The Secret Life Of Pets REAL LIFE All Characters #VirtualRealStars

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Hey Virtualists!! Check it out all characters of The Secret Life Of Pets Movie in Real Life. 

Virtual Real Stars team show you  real life pets that  look alike The Secret Life of Pets.
We hope you enjoy this video the same way that we did it when we created it.

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Kees roedoe
Kaleb Lowe
like for buddy (AKA) Cruco
regina choi
look at Norman and the papillon and Shelly and Reginald and the collie there so cute!
regina choi
Also snowball is awesome!
regina choi
Awww buddy is the cutest and gadget is adorable!
David Newberry
Ozone cute plz don't judge cause it doesn't matter if he don't have fur or not he still cute😃👍
Tatiana Košíková
By B
Sarah Nunez
I love max😁😁😁😁😁
lps Brooklyn
I liked gidget dog she is sooooo cute
x Espeon
This is one of my favorite songs!!
Mel is really just a pug
Darien Johnson
why didn't they use a real blue iguana cuz there is a such thing
Nia Young
for anyone wondering, gidgets breed is a Teacup Samoyed
Arislene Silva
Jennifer Engle
Gosia Z
hi 19000000000
CLAIRE Brianne
Duke is a Newfoundland if you don't know what dog breed that is serch it I have one follow him on instagram @chief_the_newfie he is a landseer they come in meney colors like brown landseer and the classic black there for Duke is a brown Newfoundland
molly hunt
big gh kk hk
Vicky Soto
Their all cute dogs and puppy and cat and bunny
Ali Stewart
Okay I've seen sooo many comments asking about dukes breed and on my standards I think he's either a "mutt" ( Mixed breed ) or a "Tibetan Mastiff" but that doesn't mean go buy a Tibetan Mastiff because dukes cute. You have to know what they eat their temperament their size all things like that but also I wanted to say that Tibetan mastiffs are very very big breeds and They have really bad temper tantrums, they're as big as a lion some even bigger and they're sometimes used as fighting dogs because they can have an aggressive behaviour. Byeeeeee
richard due
Pets🐶 1%
0%. 1234567891010101010102/:;);)£(£?&!&!@@&@@"&"£!7(645343442333242424-:-:/;/;:();)();8)97980@£@&@
Cherry Chocolate
i like your videos my name is scarlett
gent entreprenad
David Herrington
How did you get sso similar anmls
aww 2:03
Johan Rönn
Daminick Maldonado
gadget is a pariareiom
Luis Daniel
My favorite is Mel
You guys picked the perfect pictures for the animals.
Oh wow were looking at animals today

At least they aren't aliens or skull creatures
Mirza Husan
cristian guajardo
den like si dijeron Aaaaaa cuando gidget aparesio
This movie was sorta bad tbh

It was good at first but I just threw new characters and pets that really didn't seem to fit in

I left the theatre right at the past with the eagle guy cause it was really boring
Kaleb Fox
Kaleb Fox
i just had to CRI THAY ARE SO CUTE
Nefeli Player07
Virtual Real Stars can you write and the breeds of dogs?
Abie ghide gheb
Jorge Galvan
So cute ❤️❤️💙💚💛💜
Al Somo
Aw I love dogs 🐶.
Evan Farris
To be honest I also like Tiberius
Evan Farris
1= gidgeit
2= bunny
3= collie
Ahmad Aburujai
So Adorable
Ahmad Aburujai
Awwwwwww 😍
Eva Vlogs and More
OMG 😲 the snake password in real life though
Brett Greenwood
Is sweet pea a girl or a boy?🍭🌽
Gidgets one is ADORABLE.
1:23 esos tipos de perros SON ADORABLES!!😍
kawii 555
makers of this video hay let's put animals who look like secret life of pets sure that will give us tons of veiws
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