Donald Trump Warned Us About Himself: A Closer Look

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Seth takes a closer look at Donald Trump kicking off his first foreign trip as president under a cloud of suspicion.
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Donald Trump Warned Us About Himself: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Please refrain from criticizing people's character based on their physical appearance. I agree with everything else, but apportioning guilt based on someone's face (even as a joke) is one of those basic grade school no no's.
mira rit
the Democrats let the dogs out...
Make Canada Great Again
Trump also warned you idiots about Islamic Jihad stemming from so-called "refugees" .. but you just stuck your head in the sand like and ostrich. Now look at the consequences. 22 innocent lives. Lives of children. ON YOUR HANDS.
Are we not going to talk about how he called a trend "alarmed" lol
Betty M.
Totally unrelated, I know. . .but does Trump not have eyelashes?
This might be a good time to change the locks at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
What a dipshit.
Hey! Let's snort a steaming cup of hot cocoa. Jeebus.
steve sweet
Trump is saving the American dollar saving our sovereignty and you guys are trying to bring him down you guys are disgraceful and if you believe what the news media is telling you because it's nothing but complete lies if you don't realize that then you're a moron you don't have to like Trump it's what he's doing for America and trust me he's doing a lot of things good bringing back jobs lowering taxes creating a better Healthcare System making people on food stamps get back to work in 55 years I've never been on food stamps and I've been down solo financially there was so many times I wished I could have gotten food stamps but I never applied because all you have to do is get up and get out and you got work and you got money and you got food only in America you can do that now I have gout now I could use food stamps because it put me out of work so I believe anyone with health problems should be able to get food stamps but healthy people that can work they claim they can't find a job then they need to move or do whatever it takes to get a job start a business if you can't find a job that's what Donald Trump wants healthy people to do get off the couch get off their cell phones and get a damn job so we don't have to keep bringing in immigrants to take those jobs immigrants are taking good jobs they're not working in the farm Fields anymore they're doing your job because you won't get off food stamps taking life easy
steve sweet
Fake scandals fake news fake scandals you're a fake asshole now you're a real asshole you're one of the biggest assholes I've seen on night TV you're not funny at all you talk so negative about our president you make people want to have heart attacks people can only take so much negative from an asshole like you we wish we could punch you in the nose if you want to know the truth I would love if TV with allow you to punch through the screen and hit monkeys like you I would push your nose up into your skull that's how mad you make me you're not funny you're cutting down the person we voted for to be president of the United States to fix the problems that you motherfuckers are fucking up did I speak clear enough I hope you got my message because you're an asshole and your raising my blood pressure night after night show after show yes I can turn it off favor and then you want to see what assholes are saying about our president it just makes my chest hurt and I don't like it when people make my chest hurt I want to punch you in the nose and I bet you everyone that watches you show wants to punch you in the nose
Tokey Chokez
5 years from now, If you look up the word hypocrisy. Youll see a picture of donald trump because he is the very definition of that word.
Gavin Bonar
"Stupid Watergate" is my favorite way to describe this. Thanks John Oliver!
You can tell Trump loves coco. He doesn't look very excited to give his speech. 😂
Cocaine comes from coca Seth your fucking retarded... not as retarded as Trump.
Tim Shobo
Whoo whoo whoo Americans are fucking idiots and so are the children that you procreate. Idiots uh uh uh uh lemme watch this uh uh uh read a book and learn from somebody that knows what they are saying.
Seth is genius
Tracy Dee
I have one question to put to the "murikin (sorry, I just can't respect you as a whole) the 'murkin people. Why do you allow this? YOU are to blame for this country's corruption. You are to blame that the world sees the excited states as uneducated. You are to blame for allowing yourselves to be programmed. Take responsibility and stop this GONG SHOW. You should have confronted them when the facts were given to you about Kennedy, King, 911, Hitler...the list goes on. You allow to be lied to. Shame on you. The longer you deny these facts the longer the world will continue calling you 'murkin. Please. Make it stop.
Brian Schmitt
Are we all forgetting Seth's role in marginalizing Bernie Sanders? I haven't forgotten.
Max Austin
The ironic thing is, Seth Meyers joke writing for President Obama was (most likely) indirectly responsible for ultimately inspiring Donald Trump to run in the first place. Seth is right, but, look where that has brought us.
