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Trick Shots: Nerf style.
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Music: Ground Zero by Byron "Mr Talkbox" Chambers
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official tafsir
you guy are the first youtuber of the world
Do a nerf war steriotype
Mr. Waggy
The last one
Robyn Keller
I am watching in Australia
Firoz Mansuri
My favourite shot is flap jack
yasmin elek
Panda ambush
Tracy Carlson
Do a nerf WAR FACE OFF
Seth Murray
Wildcat Pack
Markkandu Vamathevan
My favourite nerf gun is nerf zombie strike sledgefire.
Kauê Clash
I am from brazilian dude perfect
Manish Kapoor
option cody tyler coby garret
Manish Kapoor
what is the panda boy
Manish Kapoor
the cup crasher and panda ambush and the bowler roller
Gavin Taylor
Elite is rubbish and rival is the best
Rumpa Majumdar
flying shot
Talks of Mc and Rocky
flip & dip
Jaysen Playz
Poor panda ;c
Aiden Fraz
My fav was there is a bucket hat n my head
panda ambush was awesome
Luis Ruiz
Panda ambush
Finn Is To Cool For School
Love the intro
Priya Gibson
Wus poppin Jimbo
The nostalgia is insane😅
Zoe Halatek
They gonna be finding nerf darts a month later
Anti Man
Galactic Fox
Who's the panda?
Mui Siam
My favourite shot is the bind shot
Emmitt Hayes
Who's under the panda costume
Rhino4ever !
It irritates me that people think that just that they use the centurion it makes them amazing snipers even though it's a really bad blaster
Larry Lightbody
LOVE Panda An Bush
Jakob Doeller
Nerf war
swati kosurkar-dhage
What is the background song name plz tell me
Ronskuplier a
im watsing this at 2017
FireFeniX [GD]
Rip panda
Horses At there best
Do shahid afridi
muhammad faisal abu bakar
i like flip n dip
Ahmad Ramadhan
dude perfect + accustrike = infinite accuracy
Arnasia Decuir
Ttz. B hi
miles cortez
water skip
Har Har Jingle Bells
Jenny Vazquez
Silent Ninja 488
oh thanks dude perfect you got this song stuck in my head.... i love it now! THANKS A LOT!
Elizabeth Mccormick
I like your videos because they're so cool
trentongaming riggle
Panda ambush
DevilHound wup
My favorite trick shot is the panda ambush
Luka Ivancevic
love nerf guns
Liam Wood
Boomerang trick shots
I have seen your all videos😅😍🇨🇮
King Justine
Amazing video!!!!!
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