Jenna's Rachet Salon With Hannah Hart

jennamoureymarblesrachetsalonmakeoverbeautyeyeliptarfoundationhannahharthartohairmakeuptutoriallashessmokeyhowtodofalseeyebrowsdrunkdrinkingdrunkenkitchenjartotrickpeopleavoidtalkingcarshowerbathroomdressedreadymorningfunnyfunniestcollabcollaborationgirlsguysthinkfriendshilariousawesomeshavewaxcomedybeerHannah Hart (TV Program Creator)haulnaturalstylechannelvloghaircut

Here is the video we did playing Charades Against Humanity on Hannah's channel

You can also find Hannah's new book here

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So when's the Hannah does Jenna's makeup video coming? It's been like 3 years πŸ˜‚
robie mccdizzle
woah Hannah with that makeup looks way more like Jenna
seriously the best thing ever
"If feels like my eye is wearing a hat"
The most accurate description of wearing false lashes hahah
joy marcy
jennamarbles if youre still into doing stuff to your hair you should do galaxy hair or rose gold either would look fab on you!
I am all for Jarto πŸ’•
That purple is the prettiest color on you. Omg.
When Jenna was contouring Hannah's face I swear she looked like Sawyer Hartman
Alice Carroll
"How do I drink when I have lipstick on?" - "You just do it." <3 love you two together!
"Wait a minute now I'm just in drag" oh my god
Christina Owes
Does Jenna never use primer??
Katherine K
feel like the rachet salon makeup looks nicer than when I do makeup :/
Best collab of 2014. And it's 2017 now goodness
What I really want to see is her taking all that crap off. I think it would be so funny watching her take off the lashes
Stacey Renaud
am I the only one who knew who Hanna was before I knew who Jenna was ΒΏ love drunk kitchen
Jillian Seiden
Hannah pulls off the 2008 hot look quite nicely
cheap, canned pizza sauce
now this was funnie!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘
Leo TM
Hannah saying get fucked is my asthetic
Why is Hannah so beautiful like whyyy
Addie B
Hanna slayed that look. Good job , Jenna
kim jim
Maggie Carlson
Why did Hannah's muscle contour look like arm gills
Jordan Barker
Jenna looked really pretty in this πŸ’œ
Sabrina Locke
I want a makeover at Jenna's ratchet salon πŸ’…πŸΌπŸ’•
I remember when I thought she looked hot and now looking back Im like no
OMG Hannah!! Soo HOTTT!!
Dominique Codiroli
Reminds a little bit of Ruby Rose. Anyone else?
Lauren Bolton
I love Jenna's laugh sm
I've watched this so many times, how did I miss the "I can make you look like groot" joke, im fucking dying
Carrie Kitsune
Laughing so hard I'm crying!
Bre'el Thomas
its ok I put it there. wtf
Dan delion
This world needs more Jenna and Hannah
Nikki Bosma
Is no one talking about how tiny Kermit is?
Megan l
They are both literally hair goals πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’†πŸΌxx
Jazz Blackwell
Re watching this video and I swear to god the way Hannah says "Let's go find da boys" is still the funniest thing I've ever heard in my life
We need another collab
Mercedez Buggy
digging the purple dew
Hannah looks so pretty with makeup on!!!
Christy S
her eyes with the eyelashes were so round and blue!!
Ava Podgorski
Please do another... Love this
still waiting on hannah to give her a makeover
Sierrah Allegro
She looks like everyone at my school
M Solo
Lmao I love this Hannah girl she's funny and she reminds my of my favourite Aunty in the world Kathy.
Riana is Crazy
Hannah only listed 5 kids
paul Bredin
its very 5 years ago .. :D
Chatter Box
where can I find a Hannah Hart?
opal Cheatham
Loved Hannah. Wasn't a fan of the transphobic comment. It was subtle but really off putting to the video. I hope she has educated herself In the topic since.
She kinda reminds me of Sombra with that make-up.
Taylor Lives
This video is the representation of my entire sense of humor
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