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Trick Shots: Nerf style.
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Panda ambush
Dillon Franco
my fav shot was when ty shot the pancake when garett was flipping it
Benjamin III Familara
flap jack
Alejandra Garcia
you all trane that's cheating
Sofia Lafreniere
My favorite shot was when Ty (Tyler) shot a nerf thingy on the pancake when Garrett was flipping it
Joltern 14
They sure do monkey
Jordan Griffin-Andres
I like the flipndip And bowler roller
Kelpto GT
sub and say 777 once i sub back
Nhật Minh Võ
0:38 is that Garett flying the drone?
Burnt Banana
First Time Seeing Tyler without Hat :)
Francisco Pinangay
Guys at 39 look at the woods I see i think it's Cory
Khang Tran
Namrata Bagdare
do more on these
Mister J
I like
The Panda Ambush
Verneri Paananen
my favorite shot is panda shot
Timothy Rouse
do a bladeblade challenge
elijah cole
you guys should do a 3v3 dartgun war
Jordan Choi
Danuta Kowol
I liked the silent splash
Ridho F. Rinaldy
Dude Perfect Is So Cool
Emi B
Who love NERF?
Dorion Furney
Can I show you something???

Blue Games
What happened in 4:50 i heard something weird
Blue Games
Blue Games
Panda ambush
Cherry Choclate
ho is the principal (the creator of the channel)
Rian zZ
panda ambush wow
Kendra Mccrae
Bucket one
Ivan Armendariz
panda amdush
Sarah Calatayud
Flip n dip
Brian Poythress
Check out a channel named kid perfect it is someone who likes y'all
Ahmed Sharjeel
flip and dop
Greg-Luca Powell
Panda ambush
Nerf Nation
PANDA AMBUSH was the best
BoBo Thunderpants
I liked the dog
Tyrus Wooten
my favorite one is the bow and arrow because I have that same one
camo ninja
did anyone else notice the red cup rightside up and all the other cups that r pink purple orange and lime upside-down? might be an easter egg
Adam Navar
panda ambosh😂😂🐼🐼
Who watch this in 2017?
Karisa Martínez
Mine was bucket shot
László Barna
Ty kill the panda
Jose Collado
Panda Ambush
Aaron Rodgers
1:49 :)
Dimitri Mariska
mij favoriete Schot was die met de pannenkoek
Darren Garcia
ty be nice punck
Jaime Harrington
Elias Vega
the dip flipper
Potato Chip
What a house looks sweet
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