12 Funny Pranks! Prank Wars!

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Are you always on the lookout for funny pranks? So watch our video, we've prepared the most hilarious pranks with slimes ever! You'll find the coolest ways to have a great laugh at your friends. 

Supplies and Tools:
• Hard cheese
• Dark chocolate
• Water
• Microwave
• Bowls and spoons for mixing
• Sprinkles
• Orange
• Sugar paste
• Confectioner’s sugar or starch
• Wooden board
• Rolling pin or tall glass
• Brush
• White glue
• Food coloring
• Gelatin
• Wet wipes
• Plastic envelope
• Scissors
• Color chalk
• Pants
• Double-sided tape
• Hair gel
• Clear stationery glue
• Red coloring
• Borax
• Glitter
• Empty nail polish bottle
• Shaving cream
• Persil color-gel laundry detergent
• Blush balls
• Empty makeup containers
• Empty glue stick container

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Question of the Day: what prank you liked the most? Comment Below!

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Jenna Gabrielle Crisostomo
Glue stick slime
KUSHI Harshi
What is meant by clear glue
zubia banoori
i liked the fluffy slime the best
janz and raven ebrada cajugaran
Well, for the cake prank, you can use cream cheese, it's SOO good.
Paris Milsop
I liked the fluffy slime better
Katarina Wells
I came for the slime
Zoé Legaré
Do you speak in French
Juan Turcios
I love wattever slime i just love slike
Slime Macy
Blush slime
Donna Munroe
Hi ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Alexus Hinkley
Glue stick
Maritina Velisaropoulou
Very creative video😍😍😍😍
manjith maharaj
none.why?because you sould mke non-activater slime
Ruhal Anees
Zafreen Mehek Parthay
The blush one
Yasmin Ayuningtias
I hate borax
Jonathan Hipolito
Many shaving cream
shayna merry
the pink it is my best one
Sindu Alemu
I. Like.the red. Slime
Kaitlyn Lambert élève
tha glu stick slim
Ñůťəłłåķəķš 1
Heyy troom troom,könnt ihr auch mal wieder Deutsche videos machen??? ^-^
Prakash SV
Lipstick slime
?whats app no do shahod shona
Hania Ibrahim
allow 😘🙈👑the haniaibratyyggy7jjjjhhim expectatlon 👠🐱
Ahmad Amedi
Kesar Choudhary
Yza_Butterfly 18
Glitter slime fave
Jordan Ream
I don't have frends
Ashleey Gomez
on 1:41 "glue slime stick" I would name it a "slime stick"
Autumn Burns
I liked the cream slime
Cynthia Nar
I love the lip gloss slime
Novia Rachman
Bed is lava
Is this a prank video or a slime video?
Emily Mira
Thanks for the slime 😀
cinthya bed and breakfast
Red slime
Joy Tutherworld
By taping her pant leg wont that make her take longer to wear something
Angel Ivana
LilyCupcake01 LilyCupcake01
Please do more videos like this
Rhea Roque
She spreaded non butter slime :((
songkyu choi choi
I love it can you make d.i.y. walet
Purple Banana45
It is real slime
Tessa Avakin
I like all of them!!!
Cassie Acevedo
6sec she looked like she was humping the chair
Mollie Charba
Does it have to be clear glue?
at 0:53 sec. IT IS SLIME!!!!!!
fay barker
I like the red slime
fay barker
I like slime
fay barker
Yeah really lol prank
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