JDM Sleeper Mini [Part 4]

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A classic Mini with a Honda Civic Type R engine - the conversion is complete, and the car is ready to drive... 

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Dyno tune it! Cant wait to see it side by side with Marty's secret Project!
14:13 - Loooolololol!
When I found this channel in its early stages, I was surprised to find out that Moog was making those interesting trance beats, but I dont wanna know what happened during the years coz It evolved in to this trashy EDM crap, seriously, the dropped song after the engine started really freaked me out...
David Anderson
Well done!
Ken Blalock
why Subaru parts on a Honda motor?
Martin Aldäng
Just noticed that ive been sunsubd to your channel.....
Paolo Aragoza
The message at the end of the video was so touching. Hope i can one day do a project like this with my friends as well. Good job on the car guys. And hope to see more projects like this. God bless! And more power. From the philippines.
Did you guys ever figure out if the engine was actually newish? It looked like the heat shield for the headers or the headers themselves were somewhat worn and rusted.
Bangbang Sudradjat
Awesome. How did you connect rover mini speedometer, rpm, and temp to the b16?
johannes grondah
can you guys please make a volvo build, preferibly one of the older models like140, 240, 740
what a hell of a good ending to this series
Pixel Pusher
turbo guru..............smile on dial.....
The end of the episode made me cry a little...
Congratulations on finalizing your project. Your whole team did an amazing job. I'm not a Honda fan but, I am an extreme fan of Sleepers (and the looks on the faces of the folks that get beat by your sleeper. Very well done on this project.
mcm you guys should search up on youtube bad obsession motorsport... a bit different to you guys but I'm positive you'll be impressed
good and cheap city car/small car to engine swap? any ideas.... also which engine to put in that it wont be too hard... and no i dont nee insane amount of hp.. ;) just a boost:P mind its eu so its not all "legal" ... ;)
What a brilliant video and car! I love the genuine joy on their faces.Reminds me of when I hit the go pedal in my 203hp Renault 5 GT Turbo.
This would make a great rally car.
hazlan shah
cant wait for a turbo to be in that beast!!!
Eric Huff
My god, I hope that steering wheel is adjustable. That thing is like a bus.
andy scott
Just stumbled upon Bad Obsession Motorsport's gt4 into a mini conversion, ot's good! In case anyone hasn't seen it.
Isaac Newton
inspiring... i bet you guys are so proud of what you have created... after all that hard work
Tom Clough
mighty car mods (moog) are you watching project binkey?
boer harms
next step.... Hellcat Hemi
well said here here!
David Shu
I will buy this if u guys r wanting to sell.
Trenton Miller
get an 06 mini and make it maaaadddd
jon quinlivan
Dudes keep up the great work cos you guys ROCK!!!!!!
Keyur Vaidya
Anyone that has ever done a car build knows the feeling that Moog had during his first drive, it's irreplaceable!
This was such a beautifull and great episode guys! Thank you Mighty Car Mods! Greetings from Norway :)
Jordan Page
This video is 10x better with a subwoofer to hear the test drive
KnownAs Tones
put a v8 in a prius :)
William McLeod
"I'm a responsible citizen" he says... remembering to fasten his seatbelt.
razi ariff
Love to drive this mini
Jonh Cliff
Nice vid. But mini is not jdm style even it has type r engine.
Shaiyan Hossain
song at 5:31?
Pytter Maldonado
Muitos de nós brasileiros somos fãs do MCM....
Mas podia ter legendas em português....
Mas eu queria muito uma manopla desta.....
qual o modelo e marca..????
Mike Holt
Perspex bonnet................!!
darrin goodbrand
out of all the cars of never driven a old style mini they are spost to be like a gocart in the corners would like a shot of a turbocharged civic engine swap mini would be one quick car
Adam Naudi
I thought turbo yoda doesn't do Hondas...well I guess we're living in a world were no body sticks to his or her principles...sad times
Alexander Aldana
I was wondering what happened to the mini I want more vids this thing is dope!!!
Stefan Joseph
OMG! I love the sound!!!
Nice car
Tony Suniga
Ultra rare!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/112335471016
Okay now JDM MINI vs 2S3XY lets make it happen!!!
i bet that thing goes like stink [insert bass drop]
Congrats man Congrats!
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