Giant Gummy Hulk Feet VS Gross Real Food Sour Candy Challenge - Sister VS Brother Edition

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Hi friends:)
You have been leaving me comments for me and my brother to do the real food vs gummy food candy challenge so here is a super cool fun video for you,we had some giant gummy hulk feet and gummy beer and as always gross food:) Giant Candy Chocolate🙋🏽

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Toys Andme is a fun channel where i do Toy reviews and unboxing, Games and challenges.Trips and fun activities and more,i love kids YouTube Channels so i asked my dad too help me make my own! so guys can you please LIKE-COMMENT-SUBSCRIBE to my channel and help Toys AndMe Grow ❤️ TIANA

Toys AndMe
🙋🏽 Me and my brother loved this fun gummy food vs real food video 🙋🏽
Thanks for all your love and support,you are the best love Tiana
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evaleigh hindrup
Hey Tiana love videos so cool, funny , silly and more.So I have bean thinking you should do a gummy vs real food challage with Summer it would be fun and cool don't you . You guys can be as silly as you would like to be and it would be so cool to watch LOL. I love watching your videos . I live in Rotorua what are your hole family's fav color I have a YouTube channel to . My name is Evaleigh . FROM EVALEIGH
Fitry Sahary
that hot candy???
Mirely Malave
loved it
lilisek tv
No .1tv
Love u guys
Adiszki Team
Superstar Ashley
Superstar Ashley
lonnie mcdowell
Maryam khalil
We all love u Tiana
carla ribad
Aaaaaa 😴
Johnny Pham
try and me Tina do you have a borther
Lilia Watt
you should do is mum verses dad if you agree like my comment
Valery Herrera
soy la unica q habla español like si tu tambien
Don like
عمر عباس
Jhjgjb hi
Наталья Юрова
ubh sau uhsgvbt
Mohammed Bodrul Alam
Queen Nzanza
I like all the videos 😇👼❤💙💛👄👄💋👅👅👅
Leonardo Garcia velazquez
me llamo Jessica
Jordan you are so funny and my last name is Jordan✌👅
Kennedy Barton
Did he just say a cus a word
Juan Cabrera
like tus videos
Poseidon Pascua
I love your videos
Max Hainrick
hi 🐯🦁🐂🐷🐺🐱
Tonya Adams
Angieandre Fernanda villanueba eguavil
I bet your mom dances like a weirdo so did your dad dance like a weird weird Al and you shouldn't ever trip your dad
How old is your brother I bet he's 18
Are you giving away Lolo dolls
Are you giving away to the people that subscribe to you
How old are you
Can you tell your brother that he's cute
can you make a gummy hot dog
can you make a gummy hot dog
Melody Lawley
hi tiana
Frisk The Human
Try and find blue's paw print at 15:17
tobys chanel epick
can I be in one of your vidios
Grace Beecroft
Tiana "I don't even like broccoli" she sounded so much like summer. Like if u agree
i like the gummy hulk🐻🐹😋🍪🍩🍫🍯
Rodin Ali
Male Peralta
alguien abla argentino
jenar osama
Plessa I wont to the leg
jenar osama
Men dah
Maria Duarte
you guys are awsome
Rhys Gangar
I think dad's cooking is lovely
Sammy Snail
i love your videos
Gato Carrillo
i love gummy food vs real food tiana
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