Gummy Food vs Real Food Challenge! Eating a TARANTULA! Kids react to Sushi and gross foods *Funny*

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Gummy Food vs Real Food Challenge! Eating a TARANTULA! Kids react to Sushi and gross foods *Funny*

Welcome To Superhero Reality Tv.  The safest place for your kids to watch superhero videos on the internet!  FTC DISCLAIMER This is not a sponsored video.  IN this funny challenge video the kids try gummy food vs real food and zade actually eats a real tarantula spider! so funny!  the kids react to foods like sushi and alligator meet as well!

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CeCeDancing Life I LOVE to dance
omg I can't believe he actually ate that I thought he knew it a tarantula was but he didn't see I never saw someone ate a spider before OMG this boy just ate a freaking tarantula he better be glad it wasn't poisonous😮😝😶😲😲
Lexi Hulderman
the boy has braces
vanessa saavedra
She is creepy like I am right 😬
sapphire blue
At 2:21 I think I heard him swear the f word
Asam shazad
unlucky boy
Una Roģe
i like egg
I can't believe he ate a. REAL tarantula
Jackie Hair
I love sushi 🍣 it's awesome I unsubscribed
Danya Traylor
They should have a tie beacause he spit the spider 🕷 out
Maria mierova
and hot dogs
Maria mierova
i love Sushi 🙄😅
Pusheen Lovers
Denisse Hernandez
At the first part when the boy was eating a trantala I was like discussed but when u spit it out oh😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
BibiDe Badeend
Sorry but I hate that that boy screeming :3
eww he ate a tarantula
Cute pink
you dont drink the cola you eat it! ;)
Golden Cookies
How does he not like sushi
laura gilmour
why eat tarantula
waji Shah
Why don't you like real food
Colleen Lohn
I love how he just throws the spider in his mouth lol
kellie mcelroy
l loved the video
Detective Monkey
Ew u are a turantula they too hairy
George Kalantzis
Rage level 100
Clifton Saddle Back
call me
Paris Hennessey
he ate a sider
Kai Standre
that girl has a nigga laugh
Kassidy vlogs Stoker
Matīss Dzērve
loši 0
īpaši tā meitene zirgs
Nat Thomas
zadr is ogly
Aiden Powers
he tried to act cool by rating the spider and saying cool when he was told it was real and said it's not bad but 10 seconds later he was spitting it out
Sharleen Barrera
Your a kindergarten bicuas you were elsa
Kailey Ortiz
We love you
Franchezka Contreras
I hate daisy Para quesues
Sexist people always the girls get the good stuff
Alexis Woods
Isaiah Jimenez
ur son is a baby
Jann gosa
the terranchala has eggs in it grooooos
%Fake Faisal%
%Fake Faisal%
No hate but he's kind of a picky eater
MarieJoanne Bandola
Oh I'm just the little sister of my older sisters other account, her account is Ilovemlp39😇😇
MarieJoanne Bandola
Be quiet.
Benitha Sharpe
don,t say sucer
David Preciado
Megan Mcneill
I don't like it boo
Lucy Miller
The reaction from the pizza was very surprising
Apple Cider
Selena Begum
very nice challenge for kids
Suraj Sirmoria
She eat his food while he ear her gummy she won
Cindy Huynh
The spider has a hairy legs
Jayla brown
she looks like a troll so cute
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