Donald Trump Warned Us About Himself: A Closer Look

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Seth takes a closer look at Donald Trump kicking off his first foreign trip as president under a cloud of suspicion.
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Donald Trump Warned Us About Himself: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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j en
Trump is clearly suffering from dementia
Emma Fisher
count i really love this look b lot strip !!
Angela Nimmer
Holy crap he's after my hot chocolate lmao
Cásey Nealer
I can't stop watching Seth's "A Closer Look"s. Anybody stops me...
daniel rivera
oh no no more chocolate production from columbia where we going to get owr cocoa from does he know the difference i wonder cocoa or coca
Adrian Rodriguez
Donald trump n geogre bush which both look like birds, Conan O'Brien ,Seth Meyers which both look like man witches the host of tmz and his look alike hugh hefner which looks like donald duck so kids are easily be entertained these men are becoming known child molesters n child rapist paying off cops. These men are apart of the Illuminati mason Sex Ring supporting gay rights so they can enter act n brainwash little boys into having sex with them for money so they can make pornographic material .4 more Infomation watch - Corey Feldman Exposes Pedophile Hollywood Elite
James Ryzlot
This idiot is not funny - not even a bit. If he was funny he would not need all that canned laughter. Get a real audience and listen to the silence.

"Even by Trump's standards, this has been an insane week." Well, that doesn't narrow things down very much: I still had to scroll down to check when the video was posted.
Karan Trivedi
They have to write his name in stuff to keep him interested. That's fucking embarrassing.
Edward Snowden
Donald Trump powered by liberal tears
joy travis
stupid watergate
joy travis
if you have to reboot your campaign running for prez, that's a sign that you should NEVER be prez. he'll be rebooting his prez for the next four years. then, he will be gone
Debra Williams
At 5:17, was he talking about Hillary or himself?
Bonnie Robinson
Trump is so tiresome.
It would be funnier if he wasn't the president of the USA
Suvarna Gadgil
Its a waterfall
to ninho
you hang around 'till you found he didn't know nothing
Pat Doyle
One of the few things Bobby Jindal ever got right was when he said, "Trump has never read the Bible... he's not IN it!"
Jeddie Biggers
he... is a toddler
altitude illume
our thief in chief and his parasites ------- sadistic satanic 'christians' . not like jesus
Catherine Hier
Trump is crazier than ever. He needs to go to a hospital! Trump is a very sick man.
Catherine Hier
It's simple! He needs to be impeached NOW!!!
Seth Meyers has trump down to a T, wow. Americans can only hope foe an impeachment for trump, witch by now is on its way, and that will save Americans , thank god.
Kai Kho
Trump!!! Step down lunatic!!!
Todd Taliaferro
"Collusion and corruption of the highest order." That's Trump all over. How on earth can Republicans STILL support this walking controversy?
John Smith
Seth was a decent comic in his early days on snl, and still has his moments from time to time on his new show but he's become a left wing talking points puppet he's seemed to throw all reason out the window when it comes to trump he's drank the koolaid of the left and any accusations are gospel to him and it doesn't matter if there is no proof whatsoever just an anonymous sources and no evidence to back up the accusation and it's impeach Trump, talk about destroying your credibility.
stuff and things
ADHD !!!!!
Christie Greenwood
"Cocoa cultivation." Hehehehe
Keran Kerai
trump has turned usa from the most powerful to the biggest joke.
Jonnah L
Does anyone want to have a political debate on skype or something I know it sounds crazy but I would just like to talk about some things. And if your wondering I am republican and I am 17. I just think it be interesting to talk to someone from the left about their political views.
Jonnah L
Does anyone want to have a political debate on skype or something I know it sounds crazy but I would just like to talk about some things. And if your wondering I am republican and I am 17. I just think it be interesting to talk to someone from the left about their political views.
Doreen E
Wait a minute, who's saying what?
Shiela Sabio
So true lol
David Scalza
Tsunamigate !
This whole political situation in the U.S. strongly reminds me of marching and protesting in a cold winter night last year. 4 years have been wasted but at least we got her impeached at the end.
You people are morons who want to self destruct the country and embrace radical Muslims who will in turn force you to convert or kill you. Women will be worth half of a man, gays will be killed under Sharia Law. MSM works for the Globalists and they are using Islam to achieve their goal of a one world government. Wake up idiots
Lise Clement
Suffer private Latin suggestion telephone abortion acid bed destination nearby.
So Seth tell us why you used to participate in US flag burnings on your college campus? Your answer that "it's no longer relevant" does not cut it with vets like me.
Sam Farnsworth
The USA has always been a corrupt republic, since it's beginning. Trump is only making it more obvious to the world how dirty the political scene really is there.
Please refrain from criticizing people's character based on their physical appearance. I agree with everything else, but apportioning guilt based on someone's face (even as a joke) is one of those basic grade school no no's.
tammy dwight
the Democrats let the dogs out...
Make Canada Great Again
Trump also warned you idiots about Islamic Jihad stemming from so-called "refugees" .. but you just stuck your head in the sand like and ostrich. Now look at the consequences. 22 innocent lives. Lives of children. ON YOUR HANDS.
Are we not going to talk about how he called a trend "alarmed" lol
Betty M.
Totally unrelated, I know. . .but does Trump not have eyelashes?
This might be a good time to change the locks at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
What a dipshit.
Hey! Let's snort a steaming cup of hot cocoa. Jeebus.
steve sweet
Trump is saving the American dollar saving our sovereignty and you guys are trying to bring him down you guys are disgraceful and if you believe what the news media is telling you because it's nothing but complete lies if you don't realize that then you're a moron you don't have to like Trump it's what he's doing for America and trust me he's doing a lot of things good bringing back jobs lowering taxes creating a better Healthcare System making people on food stamps get back to work in 55 years I've never been on food stamps and I've been down solo financially there was so many times I wished I could have gotten food stamps but I never applied because all you have to do is get up and get out and you got work and you got money and you got food only in America you can do that now I have gout now I could use food stamps because it put me out of work so I believe anyone with health problems should be able to get food stamps but healthy people that can work they claim they can't find a job then they need to move or do whatever it takes to get a job start a business if you can't find a job that's what Donald Trump wants healthy people to do get off the couch get off their cell phones and get a damn job so we don't have to keep bringing in immigrants to take those jobs immigrants are taking good jobs they're not working in the farm Fields anymore they're doing your job because you won't get off food stamps taking life easy
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