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🙋🏽 Me and my brother loved this fun gummy food vs real food video 🙋🏽
Thanks for all your love and support,you are the best love Tiana
My Instagram👇🏾
Candice Sophia Roxas
Can you do mommy vs tiana pls 🍭🌶 hahahaha
Robinson Hole
Mum is the best chef 😋
Eduardo Vallejo
Love pizzas
ender dragon
Natalia Ramirez
Que. Dicen
Lorena Oliva
Nono teodio
Kelly John
mommy is better😄😃
cluchitwith ellie
Tiana is the best
Ashleigh Tagg
Ashleigh Tagg
My 🐹 hamster died can I have 5 likes 😌 😌 please
جوهر ا
Nick's little science Lab Crazy science
:) u peeps are awesome
James Thorpe
YAshira Fuentes
I love de la ciudad
Yas Smith
,you are cold
Виктория Николова
Iza Kobiałka
me poland
Erika Rogers
I love tiana
Erika Rogers
I 💜you
Riwhai Edwards
can you make slime
Ddf Rff
marianella carrizo vergara
Soy tu mayor gan
leah stevo
Maria Eduarda Freire Moura
mi efiter gumi
harry moore
do ting gummy vs huge gummy
Hotdog of Hamburger
Meng Ourng13
Louise Fleming
Stephanie Lio
I laught at 8:17
Mahsa VoxUT
Gaming King
i. LOve. You. Guys. So. Much. that. i. Can.t. do. Ererything so much so. So. So. Much
Htay Aung
soon. dog vote
Davion Peoples
Tiana can you please send I will send you a video okay there's an app called Google Hangouts you should download it
Sol Barajas
Mllllzllllllllllllllllxoekmslwjeigj jf,?kd.zmddm😋Ziikskdj

....,,,Ñ, l)@*$*$($(}⊙}●{♢♢●{♢♢}°♡●♡♡□s
Vuk Vuckovic
Alo jer razumes srpski
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I think Jordan is a hottie he's cute oh my God I wish I could just kiss him right now my God is such a cutie oh my god oh yeah
Sammy Chaffer
Dad is the best shef
Guðrún Jónína Sveinsdóttir
Pug Girl
The big tray is real and the small one was gummy
Beate Fuhrmann
Sofia Negreros
he tiana
Lyndsey Price
Toys and me your videos your amazing
Harry Duce
Your dad's foods are GROSS 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 fish
Can you please make a slime.
Ephrata Tesfaye
Jordan makes everything more funny
Nia Taylor
The beer looks good
Laura Ramirez
No lo han echo con helado :-)
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