”
c jaybezzygaming
At 5:08 he admits he was twerking listen closely,he says "feel my twerking evil jerk!"
Gam3ing Fury
I feel like he just got a dirty mind...
Tag, You’re it And Milk and cookies ;-;
FNAFFangirlLovesGoldie 05
What about in Lynner Takes All,when Lynn rolled a 1,but Lisa made it a 6,and the Lynn said
"Six all day baby!",soooooooooooo.......
Echo - Roblox & More!
1:55 no wonder they have so many kids...
Mysterion Kenny McCormick South Park
Rainbow Kitty Rules
Most of these jokes aren't that dirty
5:07 How to twerk like Miley Cyrus
FoldedCandle 945
Kasane Teto
5:31 does anyone thinks on acdc??
(edit: in 7:11 too.)
Baltazar Inocencio
How Kicks A+ is a Dirty Joke?
samantha schroeder
Hay guys guss what do you know that on
Lily's trophy was sticking up her middle
finger that's bad jest so bad
In episode called Party Down Leni tells Lori that she looks constipated
Alex Anderson
5:07 twerk on them haters
Debbie Miles
They made love
Kurstin Walden
The only think dirty here is ur mind
Carl Chester Santos is LIVE!
Dirty house
Gumball Watterson
This show is perverted and disgusting
potato ._.
Some of these scenes aren't even dirty 😂
Jack Proper
How is 7 dirty
Israel Salmeron
What the teacher mean his she had sex
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