Which fail is your favorite? Let us know below, and we'll use your comment in our next video!!
Jackie Moyen
Just imagine at 2:22 if she landed on one of the pegs sticking out 😳😳😬 ouch
Alan Martin
Guys fo see in the 0:03
Irene Natasha
Scott Morton
3:29 I just love that one
Rachane Her
I fell so bad for the people that got hurt
Lucas Subiri
callense gringos
Joseph Oliver
Where is that? 😱😍 5:19?
iZay Ford
5:10-5:15 love those little planes you throw its like karma its made to hit you back not fly like why in every show you watch it hitbyou in the nut like little man the movies
iZay Ford
but that trampoline thou she just stopped then flipped back
iZay Ford
the guy in the car not fucking funny like why would you post that dumb ass he could have died that's not a fucking laughing matter
Jackson Hall
Did anyone notice the dirt biker said aw my nut instead of as my nuts
3:33 me when bae says she is on her period
Valkrist AJ
ads r aids
Jack Lisk
The guy grabbing his crotch at the start😂😂
Jason Young
Bike crash!🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🛴🚲
Armando Blanco-Naranjo
0:39 that guy sounded like a videogame or something
Armando Blanco-Naranjo
1:08 ahh, my nut!!!
Haqutik CSGO
That Bike Guy, I Swear I Heard A Crack As He Hit The Tree, Poor Guy :(
Arianna P
ahhhh my nut
The FreedoM
so stupid
Jaquel Adams
0:19 George. George. George of the jungle, don't watch out for that tree! In fact, slam your face in it. Slam into it so hard that it ruptures my vocal chords when I die laughing. Slam it. Damn it.
Nenad Bogoevski
I'm not sure how I feel about the guy with the bicycle that hit the tree
Christian Glemaud
The one at 3:42
вова Петросян
Gem Lab Productions
that one with the suv going up the hill was insane.
Trevor Burgart
I can't help but just cringe when I watch some of the really painful ones.
CJDaBasketballGod ._.
3:10 no homo
Michael Chanderdat
Some of these people are extremely ed
Stormycat 54
1:27 Me trying to catch pokemon
This Guy
at 0:19 the guy says your good your good roflmao
Live Games
The first guy died yesterday of tô much dumbnees
Shadow Of Chernobyl
4:08 coś z Polski :D
Road Slug Salesmen
5:31 that stupid kid is a. Loser I'm laughing so hard
Sebastian NZdude
Some of these can go straight into a rekt thread.
HI EVERYONE!come to my channel, watch a lot of videos and subscribe..
have a good day!!!
Fucking Christ. Is that second guy alright?
Jennifer Wilcox
i had a fail a kid triped me and my bone in my for armm came ot my body
Keileigh Hill
the girl was on the dirt bike she fell offf
Mika bam
I'm cool!
Siena Davis
I like the golf one
Julian Serup-Jürgensen
i hate failarmy
2:59 About 4 inches away from a concussion. Wear. Helmets. People.
Mclovin Junior
The best part was when the guy fell into the water and said Oh nooo wosjhwiwhshcifowkals
Justin Carnes
What's that place where they fell off their paddle boards? It's beautiful 😩
uchodźca z Syrii
John F. Swaggity
alex 445444
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