JDM Sleeper Mini - First Drive [Part 4]

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A classic Mini with a Honda Civic Type R engine - the conversion is complete, and the car is ready to drive... 

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Takumi Fujiwara
Such an awesome car!
Turbocharge it
i wonder when the binky is going to be finished.
Richard Spilsbury
Great to see that it was possible, well done all involved. The test drive whoops of joy and beaming smiles made me lol. Nice!
John B
@Mighty Car Mods
The Mini is fantastic and to add to your statement about keeping up with the times John Cooper took a standard Mini 850 and up rated it for racing so yes that is what you have done you have not destroyed it, also people in the UK have been sticking in a Mini 1750 engines out of Austin Maxi's or 1300 engines out of Austin Allegro's for years and then Rover K series units under the bonnet and as you know they come in turbo and non turbo the only thing to stop it in the UK Insurance companies.
Scott Gaskill
As small as B16 is, it actually looks pretty big in the Mini. Very cool build.
alex davidson
best youtube video atm...
john edwards
MCM I got to say,my hot is off to you guys with this swap. couldn't of done it better myself, much respect from California John "hondajohn"edwards.
Awesome Commodore. My Pontiac GTO (rebadged Monaro) was one of the best cars I've ever owned.
It's a Stu
Forever car indeed! You get deep at the end bro. had me hand on my heart toasting the British empire for all mini owners.
great series!
kuda lumping
why v-tech thoooooo!!!
bonney 1
nice job . I did one 8 years ago. minitech kit. works like oil.
Willy Darmawan
Throw some Tuuuurrbooost and AWD conversion!
i miss the whining of the gearbox
Winas Rasyid
that is awesome bro...
Mattias Matsson
11:58 Gets a HARD ON and start fiddling with his balls...
you guys are amazing. Moog you have such a way with words my man! keep it up boys, I'll see you at the MCM meet one day.
Ian Hennessy
You guys need make an r32 mk1 conversion. Please, I can't find a proper video of the conversion.
Jimmy de Ville
is this car still in MCM's possession?
Ted Duncan
I want this Mini
Buddha Mack
I wish they actually made the Carbon Mini concept a reality. Close to the same size as the original Mini but with carbon fiber strength, lightness and safety. Maybe if they had of produced it in conjunction with a sweet little BMW motor it would've been as cool as this beast.
Jerry Caille
I'm gonna build the same, maybe in propultion with hayabusa engine or v8 Busa ... Like Hell ^^
darrin goodbrand
what do you guys do with the car's once your finish working on them do add them to your collection or sell them ???
darrin goodbrand
keep up the shit hot videos dude's from Scotland
John Davis
just watched all 4 eps, awesome to watch and you have a new fan.!!
Randal Davis
what is the weight ? start vs finished ?
WHAT! A Honda engine in a British Leyland?
Well, Leyland did it themselves, look up the Triumph Acclaim. And when Leyland restructured as Austin Rover they made a regular thing of using Honda engines. So it is a very real possibility that BL would have done it themselves if allowed to continue, especially when the hot hatch craze came along..
u guys are dick heads.
now to change it into a ls mini
Ismail Alimuda
Nice HondaMini Bro! 2ThumbsUp!!!!
andy d
That is the mutts
Александр Гуров
such a cute little car,well done
Cooper Becraft
what happened to marty
Loved it!
Ram Runner
Awesome build! I now want one
Joshua Fry
I wish they would post how much their projects cost start to finish. or does anyone know?
geofo60 Geof Harris
Big thumbs up guys from the UK 🇬🇧👍🏻
Alex Marczuk
The mini should race daisy the bug
Anyone else waiting for the 'turbo charging the jdm mini' notification
Lawrence Lentini
Now all you need is a turbo! ;)
How did you get it out of Japan ?
i would love to no ita quarter mile times
Am I the only one who is worried at the fact that the engine seemed to be brand new but on its first drive Moog is going full throttle and high up the revs before breaking in the engine? Other than that, the car sounds amazing and I bet it's mad fast!
A Hedges
Great build, I loved it all....Can't wait to see the next project.
Tennusha K
Mini vs. Mira gonna be awesome
This car is so fucking sick.
How much does an engine swap like this cost?
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