SPIKY Sea Creatures!

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On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote and the crew search the seagrass fields of South Florida’s Biscayne Bay for spiky sea creatures! 

With everything from Spiny Lobsters to the Porcupinefish there are many interesting sea animals just off shore that are armed with spiny protection. 

Get ready to see the spikiest episode of Beyond the Tide yet! 

Huge thanks to everyone at the Biscayne Nature Center and their supporters who made this video possible!

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center is dedicated to environmental education and the encouragement of better citizen participation in the protection of our natural environment.   

The not-for-profit organization was started by Marjory Stoneman Douglas in 1985 when she was 95 years old. The programs started in 1969 as a summer camp program and in 1971 began as a year round school field trip program for 6th grade students by a group of Miami-Dade Public School teachers.      

In 1985 Marjory was called upon to save the program from budget cuts and decided that children are the future stewards of our natural world and we should educate them about their natural environment. Key Biscayne was the perfect spot for that because we have all the Florida eco-systems right in one spot.  The seagrass, the coastal 
hardwood hammock, mangroves, dunes, and the fossilized mangrove reef.  

She felt the community needed a "Nature Center by the Sea".  As people explore nature, they will learn to preserve and protect what they love. 

Website:  http://bit.ly/biscaynenature

Open seven days a week 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.  Free of charge 

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Marco Di Ilio
Marco Di Ilio
Coyote I love your channel you are the only person on youtube I have subscribed to and hit the bell I would love to be on onof your adventures please read this or say my name Nathan thanks once again love the channel got your book
Arii 04
0:8 coyote NOhO!
The voice crack doeeeeee 😂😂Absolutely love Coyote and the crew
Dal Shi
I'm going to name the Cowfish cheese it's so cute
GodzillaGaming and Vlogs
11:03 the Porcupinefish starts deflating lol
Cholesterol Colossus
Pufferfish are so cute
chubby Dedenne
I thaught the slowest fish is the whale shark
Coyote! You should be ashamed of yourself. You didn't mention the most incredible fact about the seahorse. The female places the fertilized eggs in a pouch on the belly of the male, and he carries them until they hatch! He's the original Daddy-Mama!
I've got a matted file fish in my 75 gallon tank; looks like the ones in the video
Vu Vinh
Can anybody identify what kind of porcupine puffer fish the larger one was? What's its name?
Leah Eve
“thATs nOt a SeAhOrSE”
Jessica young
Jack Boykin
Puffy fis
Kaylee Golden
“A pony!”
John Doe
Isn't the puffer fish poisonous?
Gavin Macpherson-Smith
dannas dance channel lol
I'm a banana I'm a banana I'm a banana I'm a banana look at me move
Alexander Padilla
I'm so happy that he got a seahorses 🤗
Don Toh
Aww the sea horse is soo cute😍
Shelly/Adam Byce
That p fish is so cute! 😍😍😍😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️😆😆😂😂
Lonely Human
Wanna pass English ? Listen to coyote narrating the videos 😂😂
Brandon Valerio
you are so brave and cool plus strong
Eevee The Fennec Fox
Oh that's a cool one he totally f up
That's what I HEARD
Bryan bryan
In saving rasa TV watch you
Daniel Lugassy
Can you catch a blob fish
Wendy Corona
Pls make more vds Im ur big fan
Alberto Tominaga
loyal for life huh... I need to find me a seahorse wife
Tessa Shalai
You suck ckiuoty😂😂😂😑😐😴😵🎈🤡💀
Silly Mili
I caught a sea horse
Nelson Sánchez
Que bueno
Robert Putnam
Go to 13:24 and you can see the seahorses holding tails
Meh the JellyElli!
I want,to be like you, a Doctor,a scientist and a Actress
Next do the leafy sea dragon
Olivia Amen
When he said cowfish I thought of cheese Taylor deems fish
mary alyce cameron
They are like Penguins the male takes care of the babies
your mom
Let's see Coyote Peterson get bit by a puffer fish
challenge boy
I have been there in a school field trip
Finding Nemo....
Ye Chen
Koby Playz
Hi :)
Mathias Hamblok
hihi look at them pellicans ! pellican pellican :-)
Desmond Low
Lol pussies. Act like haven’t seen a seahorse before
Fish Jose
im a fish
Uni Bun
He looked like a pipe fish
Uni Bun
He was either a pipe fish or a tube fish as my moms says
Uni Bun
I captured a pipe fish in my hand and put it in a bottle I named i James one we were leaving I realised James into the wild I miss him:)
Tarkyn Blair-kril
I’m absolutely obsessed with herpetology and toxinology and toxicology! I’m planning to go to Arizona in the summer to catch rattlesnakes and milk them (extract venom) so I can study the effects on blood and cells. By the way I’m 14 years old! 😜😆
rebecca rice
I love pufferfishes mouths they look so cute puffed up!
Kalemberg Davila
It is Saturday
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