😊😊😊me encanta
I'n thinking how people fall in love... in mysterious ways...!
Jardene Lima
CraftLoverAg Forever

Never forget about Ed
Fadhilah Naufal
Fadhilah Naufal
Seunghan Kim
Huy Tran
Canal vem se divertir
Eu amo ele D++++++++ (brasileiros Kd vcs)
Meery Castt
cuál es tu magia lpm te amo
Meery Castt
Te amo te amo me tenes enamorada la puta madre te amooooo
Yash Prakash
The best song there is and will be in the whole world!!!
lorraine gallant
love this song!
adrian suta
Full fanático saludos desde Venezuela
Joe Pringle
Love this song. Working hard on the "Ukulele Undergrounds" version. Rock On and Inner Peace to You All... UU+
I was born in the proper Generation!
shankar raj
This is called pure singing.#Awesome
Johnchristian Cudal
ed sheeran just take a nap
tan minh
who's here after GoT ss7 premiere?
camila obando
i not speak english but he is a legend
Jocelyn Dalgado
This is the only guy that sounds same...whether it's live out recorded 😍😍👌👌
This is wait people love, don't ever change
karla Daniela silvan palma
It's amazinggg 😘😘😘....🇲🇽🆒👏👏👏
Fay D
Simply incredible 💙
Bruno Reis da Silva
linda música 😍😍😍
Rachel Schulz
why does this video ONLY have 35.2 views??????????? So much disrespect for Ed it hurts!!
Millies Cattailes
Sonali Roy
I love you Ed Sheeran you are the best and wonderful singer ever and you are a big hearted person with lots of talent inside you
Erick Geancarlos De la Cruz Hurtado
Alguien mas habla español...!!
Erick Geancarlos De la Cruz Hurtado
Me parece una hermosa canción ..!!! pero para entenderlo ay que traducirlo al castellano.....!!!
Samantha Coria
If I loved Eddie's voice. On accoustic is even better.
We're so blessed by his voice. <3
Jeffrey D
Hair looks like a greasy rats nest. OMG
Jeffrey D
Could have combed his hair before this video. jeeez
Kardelen Mertoğlu
I love this song I love your voicee ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
XCereny y
Seni seviyorum Ed
Renzo Lazaro Martinez
Leo Marques
Ricky ♫ Guitarman ♪
he's lip singing people...
Małgonitka _s
Hallry Maringgai
without band without auto tune he can sing better !!!
so pround
Janet Berry
love you. amazing
Sheeria Stylinson
The best artist of the world
Pink giraffe Purple spots
Such a beautiful song
Assil Sigma
удивительный голос)
Rach D
oh jeez........
Glitter Unicorn_29
listening on 2017
Today's discovery... the only ginger with soul.
christopher figueroa
he sings from his heart, thats what people likes from him so bad
Eilah Illanueva
as i watch him sing with a guitar... feeling i pass in cloud nine:) very lovely voice..iloveued..
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