Aidan Simpson-Gray
Anyone know the song played!!
A random person
For anyone wondering why the views, likes and comments dont really match,
This video is an ad meant to be playing before other videos.
Gamer KingCobra
how I download this I have marchmallow 6.1 plz tell goggle
Buck Regan
What's the song?
ok google, stop boosting your own views...
Anthony Ritenour
6 mil views, 90 likes, 19 (now 20 with mine) comments
Nishant Prajapati
hey Google I have moto G4 I have. Android nougat but I have not Google assistant me how I get
Google, come on!
Leonardo Da Vinci
I want this assistant so much!
6 mil views and 12 comments wtf
Rowan Vedangi
Google: Ok guys we need a good idea to advertise our Google Assistant.
Employee 1: Why don't we tell everyone the features of the Google Assistant😐
Google: Are you crazy? Who'd wanna watch that?
Employee 2: We could put a dog in the video.🙃
Google: This is genius.
Technology Created
3 hours 6.1 Millions Views Cross
Still 26 Likes and 6M views? What?
Chow Enn Hson
i still don't have the Assistant
6 milion views in one hour
yt is high
bhanu raja
6mil views in one hour
one hr ago 6 mil views
Kratos God Of War
actually first
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