Manju Modiyani
I feel the parents in this case are very careless. Talking about my own self, when I got a job in another city, my parents came along to see where my office was, found a place for me to stay, looked around for buses, trains that I can take...restaurants and other services, etc. How can they just let their daughter go alone in another country? That's way to risky.
Sara Khan
Hit like for Sanjeev Tyagi!!!!
gurjeet singh
Ye udnayan wala case hai akansha ka m.p. Raipur
Mohammad shakir
agaye teyagi g welcome
Arun Glen
class performance
15 minutes into this there were red flags how could their parents are so irresponsible this is digital age you can go online and check with immigration or Indian consulate and this doesn't mean they were illiterate
New trick
Tha rabal2
Anna Chaudhary
Yr keun dukh de re ho family ko
ddd zzz
👍👌👍 nice acting. and is just superb episode
Pratyusha Majumder
it,s udayan das case shock the whole entire countru
2nd part kdr ha bhai
pallavi vince
love sanjeev tyagi acting a lot...
Jaison Mathew
Stone man is jus awesome ... natural actor !!
entertainment & information
Parth Vashisht
Jab 2 mahine phone nahi aaya! To iss ladki k Bhai ya Bap ne London jane ki tyari kyu nahi ki?
Solution For All
35:53 is all what you need
Prachi Sharma
my favorite police inspector is back :)
Karan Sharma
22:14 - edinberaa lol, 35:32 38:37--40:07 epic! Inspector ki phat gayi!,
lagta hai yeh family crime patrol nahi dekhte the ..
suraj hyd
thanks for showing dangerous idiots around us .
Krishna Arani
Awesome story and cast!! amazing acting too
kandhey pe 3 star kya lag gaye seena bada chouda ho raha hai apka.... Wah re mere sherlock holmes ke potey.... hahahaahhaaa... Great Dialogue Sanjiv Tyagi ke to Totey Udgaye...Transfer Order suntey hi... bechara masum banke puchra mera sanjiv tyagi budhey se ke kya Rajat ka koi Political Connection hai... hahahahahahaaaa...
Nashigill Nashigill
agin suprb acting by atone man ...sory sir mujhe apka nam nahi pata...but ur super sir ji ..apki acting difference hai....pls sir jyda se jyda episode Mein app ayo sir
Tapan Swain
itna gandu the kya iske parents aur bhai..... sirf messages se pata chal jana chahiye ki koi eda bana raha hai
Saddam Hossain
this a west Bengal crime story
Сан Шингаля
What the shit, Nuour's brother is well educated. He must take some serious action very binning, Because 99% People do not start wired behavior soon . It's take some time. In fact at least first few month always share share new experience and about all other things in different place. In fact they do not catch that mother fucker lier idiot while came to home and lived 4 days ????????????????????????????????????????????? This is bull shit. Because in his present Nupur's phone always out of reach. He become friend 4 years back. While he said he lives in UK since 5 years. Then how can he knows Noopur's friend ??????????????
Omkar Patki
Swapnil Kotriwar, you rock man! This performance is right in the league of the best in Hollywood!
Maxx Khan
Crime petrol walo rajat ka real name kya hai this is shame itne great actor ka name bhi nahi likhte .
Sumit Kumar
kuchh bhi mat upload Kiya karo Sony wale
Asimprinter Asimprinter
company pe research kiye bina nikal gai join karne.....??
majeed ahmed
rajat too Surat say hi harami dikhra shahad yehi kuch kiya ho ga@
Singing telent channel
this is dope
Arshiya Sultana
This 30 seconds ads with no skip option is so annoying and frustrating
haha. Sanjeev Thaygi imitating Kevin Spacey. My two favorite actors of same type.:-)
Abhishek K
Why drag episodes, it appears to be some guy who took revenge against a woman who may have teased him about his dark skin... groan..I have to sit thru another hour of this now.
Priyanka Jaiswal
sirji tusi great ho tyagi ji tusi to great ho
ti t
what is the original name of nupur?
raif ahmed
rajat ki entry to bazigar k srk ki lagrai he
Siraj Prince
rajat good bhai no 1 acting
Siraj Prince
bohot garam acting keya bhai 3 episode me ..
rauf khan
Maxx Khan
Superp acting ,casting everything specially anti hero is too good just ek request he kabhi Bollywood ki chutiya film mat karna nahi Saari acting kharab hojaayegi, Jo aap Kar rahe ho best he isse achchha kuch nahi he.
Ataur rahman
kaminaa rajat mind blowing acting
Dil ki Baat
The bestest episode ever including the most credible star cast ever. Why do not bollywood filmmakers acquire couple of lessons from "the crime patrol" team. Thanks SetIndia sony.
Karthikeyan P
They waited sooo long to goto the Police. Height of stupidity!!!
tasung yasmin
Sanjeev tyagi is backkk 😽😽😽
Imran Meo
chodu billa Rajat
Janu Nakale
very funny story aur chutiye logg hai
Janu Nakale
starting main jo dikhaya wo paris tour dha to London kaise ha
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