10 TV Shows That Predicted The Future

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top 10 episodes from popular television shows that predicted things that happened years in the future
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Have you ever experienced an event and sworn you’ve seen it somewhere before. A sense of déjà vu that you’ve heard that story before. And then it hits you; that happened on a TV show! Over the years, some TV shows have had a remarkable ability to make it appear as though they are clairvoyant. Astonishing similarities of events witnessed years later pop up periodically. 
Ever get that sense of déjà vu that you’ve seen something before? Whether it’s an event that’s eerily similar or technology that appears decades later, TV shows have surprised us again and again over the years. Here are just some of those events depicted on TV years before they happened in real life.

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Sean Hernandez
One had the iphone 7 and one had the iPhone 4
Murat Gokkaya
No one can predict the future it's. A set up
IFUNNY Gaming09
Wow they "predict"
Mlg Idfk
the background music is a block city wars song
The Rolls Royce Trent
I always believed they were remote controlled aircraft. They did so with a Boeing 707 to test a fuel additive.
Jen ny
I subscribed!!!
Jenith Jinxy
My suggestion is what if some creators used some of these cartoons as an idea for they're product?
Janis Sepulveda
What about The Simpsons predicting Trump being president???
Tai Zorkovacovnik
electronic stuff was probally inspired by the movies
Neymar_lad 25
sally 123
Dragon Lover
the Simpson also predicted the 9/11
Qnica Hristozova
Tahmir Patterson
That school shooting and 9/11 smh
Chaske Guy
The Simpson's predict everything
TaDarrius 360
the Simpsons are based on life
tony tookie
Watch phones were predicted way before the Simpsons even aired. Dick Tracy used to speak into a watch phone in the 1960's cartoon detective series.
Chuck Whitehead
Remember movie heat the bank robbery scene it happened in real life
Bertha Garcia
Jonny bravo predicted 9/11
Anon E. Mouse
The Simpsons predicted that Donald Trump would be president in 2016. And the episode was made in the 1990s.
Lance Thompson
aliyah Wilson then how do you explain the Simpsons predicting Donald Trump as president
Katherine Castaneda
the Simpsons predicted abaut donold trump and his funeral ...... YAY 😂
it is not prediction. it is planned future. 😁 and some coincidents
9/11 was and always will be a hoax
Sumona Begum
maybe they did not predict it but ppl were inspired by it and actually made it
HFD l Roblox, Minecraft, And More!
1. Simpsons
Bea W
They didn't "predict" these things, they probably inspired them.
Amy 14444
these things could have inspired them from shows
Tony Nameless
The lone gunmen told us exactly how it happened.
Destroy the towers to justify budget increase to the military and BLAME THE TERRORISTS.
Thats exactly what happened.
Sibole Staline
My first cell phone was a flip phone by Motorola called The Star Tak. It was black with a pull up aerial and the name STAR TAK was inlaid in gold.
Sibole Staline
James Bond watch much earlier.
Devan O'Connor
probably could put the prediction of back to the future part 2 with the cubs going into the world series for the date of 2015 to happen though it didn't happen until 2016 strange isn't it
Are you sure that these shows made "predictions" or modern day products, or don't you think that actual products were inspired by these concepts?
Cool Crap
chow yui
The Simpsons Predicted Donald Trump will be the president of America .I don't know why it didn't show in this list .
Leo Foster
what about dick tracey and his watch
Moondog 151
coincidences exist
Matthew Scoggins
The anti social hacker reminds me of watch dogs to #dedsec
Supergirl Duck Quack
is it me or I hear the block city wars background music?
what? where?
the lies start already. voting machines replaced McCain's with OBAMAS touch graphic.
Leo Fernandez
Alcohol roof spring order perfectly manager influence review economic appear legal.
TrickShot Its
ive gotta save myself
Ari Blackman
what it the people who made it seen
the show
The Simpsons also predicted 9 11(I think)
Hotwheals Mania
None of it was predictions just we just got espired buy the tv shows dummies
John Incampo
The wristwatch communicator - "how about Dick Tracy using one decades ago before it was 'introduced' by the Simpsons?"
Francis Chevalier
watch phones go way back to dick tracy. sorry lisa.
Anna Anna
made my day😂
Jasmin Stanley
Hey I was born in 1996!
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