Giant Gummy Hulk Feet VS Gross Real Food Sour Candy Challenge - Sister VS Brother Edition

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Hi friends:)
You have been leaving me comments for me and my brother to do the real food vs gummy food candy challenge so here is a super cool fun video for you,we had some giant gummy hulk feet and gummy beer and as always gross food:) Giant Candy Chocolate🙋🏽

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Toys AndMe
🙋🏽 Me and my brother loved this fun gummy food vs real food video 🙋🏽
Thanks for all your love and support,you are the best love Tiana
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Myra Quiñones
O you have a lot more fun and addicting and I have a good day for a long way in the first half of my favorite part of a sudden it was the best of the day before the end of the best of the day before the end of the day after a long day at work today I was a great way of the best thing about it is a very long time to get the best thing ever is a good time with the best thing to do it again I have no idea why you don't know how much you love it and it was the first half of the
Linntausha Hardge
I love you so much I even have you shirt
Linntausha Hardge
Haylee Hatfield
Suzanne Hale
Jordan face when TT said milk milk he makes me laugh so does TT
Lydia Bembridge
tiana you are the best at cooking
Caitlin you are the best Youchoobr Bambrick
gurdn l Love you
Exoucia Bioko
spot the difference
Kendall Barnett
Jordan said a bad word or it sounded like it
Samia Said
I don't like your videos I love your videos
Kevin John
Tina is a dummy
Ericka Gonzalvo
I like it keep up the good work on your channel
Kenza Sinaman
Daina Joy Talento
i realy love you tiana ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💘
Mazhar Bari
you are the best tiana 😃i love you from noor
Jeshuelle Keith Martinez
looks like her brother was shy😂😂
super 2z
My dad makes pot noodles 🍝 in his work so I can get it for free
Sori Keita
homer Simpson
latboh Bdkxk
I love you grip my name I grizzly
Cute little Memories
I like this video
April Quinones
I love your videos so much 😁😁😁😁😁😁
Genesis Blakeney
Tiana how old is your brother
Roshane Walters
this is Serena from jamaica,I like your videos a whole lot I hope u guys continue to do such great videos. smillies
Ricardo Selidone
te amo muito 😍😘
MariaGamer CSC
det's you brother?
Gustavo Gonzalez
la negra siepre come lo mas rico ja ja ja
those were the most perfect looking carrots
Mikel freeman
kissing kissing
Cristian Mora
prettygal Nae
Jordan barely talk
Melinda Zimmerman Zimmerman
did he drink real beer
l lm a bigfan😍
Horse Lover
I love ❤️ your channel so much
Piitu L
toys andme ♡😗😙😍🔥❤💕
Come over my house it is 85 ladey drive
Amari Jennings
👨‍👧👨‍👧👨‍👧👨‍👧👨‍👧you and your brother
Karly Cox
very good 😈😇😈😈😇😇😈😇😈😇😈😇😈😇 😈😇😈😇
Harrywilliams05 Willaims
Who won
Jarie Jara
Can you straight your hair please
Tanya Cocker
do pizza challange
Kayleen N Guido
Ashia Holt
I love Jordan eyes👀
Shelly Williams
jordon is your brather
Shelly Williams
jordon is your brather
Jen Herman
T 46 J 71
Dannery Ciprian
is you brother
Noudrige Thevenin
thank you
Cute Wooly bear
Was he old enough to drink the beer!?!?
Barbara Zirbser
can you do a makeup challenge.
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