Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam

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April the Giraffe is expecting a calf!

Follow the process as she and her mate, Oliver, welcome a new baby.

Animal Adventure Park
Harpursville, NY

What happened to the camera view? You can't even see Oliver that much. Please fix it
Frank OBrien
anytime now please
Michelle Jordan
April is so beautiful. She will make an awesome mother. Oliver is so anxious. I can tell he cares for her. This is such a wonderful teaching video on telling kids where babies come from.
Brenda Sanborn
Been watching since first week..Such excitement!!!! Can't wait till she has the calf but will be saddened to see things come to an end..
Elizabeth Williams
Occasionally today I watched April turn to her back side so maybe something is going to happen. Praying for her and baby. She looks totally exhausted and noticed all nite she doesn't sleep long. Hoping for soon arrival for her and baby.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Chris Jennings
Maybe mechanical problems causing camera to go down. Also, I live on the East Coast. The weather has been crazy, which may cause problems regarding the internet.
Bellah Byassee
Is the live cam seriously off??? If so why?
Is this really live? Looked last night and there was still sun shining. WHAT'S UP
Pam Briggs
Loojs lik a go this Thu me.
Joann Deleon
is there any signs showing birth soon
Karin Brown
I believe it is on or what am I watching? So want to see April deliver her calf
Terri Soldinger
I have been watching on and off for days - I love this sweet girl!
Minnie Jarvis
life a beautiful things.I love animals thanks Adventure Park
Minnie Jarvis
life a beautiful things.I love animals thanks Adventure Park
Minnie Jarvis
life a beautiful things.I love animals thanks Adventure Park
michael godwin
Any changes since last night?
Vivian Vollo
When is April going to have the baby I hope every thing is okay with a her
michael godwin
This is beautiful thing to say I love this I'm glad they're doing this.. if you don't like this video go jump off a bridge and record it please post it so I can like and subscribe.
Linda Ann Reynolds, Ed.S.
ignorance is no excuse to run off at the mouth. Just as Animal Adventure Park respects and cares for the Lives of these magnificent Animals at their residence, we need to appreciate this great opportunity to see the significance of Life and Birth. No stopping ignorance, but keep that issue to yourselves. How about getting out there and make a difference for the good in society, and you will not have time for displaying ignorance and stupidity! Thank You All at Adventure Animal Park for all your good works on behalf of these Beautiful Animals. A true work of Love and Devotion.
Vivian Vollo
When is April going to have the baby 😀😄
Sillian JillSara
why wont she have her baby yet : ( shes been in labor for 4 days already yes I have been watching for that long
Char Blankenship
Watching the birth of anything is a miracle. You learn to respect life. I would sleep with my horse when they were ready to foal because they trusted me. I only helped if they were in trouble. It was rare for them to have a baby during the day as they are prey animals and wanted the protection of darkness.
michael godwin
Anybody have any idea when it's expected or just anytime any day now basically??..🤔😋😎
michael godwin
This is live correct?
Nancy S
come on April, we want to see your baby
KaTEE Loch
Yes , There are only a like hundred thousand left.

vividMinecraft Six
vividMinecraft Six
April is into her third day wow... lots of work and labor for sure
Paula Kincaid
Is this live right now?
Michele Dolessandro
Did she have her baby is this a live video
Dorine Harmon
how do I get live chat on
Teddi Walker
What species of giraffe is April and Oliver?
Patti Martus
Good morning @ 6:59 AM in Cali... Is this a live feed of the Giraffe right now or is this old feed?
Erin Nicole
live feed is back!
what happened to the live feed
Linda Lindner
I get the feed....sorry...I can't get chat
Linda Lindner
is it me....I can't get the live feed on animal adventure parks feed. I want updates
Becky Tierney
I can't believe this was taken down - what an injustice to the millions of people who were watching for days! To those who caused it to be taken down - what is your issue?
Sue Hanscome
for those complaining about where they are or how cruel being in a zoo is,news flash idiots they are an endangered species and this zoo takes great care and protection of them..If it offends you don't watch,don't complain just move on with your life
Cam D.
Cam D.
Joseph Bolanos
why are they confined in such a small space. seems cruel, like solitary confinement. Circus management mindset.
George Franks
mama must be tired
Diane Chavez
Why are they contained in such a small space?
Beth O'Brien
just love sitting here with my granddaughter watching her.... she loves to watch her and gets all excited when she sees her move :)
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