House Full of Stuff!! (secret way to the attic!) URBAN EXPLORATION

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I went to big urbex trip, and already after 30 minutes i found an abandoned house accidentally! and it was full of treasures!,
at least to me they were :) and who leaves photographs!. (if you wish to support/tip me, info below)

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Linda Holland
Am I the only one here to watch his lats flex in that shirt. 5:00 DAMN
Ah what a NeetO house, thanks for sharing
Urbex NY
Very nice, man. I'd buy that little house, perfect size and place. I'm not a city guy, the more country and quiet, the better.
Marky Mark
LOL, Looks like chuck Norris
Pup Flower
just goind your chanel. gotta say, You are so handsome. 😍
becks bright
Good. Videos enjoy watching you you are very down to earth and entertaining
Wooly Bling Puppy
Very interesting explorations! I thought only the USA had lots of abandoned buildings, but now I know this is more of a global phenomenon?

The weird thing I've been thinking about lately after viewing these and other people's old abandoned house videos, is...houses are kind of like people?

People hold a spirit in them, and have life.

Houses while not alive, hold life in them and support life.

People die.

Houses die.

So many things that seem so solid and lasting to us, are really not.

Christine L. Barrett-Bukowski
You are so cute and funny. A shoe!
Natalie Flin
do you ever change your shirt or do you have a hundred of these shirts. same shirt. EVERY video.
B17F fan.
Applying bug spray at the beginning....priceless.
Ruth Shelton
At 8:37 - that looks to be an old tape recorder.
David trueslayor
There is someone behind Him at ****15:05****In the rafters at about 9 o'clock on the screen left side up behind him shoulder length you can see the face, note: (pause at 15:06 and look for the head that resembles a Big Mac, lol) there seems to be a shadow up there as well, really creepy. If you pause again at 15:09 "It" comes into view with a elongated head. Go widescreen but mostly slow down the speed so you can get full effect.
Bob Dylan Sweden
It was Olofsborg castle on that picture
Daisy MBA English Master
amazing video
Sue Nuckles
It's a reel to reel tape recorder. I'm old enough to remember them.
ghostt girl
can you keep the antique furniture?
Angels Haven
there a major difference in sound w new mike. much better!
Witch Nikki Jo Starflower-Lucero
I would watch a full length movie of your stuff !
Witch Nikki Jo Starflower-Lucero
I can hear a difference in the sound ! ( yes wear gloves ) I have a feeling that whoever lived here, died or something, because who leaves behind so much stuff? Like the recorder...I wish we could hear what they recorded...I find, the more stuff left behind, the more energy a house/building has, do you think so? Like when you go in a building that is bare, I do not feel anything, as much as I do here !
Thomas Knight
Who needs to go out to theatres to watch shows when we've got you to entertain us and make us laugh once again Great video best wishes from the UK
Chellee Horton
In every house you ever go into, I see those lovely pieces of real solid wood furniture and stuff that is really vintage and cool and when you tell us its just going to be demolished, I feel sick because they should advertise and let people who need that stuff come get it. I would LOVE to have some of the things I see in your videos for my daughters and son who need furniture and can't afford real wooden super sturdy nice stuff and they LOVE vintage like I do, except I go for fancier stuff and they go more for simple pieces, more like from the 70's or whatever. I really do wish they would let this stuff be used rather than desroyed. And where are the families that left some of these treasures behind? Wouldn't their children or grandchildren like to have these mementos? Is it just me? Am I the only one who gets upset to see their beautiful things and not want it destroyed but grabbed and loved for several more generations?! MaybeI'm just crazy! I just always wished I had a granparents house with an attic of old, amazing, interesting things I could dig through and look at! Seems so special. I always dreamed of having that and I want to be that kind of Grammie. :)
Choco Latte
i was just searching,Finland,Abandoned,No graffiti.and this popped up.btw good vid
Paul Booth
It's a reel to reel tape recording and playing
B Ahve
lol subscribed
April Flower Clifford
Nice bike n great history n love going into time, like time had stood still in these gorgeous homes😎
Barnaby ap Robert
As is the case with Dr. Who's police box...this place is much bigger inside!
Charlie Davidson
Enjoyed !!!
Seth Cragan didn't check in the toiletries pocket in the top of the suitcase. definitely looks like there was stuff in there
Heavens Whispers Mimi Paw
me and my mom both think you are super handsome 💛
I like your long videos , Have a great day and as usual I hive you a thumbs up
Earl adams
where is this located? would love to talk with autheriores to see if it is for sale.
I notice you lick your finger when you turn the news paper pages, ,STOP" they put arsenic in the ink for news paper print..
gabrielle crofts
please wear the face mask air filters this is so dangerous in such dusty mouldy places pleasexxx and electricity safe thick gloves
gabrielle crofts
destroyed and beg you to through donate all the clothes and useful items to charity I am sure the former owners would hate all this stuff to just moulder away
gabrielle crofts
love the cuteness of outside red and white
gabrielle crofts
buy a hat with insect netting to protect yourself
Norma Lopez
Hello & Good Day Janne!! Loved this video, the black & white at the end & the psychedelic patterns reminds me of back in the days... my hippe days lol!! Blessings ♥
Ah Ha! 😀 This one I haven't seen before..✌💖&😊
Explore 101 Urbex
I enjoyed that, thanks :-)
Explore 101 Urbex
Thanks for sharing :-)
Like them blonde gingers 😃
Dog Flamingo
Geez, I hope he checked for ticks...
Lexi Stapleton
Janne really enjoyed your video. You're a funny guy. How did u get such big muscles 💪? What kind of motorcycle is that. I miss having one myself. Looking forward to more vids, thank u
Hans van der Veen
If you dont know, it is a Grundig Tape recorder (Germany)
Kathleen LoVerso
Ha , funny guy ! Good video ! Thanks ! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🇺🇸
Judith Anne
you are funny!
Alison Sargent
hi, the beginning of the video you seem more interested in touching the owners belongings then actually urban exploring. "cooking stuff" would be better if said "looks like plated kitchenware used for cooking in 1980s" Or newspaper date last occupancy 1992, home has 1980s decor and both male & female items, perhaps a married couple. Magazines OK, what date, what type, what was homeowner interested in. Are they Hunting magazines, Sewing? or teenager magazines? Describing what you see specifically takes us with you. Check out Bros of decay vids on Utube.
Patricia C
janne o what I would give to live in your fantastic countryside where there is no pollution thanks for showing us
T. Elkhorn
Janne, greetings from Wisconsin. I've been watching Urban Explorer videos since Youtube first started. I just recently found your vlogs and you've quickly become my favorite explorer yet. I might also add this is my very first thumbs up, my very first subscription and my very first comment on here. I especially love when you read and date the old newspapers. Please keep up the great work. I might also recommend a dust mask. :)
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