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After getting caught imitating his boss (Leslie Jones), a new employee (Louis C.K.) must play off the impression as his real talking voice in order to not get fired.

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this is hilarious
Zoe McCoy
Idk if the "go ahead finish" part was out of character , but it honestly would've been really funny if it was written in like that without her saying "excuse me?" Again
D Tipps
"I have a confession to make..."
<reduce volume by 1dB>

"...this is my real voice"

It's the same voice!!
Yul Strokheet Al-Wauch
This bit is only funny because Louis CK. Leslie is as funny as a holocaust museum.
Derrick Linkhorn
You're gone you old Jabba the Hutt looking white bitch
nigel mahabir
Biz markie could have played her brother, he is funny like that
Светлана Максимова
The Pokèbox
Louie is hilarious
Charles Charlemagne-Martel
wow, leslie Jones is seriously was she hired? Oh, right...SNL was desperate to hire black women at the time
Ptv Va
5 years later, same 3 cars park outside at the same spot
White Jesus
Thank God they dont let these black niggers into heaven
Le MoroccanShop
You can't bullsht a woman for too long hahaha
Keyz Keaton
What's crazy is this is the way you feel when you going to the sprint store for real everybody in the sprint store is rude as hell
mmmm hhhhmmm. i mufuggin' see! don't be frontin' on me child! shit about to go down all up in dis bitch !!! I'm just sayin'
Dewey Warren
Andre Sparrow
I cant stand CK and his closet racist self masquerading as a comedian. One of the few celebrities if i meet in person I'll cuss out.
William Gray
Working at sprint
Get rid of Keenen
Miss Beetlejuice Lol
This is so funny i love her so much. Now i always yell "ya gone" and "old jabba the hut lookin white biiiitch"
Mi Moda Polish Studio
Dead😂😂..Ya Old Jabba da Hut lookin White Biatch!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂....the way and said that shit had me😱
Khaleesi Snow
I did a Southern accent all through middle school, I'm from England.
Marie Williamson
why did she have to call him a White bitch? that was racist.
Nathan M. Johnson
racist are funny. haters are not. that is why Louis CK funny.
Woman I still see you!
LMFAOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I love this one!!!!!
El Jefe
What's the name of the white girl?
Fdot Grimes
fronting for 5 years he did good because I would of been fired the first hour lol an I'm straight out of da hood
Benjamin Istvan Cseko
Ha! I lived in the U.S. in the 90's when it was still actually in to have decent english for any color of people. Then comes 25 years later, I meet my upper middle class white friends from Northern Michigan in Paris and they all talk like the boss lady in this skit. What happened?
Ali Alrai
Sponsored by AT&T
Brad Waxman
Payless Shoes
ghetto ginger haha
Daniel Alva
Ol jabba the hut looking white bittch!!
Maud Berben
"Jabba the hutt looking white bitch" I DIED hahaha
Melissa Galang
pump ya brakes.
Brandon Greenleaf
It's not even funny. Black girls like her (majority) are disgusting. It's embarrassing
He's good!
Yoni Katz
ah were all just a bunch of racist mother fucker
Rodger benson
Do they break out of character and laugh in every sketch !! 🤔
jack daniel
now that was funny
Rodrigo Avendaño de la Selva
Best joke ever !
Ian Templeton
Leslie Jones is awful! She always screws up her lines and breaks character. She's not even that funny! It's always the same character. Some ghetto black women. ugh.
deriel vandiest
Excusme!! Thats totally lmfao 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Johnny Cash
Leslie's voice sounds the same though 😂
It's kinda sad that Leslie Jones is only funny with this kind of character. All other times she just falls flat.
Anything with louie keeps me laughing the entire time. Chappelle and louie my fav comedians ever.
Thomas Therrell
This was funny, but the breaking character thing and laughing is pre planned so cut it out we can tell.
Daniel Cormier

Sounds like Daym Drops
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