Donald Trump Jr.’s e-mails aren’t a smoking gun. They’re a blazing gun. Here’s why.

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The Post’s Ruth Marcus explains why in Donald Trump Jr. is in legal jeopardy. Hint: stupidity is not a legal defense. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: 

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this video lies to you. read the statute thats been supposedly violated. its about prohibition of receiving campaign contributions from foreign nationals. look it up on the doj website. and see the doj definition of "contribution". this statute is specifically referring to contributions of monetary value. this is not a statute prohibiting oppo research info from a foreign source. dont let these hacks push their lying bullshit on you. if you want an opinion on the matter do the responsible thing and inform yourself
Sybille Stahl
Yes, the Trump side is saying that there was no harm done, nothing gained from the meeting........but why would we believe that? This whole story is characterized by more and more information coming out from Trump Jr., contradicting what he had previously said, only because it was clear to him that someone else had the information and was about to release it.
The Unholy Duo
Damn so you're telling me dealing cocaine, laundering money and running a ponzi scheme is illegal.
o o
Was Russian interference in the U.S election an hostile act. If it was a
hostile act then the moment D.Trump Jr. accepted to have a meeting
with the Russians makes him guilty of treason.
TheComment YouScrolledPassed
a Russian lawyer isn't even a government official LMFAOOO!!!!
Y'all dems cant even understand that your party is in defense mode due to James comey not covering his tracts on him illegally leaking his memo!!!😂😂😂😂 on top of that, trumps new fib director pick just got appointed!!!😭😭😭😭 If he even pursues James comey by tomorrow Yall are finished 💀💀💀💀💀💀
Robert Reid
stupidly and "ignorance" sure helped Hillary avoid charges for her illegal server containing classified information, but that is none of my business...
Robert Reid
LOTS MORE QUESTIONS like what CRIMES Hillary pulled
A huge "NOTHING BURGER"! Fake News... even they said it. You Lib-tards are sipping the propaganda Kool-Aid up! You people need to support the rich Democraps and the Hollywood elite! Go get them Libby's! Raise the taxes on the Middle Class and increase your own taxes! Not just the wealthy is raised. So you pay more and business that produce and hire dont pay as well. You monet goes to the big Union Fat Cats! LOL... dumb Liberals, save a tree but F your life. The Russians are coming!!! LOL
Foogle Droogle
Why is the comment section still up? Shouldn't you SHUT IT DOWN!!!
Onkel Reisende Mac
It's been long suspected the Trump Administation was is working as pro-Russian agents and that their mission was to make as much havoc as possible in the election campaign. I don't think that Russian goverment belived that they would get this far, but they did better than russian goverment ever dreamed of, so they seized the moment of opportunity to hijack the White House, so here we are... America is being mindf**d by the Russians now!
Chris Palusak
This been going on since he was elected move on already this is geting old already.
Poetic Dreamer
Supposedly the laws that are being cited relate to taking money, not emails, so this means Trump Jr has done nothing illegal. Can someone provide the full laws which have been cited to claim he has broken the law.
go suck a bag of dicks ruth
Pek Vek
Stupid cunt, Hillary colluded with Ukraine. Where do the Dem's find these retarded cunts?
Pek Vek
Natalia was Obamas bait and it failed LOL
Pek Vek
Who is this stupid cunt, there is nothing wrong here LOL
Pek Vek
Ruth is a retard, big surprise..........................not
why are the libs going nuts over this? lol, nothing even happened, yet john pedosta emails shows hillary, obama the dnc are a bunch of child trafficking satanic pedophiles
Isabel Garrett
Not a crime here
Dennis Winn
Let me say it now and save the Trump flying monkey trolls some time. OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA CLINTO CLINTO CLINTO CLINTON OBAMA OBAM. There.
M. C.
History, will shame the media... wait... what am I thinking? The media have no shame.
Trumptards are so brainwashed no matter what comes out, its not even funny.
Talk about your heads so far up Trump's ass no matter what stupidity him, his family and his administration does its not even funny. Its quite sad honestly.
Mike K
This would have be so much better without the stupid music.
Aaron F
"Naivete is not a defense and stupidity is not a defense. If it were, the prisons would be probably emptier than they were now." #Lockhimup
Alexander Ross
Dirt on an opponent isn't a "Contribution" or a "Value" to his campaign. There were many independents/parties running for presidency. It would be a SERVICE to the public to find negative information on a potential presidential candidate, someone who is going to have the button for a nuclear arm at their disposal. If this weren't Donald Trump Jr, but was WSJ or BBC or someone else, liberals would have nothing to say.
Richard Johnson
from here on out. dindu nuffin is no longer a racist thing. we will apply it to trump supportersl
Muff Johnson
she says "it is a violation of federal law to accept anything of value from a foreign government" with regards to the campaign... well, then how is it acceptable for hillary clinton to receive millions in campaign contributions from the saudis???
Mr. Clean
Tony De La Torre
Trump: I don't know Don Jr, I never met Don Jr! How long is going to take for impeachment...
John Love
MSM - Russia was involved in hacking US election.
Sane Person (aka not a liberal) - How do you know that?
MSM - Because Trump Jr.'s mails said so.
Sane Person (aka not a liberal) - But the mails also said there is something incriminating against Hillary?
MSM - <Puts fingers in ears> NaNannananaNAannananana
J.T. RipTideProStaff
How come no one is asking what was the Damaging info against Clinton? How come the 60,000 Emails and Trey Gowdy's questions about Treason of the Clintons and CIA and FBI heads are not being discussed? At All!?!? So exactly why is no one asking about that part of it. I would want to know what was so damaging?
Rael Alexander
Great video!! Excuse all the pro-trump supporters. They're the biggest idiots on earth
Samuel Asamoah
If Trump Jr's a dunce, then Sr is an even bigger dunce for saying he knew nothing about the meeting with the lawyer.
WA-PO Is a news organization in the Vien of the 1790's; a political mouthpiece wholly owned by Conservative oligarchs that prints what is told to not what is the facts.
Michael J Howard
Unpresident DJT Sr.,his family(DJT Jr,Ivanka and Eric) and his administration need to be impeached and imprisoned for cheating & creating Treason!.
Fred Rech
Low Energy
It's interesting to read comments here. One side seems reluctant to reasonably scrutinize under any circumstance.
slim jojo
Of course Donald knew, if you look back on a speech he made during a rally, he spoke about possibly having damaging news about Hilary, and said he'll share it maybe in a few days.
Jack low
prison for all.
It's nice to hear Ruth Marcus' perspective. It's a good reminder of how shockingly ignorant of politics and law you'd have to be not to recognize Goldstone's email as being a troubling offer to cooperate with a foreign power. From what I can tell, this level-10 stupidity is Trump Jr.'s defense. Maybe he's onto something there, but to swallow that story we have to believe that Kushner and Manifort were equally blind. I tend not to believe that.
Henry Woods
credulity deez nutz.
Hard to get excited when no one can state what crime was committed. Washington Post is not impartial and can not be called news. How many Fake news stories were they forced to take back?
Fox News is fake news. Donald's days are numbered .
Marus Playz
When Megan Kelly interviewed Putin and he said she had no idea what she is talking about Russia in the election
Thank god these emails came out. A bunch of snakes 🐍 in the ground. Impeachment!!!
gold 👏 stupidity is not a defense!
Jayce huerta
He lives in the trump tower you dumb ass he was always there until he moved to the White House, which is where he's going to stay. Donald Trump cannot be blamed by the actions of other people, thats just a fact!
Professor Foxtrot
dTjr committed no crime you cucks. move along is right.
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