JDM Sleeper Mini - First Drive [Part 4]

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A classic Mini with a Honda Civic Type R engine - the conversion is complete, and the car is ready to drive... 

Music from this episode:

Horizons (Feat. Erin Renee) By MOOG
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‘We Were Young’ by MOOG
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How much does an engine swap like this cost?
Charlezz Sock
Gorm Christensen
whats the 0-100 ?
vtec and turbo
what a sleeper cool af
vtec and turbo
i love hearing alluminum in their accent
Geoff Hughess
you guys are brilliant mini fantastic
Thats so beautiful, i think Im gonna cry
Joel Carrera
Now turbo it
Kemo J
the new Marty is really cool we should keep him
B Mor

Should have gone for this 😂
Pieter de Klerk
Awd next
Fernando Boni
7:13 the hug from newly made parents.
Mason Webber
how much for the car
Sub-Zero Chills
Amazing Mini / Honda great work! love it.
VDub In Paradise
Hmmm. I wonder if this mini beast could chop Moog's s2k w/ NOS on the track. Oh wait, its gone...
Marco De Stefano
Which song is it at 5:44?
Art The Abstract
So....when are you guys gonna modify a honda fit 3rd gen? Lol 😂
This car is amazing!
3x the original power. If you need 10x the original power, gotta go with the turbo boxer.
Everything Subaru uses is made by either Hitachi or Denso. Subaru isn't in electronics business. There are no Subaru coils.
tom jackson
I heard that you broke your wrist from a bizarre masturbation accident. I didn't want to know any other details.
she's a beautiful machine moog, I hope you look after her and she looks after you. enjoy your car, she is MAAAAAD
James Davis
Hey mate did you have any rust issues with the mini? I am looking at importing a JDM mini to Adelaide
Calvin T Nuvo Millz
Dear Moog,

Not to sound suss but this is the first time I have ever seen you purely happy about a car.
Love the car bro!

With love all the way from Myanmar!
Turbo it
Are we going to see more of the mini? What car is Marty talking about at the end, the Mira? Will there be a race? :)
"VTEC just activated, gentlemen".
Prince Bytor Frunobulax
There's an outfit in the USA called "4-Piston racing"... They're making a production naturally aspirated K24 thats making over 375kw... Put that in your mini and smoke it
What a journey for the Mini! The closing words from Moog actually gave me goosebumps! :-)
Chris Knelsen
Love it! Absolutely love what you guys do with cars! Keep it up!
Needs boost!
Mikey Flynn
Turbo this then VS the Sleeper Beetle
T Ogden
Miles is a fuckin legend
Better than any jcw
Francis Lagman
this is one hell of a built....big respect mcm!!!!
stephen welby-jenkins
awesome build, great videos love you guys 👍
Al Filmore
I love it, man!!! I'm just seeing this and I thought y'all will never get it done!
next step,, build up engine & turbo it,, upgrade brakes, seats & put in a roll cage!
Tune it pls, whats the point
Shutup and take my money!
What´s that music from 05:02 - 06:20? Unfortunately my shazam doesn´t know and its obviously none of the songs listed in the description above?! Greetings from a great fan from Germany! :)
Ryan Riffs
what is song at 5:45?
Jack Harrison
When they drive down your road and you don't see them... LOL -_-
Dave Micolichek
Why was the bonnet in the toilet? That didn't have anything to do with your broken wrist did it?.....lol... Cool build, well executed!
John Kinnane
What a fantastic job and what a bloody fun mini congrats!!!!!!! Regards Tassie John
can we see more time in the mini dude?
Alfred Habraken
Everytime they get philosophical about cars I tear up, cuz it's exactly how I feel.
teckel gaming
Whats that song called at 7:00 When you start the mini?
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