Conan O'Brien, Stephen Colbert, and Other Late Night Hosts Describe Each Other With One Word

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Can you guess who "Corn Pudding" is?

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Conan O'Brien, Stephen Colbert, and Other Late Night Hosts Describe Each Other With One Word 

Starring: Stephen Colbert, Larry Wilmore, Bill Maher, Jimmy Kimmel, James Corden, Conan O'Brien , Trevor Noah, and Seth Meyers
Featuring: Brian Coats, Annie Psaltiras, Courtney Benedetti , Jeffrey Swander, Cyndie Lou Boehm , Deborah Paulmann, Birgitte, Jodie Boland, Stephanie A. Fowler, Cass Garcia, Barbara Guillaume, Sonia Rodriguez, Jason Schneideman & Lisa Zimmitti, and Jessica Anderson
Photographer: Sam Jones
Producer: Todd Dana and Ron Beinner

Ethan Worner
Why does Colbert keep talking about food?
The Father of Lies
Stephen H
2 videos and Seth still hasn't talked lol
Bryan Agostini
0:27 that laugh tho
Tabby-in-the- TARDIS12
James being a lil' sweetheart, Jimmy being a goofball, Stephen coming up with weird analogies for stuff, Conan basically saying whatever, and John being very clever. It's just so...them Lol
Meadow Rae
OMG Colbert's reaction to Seth.
Cintia T
Man, I hate when late night hosts think they have to be mean/douchey to be funny.
James Elmore
Ever notice how much Seth Myers looks like Martin O' Malley
Mwmen Shaker
"sneak with a tale in its mouth"what!!?😂😂
cristian villavicencio
Why is John being soft 👻
a r l e n e
stephen's laugh after he said vanilla :')
kenaniah caruana
everybody likes kimmel.
Ghali Khalfane
Hmm I wonder why Fallon isn't in these ? cough Leno Lover cough

Pretty much.
Leo King
I love everything about Stephen Colbert.
I don't get Bill Mahrs ones\
Mac Veritas
Where is Samantha Bee and Chelsea Handler fuckers.....
kuhjmio lom
john oliver taking this a bit too seriously
Corey Breedlove
Colbert is the funniest Late Night host of all time. But my God!! Who decided on Seth Myers? So bad, they don't even let him talk here.
Rachel S.
Funny to see how many people in the comments hate/feel offended by Maher.
DD M14
Colbert's laugh at 0:27. I died. Such a fun, witty guy.
Corey Williams
You Americans having no access to Gavin and Stacey, I pity you.
Aishah Abdul Rahman
I wonder why they cut out Seth Meyers
What was Conan saying lmao
Windy Day
Was Seth even there that day?? He didn't comment at all.......
Simmy Penn-Kout
You can tell how hard they didn't want Fallon to be there that they just put Meyers on a loop
Why didn't Jimmy Fallon participate in these?
Nestor Sebastian Miranda
No fallon
Pritam Thakur
Jimmy Fallon - Laugh before joke
Niggas hatin', bitches hatin', babies dyin'
Bullets flyin', helicopters, police sirens, preachers lying
Genocism, criticism, unemployment, racism
Burning buildings, AIDS victims, cancer killin' no cure
Oil spillin', turmoil, poverty stricken, police brutality
Kickin' ass of us Africans, hostages in Afghanistan
Not to mention another prison, child molesting
Cow intestines, botox injections, earthquakes that's government tested
Secret society weapon, opium plant manifested
Then turn to crack then invested amongst us Blacks just a message
To hold us back, great depression amongst Iraq, no direction no Google map
Just a Tec for the soo-woop swerving, izuzu then blap blap blap
Adolescents go coocoo, mothers are boohoo crying
The governor keeps us starvin', these commercials keep us buyin'
These cigarettes supermarkets fill up our liver with triumph
Distincted livin' with science, no place to live in, no Zion
See that's forbidden, we fryin'
No women, of course...
is it bad that I KNEW Bill was gonna say black when they asked about Larry Wilmore?! I'm not even kidding! I said it with him!
Anselmo Ventura
I like how they skipped Seth Meyers' word so many times. they never got to his square
Wow Comment section- take a cold shower! The Girls love Colbert. I agree, he`s The best looking.
I actually think it`s funny he keeps his "feud" with Bill Maher. They always burn eachother. From the Report days. Their interviews make me wanna grab popcorn and place a bet!
Jack McLane
Stephen nailed on his Seth comment
Vanilla.... and then full on crackup 😂
i mean not to be rude or anything...conan beats them anyday anytime anywhere hands down....
Rara Zap
Fallon is not here! LOL
Melody Pond
They just have Seth there awkwardly smiling...
Tate Van Patten
Why is Seth Meyers not allowed to talk?
colbert (for whatever reason XD) described everyone using food...except that last one, lolz...but, it's a fitting description (sorry snakes XD)
I like everyone's answers but bill's.
Baris Afacan
why is it that i laught at bill mahers comments the most :D
Oval Teen
"Snake with a tail in its mouth".
Fardeen K
This is the best thing happened to YouTube comedy!
how have I not seen these before.
who's smartest, i think they are all very smart and conscious of many things... but i think its a tie between conan and john oliver
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