Amber Garcia
love her!!
Heidy heart
Hard Times!!!! Hard Times!!!
emo meme
if only i can memorise me spanish vocabulary the same as i memorise paramore
Alexandra Bartesaghi
I love obsession
avatar wink
Can't stop listening to this song. New fave ❤❤❤
Pablo Ignacio Escobar Alarcón
piece of shit.
Roberto Petrucci
What is she saying when the robot voice comes on?
HirVing ParAmoUrrr
i miss the old paramore :(... i miss the cute Hayley Williams
Jacøb grattage
in the new star wars i bet Luke sky walkers first words in the movie would just be him singing this and using his light saber as a microphone
At the end you can hear a distorted voice say "Makes you wonder why you even tried" a couple times but then switches it up to some other sentence I can't understand
Joya Teves
thank you for this waaah
i'm in love with this song <3
Crank my Bands
Warachara Upapong
Relatable af
CC IsSoDone
Gives me poppy vibes. Good poppy vibes, but poppy vibes.
Jo April Lyn Vinas
Thanks for the lyrics I'm dancing while listening to their new Song....😍
A little bit sounds like MØ
Alejandro Pilac
I miss the old paramore. But still i love their songs
Jesse Pye
i wish i knew what the synth part was saying aaahhhh
Jefferson Afonso
Tô boquiaberto aqui, quero dizer; não esperava uma mudança tão drástica no som, não é ruim é só diferente do som que me acostumei a ouvir, uma palavra "surpreso" é o que me define.
Para More
i love that this song still has that distinct Paramore sound. such a great tune
Bayu Purnama
No more punk rock, a little disappointed because hayley still stay.
Shannen Angel Santos
A new song to top the chart.
Vall Music
damn the lyrics still emo af
Adrianne Thornheart
I wonder how many of the views are mine
Anaoj productions
after 4 years oh my goshhh! im surprised theyre back
Shannen Angel Santos
Camille Correa
That logo is messing with my head!
This feels so sad and high at the same time !!! love it
dhienda viola
and i gotta get to bikini bottom
Lucija Č
totally my new "masters writting" anthem!
Tracy Nguyen
Jom Daluz
Ohhhhh yessss! this is heaven i love it 🖤🖤
Pranita Archchunan
The Pastel edits trend is catching on. First it was Dan and Phil, now it's Paramore?
Risan Jonahthea Melchor
crying. this is so beautiful
Ivo Impreso
Reminds me of anklebiters <3
I can't stop replaying this! I now know the words by heart :")
Paula Dearo
indie feelings! Awesome, I luv it
Aria Rodríguez
i love this fucking song STOOOOOOOP I CAAAAAAAN'T
Bosanski ćevap
this song is so damn good, thanks for the lirycs xoxo
Jairooh Henriq Fenty
shayne whydoihavetohavealastnamegoogle?
Had to do a double take. Thought I put on some Men at Work by accident.
Joely Reyes
Yay!! Thank you for this!
Brylle Viernes
source of thumbnail pleaseeee :)
Deyvid Erick
Alguém do Brasil ouvindo?
i love songs with sad dark lyrics but put to an upbeat fun sound
Adrian Figueroa
Foter the people are you?
Zeek Olson
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