SPIKY Sea Creatures!

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On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote and the crew search the seagrass fields of South Florida’s Biscayne Bay for spiky sea creatures! 

With everything from Spiny Lobsters to the Porcupinefish there are many interesting sea animals just off shore that are armed with spiny protection. 

Get ready to see the spikiest episode of Beyond the Tide yet! 

Huge thanks to everyone at the Biscayne Nature Center and their supporters who made this video possible!

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center is dedicated to environmental education and the encouragement of better citizen participation in the protection of our natural environment.   

The not-for-profit organization was started by Marjory Stoneman Douglas in 1985 when she was 95 years old. The programs started in 1969 as a summer camp program and in 1971 began as a year round school field trip program for 6th grade students by a group of Miami-Dade Public School teachers.      

In 1985 Marjory was called upon to save the program from budget cuts and decided that children are the future stewards of our natural world and we should educate them about their natural environment. Key Biscayne was the perfect spot for that because we have all the Florida eco-systems right in one spot.  The seagrass, the coastal 
hardwood hammock, mangroves, dunes, and the fossilized mangrove reef.  

She felt the community needed a "Nature Center by the Sea".  As people explore nature, they will learn to preserve and protect what they love. 

Website:  http://bit.ly/biscaynenature

Open seven days a week 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.  Free of charge 

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Jason jafry
this man has balls
I love it when he makes earth seem so beautiful
Nadeem Khalifeh
2:54 ?
T Vang
Awe so cute! I subscribed because of your animals and others :DDDD
Oh my gosh they found mrs. Puff!!!
Ashley Mcgregor
I love your video
Gameing King
Aren't Pufferfish poisonous?
Nice as always, maybe you were doing it as an educational video but puffers shouldn't be intentionally make it puff as it will stress them.
monica welter
I'm subscribed to cioty
Andrei Lauren Bunque
coyote i saw a strange sea creature it looks like a worm and its face looks like a beak and tentacles of a octopus
wasn't this like sea horse searching or something now it's spiky sea ani.als or what evr
Shadow_ Lady___
Anyone know Cheese the cowfish?
allen chan
So cool!
Llama Punch
The 2 sea horses where like 2 chess pieces the one was the black team and the other was the white/tan team
Coyote can you catch a Mantis Shrimp?
Kimberly Drummond
do one about getting bit by a moray eel
Better then animal planet
Frank McClatchy
I have caught some of those fish.
I love the things you do
Ajk 9
He should either make a tv show or a movie
Angry Old Black Man
in nam we would have made soup out of them buggers
This was AWESOME!!!
Susana Mendoza
y like tha part of the fish skuic
Scoot Kids
I love Bravewillderness he never click bats
i wander is coyote vegan or vegetarian?
When is he coming to australia?
Adela Dimas munoz
u should get stung by a scorpionfish 🐡
Steve jenkins
Camerman: u ok?

Ok he didn't say that in this episode, but it's pretty much become a meme on this channel
Glitter Kitten
the male seahorses have babies
Reece Martin
I've seen a spider crab in a museum it was huge!
I love how the crew and Coyote interact. The actually love working together!
Bilal Khan Muhammad
4:16 that reminds me,,,, LOOK AT ALL THOSE CHICKENS!
Trainyman 123
When he catches tarantulas, snap turtles, ect and you aren't even brave enough to hold a daddylonglegs spider.
Connor Baker
uhh, the scorpion fish is the world's most deadly fish
Venus francisco
I really want a seahorse 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😎😎😎
night frite
this is so aweosme I wanna do this at the west coast whee I live!/:)
Tiffany Wilson
tell us about worms
sca -led
0:40 as the tide comes low, wierd red stingray passes by, pays no attention to it
Menacing Moto
I caught a Sea Horse in my castnet once lol
The pufferfish are so cute :D
Gina Isnotonfire
U sure this is safe brave? U could get killed while doing these things BTW I still LOVE YOU!!!!
I went on a school field trip there
A Wild Ghastly Appeared
Wild for me is going outside, an adventure is walking outside to the car
Bee Amazing
Greate video
Lara McGowan
coyote: this is the spiny lobster

me: OMG it tametoa from moana SHINY
Ray Nell
i thought the baby lobster was a toy😂
Trainer Sean
What the hell? Pufferfish are as cute as cartoon pufferfish
Orion Solstice
I was in that class of kids!!! If I had known Coyote would be there I honestly would have left my group and gone to see him!!! HOW DID I MISS MY FAVORITE YOUTUBER
William Strnad
I'm planing to be a marine biologist I loved marine biology since i was 2 I'm learning currently
Nadine Aziz
I love this channel like if you agree
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