Conan O'Brien, Stephen Colbert, and Other Late Night Hosts Describe Each Other With One Word

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Can you guess who "Corn Pudding" is?

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Conan O'Brien, Stephen Colbert, and Other Late Night Hosts Describe Each Other With One Word 

Starring: Stephen Colbert, Larry Wilmore, Bill Maher, Jimmy Kimmel, James Corden, Conan O'Brien , Trevor Noah, and Seth Meyers
Featuring: Brian Coats, Annie Psaltiras, Courtney Benedetti , Jeffrey Swander, Cyndie Lou Boehm , Deborah Paulmann, Birgitte, Jodie Boland, Stephanie A. Fowler, Cass Garcia, Barbara Guillaume, Sonia Rodriguez, Jason Schneideman & Lisa Zimmitti, and Jessica Anderson
Photographer: Sam Jones
Producer: Todd Dana and Ron Beinner

they always skip seth lol
maher's a dick
Bertha Sanchez
Why didn't seth meyers talk at all that's just rude of you
Stephen's answers were very descriptive and brilliant
Alex Harmon
Seth Meyers said nothing
Alex Hutson
I like Maher's "best burn" is calling Colbert Catholic
Chicken Permission
Why does conan look so suicidal? Lol
Tricia Mamaril
Stephen: "Vanilla" *starts wheezing"
"Snake with it's tail in its mouth" 😂
Michael Robinson
John Oliver should be given the name rambler.
truth of this earth, 42
Trevor: bastard
I laughed so hard when Kimmel said 'gay' for Colbert because that's what I've been thinking this whole time lol
Nobody really
I like how everyone wore suits except Conan
Belinda Kaysac
I hate all of them : NEVER WATCH! They are ALL jerks, specially Kimmel & Colbert!
Frame by Frame


Mystery Dude Inc.
oh my god when Meyers said that I laughed so hard and almost choked on my popcorn lol! 😭😭
Donald Trump
Bill Maher: States all the drugs in the world. xD
Esti Luke
Let Seth SPEAK!!!!!!!!!!
james hetfield screaming yeah
Why is conan depressed in this
Franz Joseph Liszt
trevor's "FFFFUUCK" was prime

That cranked up VERY fast.
maribel Mendoza
Nobody's better than Conan here. He's the comedy genius. Eyyy
Siddharth Shetty
Only if Jay leno was shown in this segment........
Joe Hal
Jimmy Fallon was snubbed.
Ayman kas
Bill Maher: politician, dedicated, genius
Colbert: my favorite, very intelligent, very quick, most experienced
Kimmel: funny, smart, great presentation
Conan: hyper, ghosty ( new word),nerd
Seth: hard-worker, homey, polite
Wilmore: brave, unlucky, sharp
Oliver: idealist, loud, super smart
Cordon: girlish, chubby, not so funny
Trevor: inexperienced, cozy, little weird
Fallon: great talents, poor presentation, pretentious
Jon Stewart: the master
Coral Reeves
Someday, SOMEDAY my wish will come true and John Oliver will invite Trevor Noah to his show as a guest and vice versa. These two brilliant minds need to meet!
hassaan ahmed
is conan still wearing that old jacket?
malak 133
jemmy 😍
Boul Shyte
they cut all of seths comments because it was so disgustingly offensive
Malena Clavijo
Snake with a tail in it's mouth? Okay, that's it. I'm done!
Malena Clavijo
Christmas pudding? Okay now I'm just disturbed because i can't get the image of a turd emoji with James Cordon's face on it out of my mind now
Malena Clavijo
"Kippers, like a dried fish. Delicious, a delicacy in some countries." WHAT The FUCK COLBERT? "Meat cause he's just a big piece of man meat" WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?
Malena Clavijo
Stephen Colbert "Vanilla... but a really rich vanilla like with beans in it and shit." WHAT THE EVER-LOVING FUCK DOES THAT MEAN STEPHEN?????
Katherine Malaga
Why would Colbert call Mayer an Ouroboros? LOLOL
Jay Czz Ya
Why doesn't Seth speak?
Nova L5
Snake with a tail in his mouth?... I don't care Bill Maher, Seth Meyers and John Oliver are my favorites.
Is Seth the one saying their names
Randy H
I got a kick out of Bill Maher identifying (most of) them with a different type of drug.
Riza hariati
Seth!! LOL
Bill Maher on Colbert: "Catholic"
Stephen slowly turns his head to stare at him. XD
Emily Morales
Seth said nothing
I-3 Ink
Cor den seems like a cool dude.
alba losangelena
Seth's gif playing on a loop and all of them ignoring him on purpose is the funniest thing in this whole clip. Seth is my favourite, he's funny even when he's not really there. I have a major crush on him.
Eric The Viking
I'm pretty sure Seth Myers is just on a loop
Seth was just there to look good and he nailed it what a god
lena viitanen
Stephen only named foods! :D
yo my name b
bill maher comes off awfully here ngl
Diego Kobayashi
Kelsey O'Connell
Wanted to hear more from Seth!
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