JDM Sleeper Mini - First Drive [Part 4]

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A classic Mini with a Honda Civic Type R engine - the conversion is complete, and the car is ready to drive... 

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Panda Shifu
all hardworks pays off
Kherchia Auyong
Superb project n awesome people n really nice Mini! Well done!
Terry Allen
Normal guys rule !!! Then again, what is normal +@×÷)=#%:^ !!! :-'
Ron Arnold
instal an awd conversion kit from superfastminis.com
ziez cogslaw
that thing will rape your guys new rs focus
ziez cogslaw
does the front wheels have a wider track than the back now or is it just me?
Dan Cousineau
Love your closing comments mate😀 cheers from Canada!!!
i want one :3
Freek Van Zyl
Hey MCM. I have to say what many Mini enthusiasts may be thinking, how can you destroy such a classic? But, with that said, I have to applaud both of you who worked on this car. You have done one hell of a good job. I own a 1974 Cooper S with the original engine, I have raced against M3's, Golf GTI's and many more, won a few and lost a lot! But the Mini is a just one of those cars that many of us came to love. You really haven't experienced driving until you get behind the wheel of a Mini and give it the beans. With the V-Tech installed in yours I think it is radically different, but it holds the heritage of a real Mini. And I have to say, I just love it!
Come to Korea and swap V-tec in my car.
It is too hard to maintenance old mini in Korea. :(
I envy your V-tec mini.
Killa Cam
This made me emotional.....
Phil B
2 engine mini next?
put one in the boot..4x4 mini..
Scud Est
Was the mini ever put on the dyno again?
*ty-dynasty* *
I'm having just as much fun just watching the test drive;)
*ty-dynasty* *
Thank you Mr. Miles
Robbie Hull
I'm super curious who would dislike this
Daniel Nelson
id love buy some of the hats and flags! plus I would love travel Australia!!
Nick Tzimos
4:15 "... because I'm a resposible citizen." He says while controlling the steering wheel with his knee :)
Julian Ruiz
Re-watching this I just noticed that you should have grabbed that wheel for the mini at 3:46
Luke Ster
nice wrapping up to the mini series, (pun intended).
Albert Sandberg
The video is horisontally flipped guys
Albert Sandberg
Hello everybody and welcome to clickspring
Great series of Videos guys. Did you look at the BMW K Series head conversion for the A Series? You get a modern Twincam 16v EFI engine and get to keep the car in a state that allows a a return to stock standard in the future. I am going this direction with my Moke. https://mowogman.wordpress.com/2015/12/03/a-series-twinkam-in-a-moke/
Please provide your series music playlist.
Moshe Narkis
All this motivated me to continue working on the mini, Back to the garage
Dragon Born
Mike Stone
VTEC YO at 10:40. Proper fan respect at 11:36
Jose Vaca
Vetc most recognizable
Martin M
Brilliant video - how tall are you mate?
Jim Gonzalez
whats the name of the song at 4:48 it sounds awesome but it aint by moog
World War Now
Great short series
Sweet, The Hondamin! Nice job guys.
What kind of cameras are you using in the car? They're pretty cool looking.
The Hotrod Lounge
Holy sleeper! That Mini is gonna be a street beast.
Hey guys. would you be able to share who did the compliance for you? I'm guessing you're in SE Qld? Any issues?
Timothy Strunk
Great ending wow very well made
Karl McClelland, 360Spaces
Absolutely fantastic !! I thought you'd given up on part 3 but then discovered part 4. Excuse my French, but you f**king nailed it. A total UN project but needed a Union Jack flag on the roof.
Neil Vella
Any one can help me and tell me what are thoose arches please i really like them thanks in advance
Alex Acosta
K20 or B18? Lol
smiles per gallon baby thats what vtec is all about
Gfx Grafix
You guys have taken the mini and ruined it in a goodway,That honda engine needs turbo thou it makes me nauseous ..Mr.Bean Approves this message
wheres episode 5
Spider Killer
I've always wanted a Mini
Fazrul Suhairi
What colour is this car ?
Nopran tri aditya
thats really amazing ,. :D
My 06 mini is ridiculous. It's a JCW with a reduction on the supercharger. Makes 229hp to the ground out of the 1.6 with JCW performance head and is loud once you hit power at 2250
PoBs 1
What's a Honder?😁
Graham Rowland
Great job As an ex Austin rover Apprentice I think its a great car
sensational!!! Suzuki mightyboy next?? great stuff
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