Brent Herren
Maybe companies saw these episodes, and thought that was a good idea...?
Mind's Eye
ok EVERYONE in the world can predict another school shooting in Americ so lets not get crazy and start cancelling tv episodes for it...
Sarah Herleenberg
XXX.. Ehh?
Linton Kenneally
you wouldn't believe it but Doctor Who predicted at least twice. In the story The Invasion (1968) they predicted the microchip in which they called a monolithic circuit and in the the story Terror of the Zygons (1975) which was set in the year 1980 it predicted that there would be a female UK prime minister.
FunnyStupid videos Heres another one night court predicted the three stooges movie 2012 it starts at 2:44
Beautyis Asbeautydoes
It is purposely done. Stsr Trek and all of the others predicts the future.
Steve M
Star Trek cell phones @2:47 allowed the crew to communicate from where? The planter? Yup, she said it.
Steve M
The Simpsons predicts watch phones? Really? Watch a little more TV or comics folks. That's Dick Tracy all the way!
Donovan Delaney
Fact: Those arss holes shot 93 down.
you need to check thing better
Tai Hung
The reason why they exist because people think abiut it and inspire them to create them once they grow up they try to make it happen thats why we have the things they have decades ago
Awsome Dabbing king 90 DAB KING 90
The Simpson's prediction is Illuminati because who else would know right
Jon Uzel
Down on the planter? Read verbatim typos much?
Remo Ruine
Dick Tracy is an American comic strip featuring Dick Tracy, a tough and intelligent police detective created by Chester Gould. The strip made its debut on October 4, 1931 in the Detroit Mirror. Wikipedia
Launch date: October 4, 1931
had a watch phone before Simpsons was even a thought
Irene Criel
/ \
/ \
/ \
/ ( O ) \
/ \ illuminati confirmed
/___________ \
Mike 1462
Wristwatch phones are as old as Dick Tracy.
Kenny Nguyen,
Or maybe some people wanted to replicate the idea. Have you thought about that
Aadam Hendricks
It the government drip feeding us images of future shit
harsh k
What if these things weren't predictions but inspirations
😅😂that's what I think
Simpsons predicts watch phone? I think in 1946 the comic strip Dick Tracy did that way before the Simpsons.
The film "Idiocracy" says it all for me! Sad.
I'm pretty sure most of these were made due to tv shows
rakim tamba
m7 tub.
rakim tamba
tyuuu☆▪□■□●' 7 uuu
rakim tamba
Awake Pure energy
Did they predict events. Or did they suggest events?????
Hounddog Qix
This is the biggest horse shit I ever seen.
Squirrels did 9/11
John Smith
Sub Logan Paul Vlogs
Jamaari Jackson
Do u know how many shows and movies predicted 9/11
Melanie Jeffery
Watch phones predicted by Dick Tracy
Neftaly Torres
The Simpsons also predictided 911
Ravee Bibon
Tablets and watch phone isn't considered prediction it just gave somebody an idea to patent the product. Predictions are only relevant when is something they can't control.
no this is not true i think they just use shows or something as inspiration for the future. i don't belive this it makes me mad!
Miss Barfs A Lot
You forgot the book "The wreck of the titan" which was made before the titanic, yet mostly similar to the titanic
Kyle Watts
predictive programming
Grim Aka Statik
pro Obama propaganda
kawaii_ _wolf
aaaaayyyyyy, there's Columbine XD
DemonCat Gaming
1. Simpson
3.something else
4: Simpson
6: Simpsons

5:you didn't expect me
john O'Neill
what if tablets got the idea from startrek
S. Y.
The 9/11 "prediction" seems very accurate. Except they blamed Muslim terrorists so they can invade their country for oil.
They didn't predict 9/11 That gives terrorist/govt idea for the attack
Kevin Randolph
Dick Tracy had a wrist phone in the 40s. People see these things in science fiction and say "I can do that!"
XxAquattack GamingxX
The simpsons predicted Donald trump running for president years before
Emma Walker
I am not ashamed is a true story crshtain move about columbine shooting so I recommend it for anybody who is entrusted in tosh type of movies
cheyenne washington
the Simpsons predicted 9/11 too
Pepetomatoorange Fruits
can u see why I say that the Illuminati is real
screen rant was right this is cool
screen rant was right this is cool
Was Good
Simpson is probably the best prediction tv show
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