Trump will be president for 8 years u will run out of jokes Seth Meyers u r a puppet say anything for ratings this show suck big time.
Nora Steel
But I love Coco! especially hot with those little marshmallows!
These late night talk show hosts are obsessed with Trump. They are mentally ill and are not even funny anymore. kinda sad how late night t.v is no longer what it use to be and is now part of the dinosaur media.
Phil Rudski
Ban the COCO!
Pamela Rose PhD
ooo! Coffee suit w/ coffee tie! Gorgeous
Αλέξανδρος Κατσούλας-Λιακόπουλος
So Trump put in a position of power a guy who was under FBI investigation. How is this different from the DNC putting all its back behind Hillary Clinton for presidential candidate while she was under FBI investigation? You people skip that little detail right? So only Trump is an asshole here? Partisan blindness...
Rose Wallace
Its not like we needed a warning. Most of us on the day we found out he was running, were like... "whaaAA??!" o.O
its not like we couldn't see this coming! Just astounded it has been let go this fare before people finally snap!
The scariest thought is that he's slipping into dementia and isn't even aware of what is happening a large percentage of the time. The way he talks and his attention span make me think this.
Old Retired Guy
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.. :-)
James Gardner
I tried to tell everyone that whatever Trump says someone else is doing, he is really doing it.
He sounds like he's doing a read-through in a foreign language
ofer babayan
So what if Trump is working for the Russians - no big deal.
Henri M.A
El Choco. Lol.
Caleb Kim
Conspiracy theory: Donald trump is just a puppet used by corporations to distract the media whilst they do illicit activities. I mean think about, all of trumps controversy rose from speculations and not facts. Trump is an easy target for these corporations because well he is trump. It's common in other nations, America just finally caught up. Isn't it funny how all of trumps actions are highly televised even the smallest things he does becomes a major news. Breaking news Donald trump just said his hands are big. Like seriously, it's getting ridiculous now, it's so obvious that there are ulterior things going on in the back whilst trump is covering the windscreen.
Empire of Chaos
A cloud of invented suspicion...
Ginger mcFayden
In his own words... How noble!
Seeking Jesus
Seth, that remains me of the guy Hillary murdered, Seth Rich, the source of the leaks you blame on Russia lol, your on the wrong side, you will see these criminals will soon fall, God willing, your end will also be coming soon.
All these comments are sad. Why must you be filled with hate? Why don't you just live your life and find out what really makes you happy? Supporting Trump makes me happy, and studying, reading, learning. I do it because I want to increase the Goodness in the world. I am not opposing you for the sake of it, and though perhaps just such an impulse was why I began writing this, I allowed it to serve a greater purpose.

I love you, but self-defense is my right as a being. I want to engage someone in dialogue, but will disengage if you will not show me the same desire.
Sabrina McLeod
Closer look. It should be Trump look because that's all he ever looks at. But I love it! Keep it up!
Forget Watergate. We now have the Floodgates.
Days Of Future Past
Keif Chief
Have fun America
Mike Wazowski
Drumpf is a con artist ripping off America as he sells billions of dollars of weapons to Saudi Arabia who will sell them to ISIS to kill more Americans and their allies.
Trump would change the law to make it possible to fire the entire special counsel if he could.
Carol Mello
I know Trump is not as smart as he says he is, but I am always amazed at the mistakes Trump makes when he tweets and when he speaks. I have to keep lowering my estimate of his intelligence. He is getting ever closer to 100. "Notorious short attention span"? Isn't that the classic symptom of ADHD? If we put Trump on Ritalin, will he behave more presidential?
Unfortunately if he is impeached there is no mechanism in our democracy for a "do over" of the presidential election. The next in line who is not guilty will become president which is Pence or Ryan. Think about that. Republicans control all branches of government. The ONLY thing stopping them is Trumps incompetence. If he is gone they will actually do MORE damage faster. Trump till 2020 is, sadly, our best option.
wish Kiefer Sutherland's character from Designated Survivor was actually President.
Not Happening
Just more globalist media garbage as usual .
Sadia M.
Hypocrisy at its finest.
Jesse Manchanda
Leftists love worshipping Hollywood elite actors who pose as political commentators.
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