I'VE GOT A NINTENDO SWITCH!!! (Zelda: Breath of the Wild Gameplay)

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I'VE GOT A NINTENDO SWITCH!!! (Zelda: Breath of the Wild Gameplay)
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Hope you enjoyed this guys, ARE YOU EXCITED FOR THE NINTENDO SWITCH?!?!
Scott Lee
I have a minteando switch can you have as well
I love Nintendo
Iceray gaming
Dantdm what should I get Zelda botw or Mario kart 8 deluxe I can't choose cause I can't afford both I already have a switch with no games
Carlous Fernandez
dan do you have 2 switch?
i think when you were on tower i saw a airship ALSO MAKE A PLAYLIST
Amir Ards
Henrich's House
I am excited for the switch, because I have one
Be Happy
Can you do another breath of the wild soon
ArthurFlameGamer flame
who else knows what dan thinks is links Nintendo switch is actually a symbol of the sheikah
Thomas Park
please play it again
Wilhem Engle
Can you play legend of zealda breath of the wild again?😌
Amber Gordinier
Dan you the best 💙💙💙💙💙
roaring slash
Dan please play more breath of the wild
Solo Plays
Ocarina of Time is the best besides Majora's Mask
Lisa Valenzuela
I love you
Brooklyn777@email.cz hamilton
you can ride the shield
yesi i am
I had to say this: This game HyRules!
Do this as a series
RED Reaper
i beat the game ur gonna love it
Cristina Flores
I have Nintendo switch my friend code is 175930324224
Robert Abbruzzi
I have one
Sergio Ortiz
it has 72 hP
deborah cole
Pam Day
make a series on this game.
ayaan Choudhury
Play more Zelda!!!!!!!!!!
Man the graphics of that game
the person you play as is called link and you are a girl
uniformage gaming
get Mario kart 8 deluxe for the switch
Gillian Flood
I'm excited!!!!
RedDroid 125
Dan can you do a Nintendo Switch Neon giveaway?
Jakes Lateforgametime
Be careful i seen some Nintendo switches starts acting up
The Hoodad Bird
don't know if i love or hate you'r voice
spider man
can you please do part 2
skylandsgaming 0304
Do u have a extra switch?
Llinda Horton
Love Nintendo
Angelia Honsinger
I played this
sans skeleton
u dont deserve a switch
tonya fontenot
awesome my name is Owen
sandra camargo
dan give a Nintendo switch
Pokemon ash pikachu Rider Nagano
2 thousand dislikes for Sony fan or
Dantdm hater
Tre Tre
and then can I borrow your intendo switch please
Dimitri van Wijk
Dan please make series on this
Julio Cruz
I'm getting the Nintendo Switch For Christmas 🎄💎😊😍
Yokai Watch Master Dude
When wil! you make more UGH
Kim Luong
Elijah Hall
I'm soooo far on this game
Leonidas Vang
cool netendo switch DanTDM
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