Trolling Trump

comedyparodyjono and bentrolling trump

It worked out well for SNL so our goal this year is to get Trump to write an angry tweet about us. Shouldn't be too hard. #trollingtrump 

Jono and Ben sit down with the Richie McCoyee Guy to see if he can recognise any other New Zealand celebrities. 

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ApplJuis 603
this is the 3rd time ive wacthed this
Justine Yates
@Skoglund16 TV eeww no1 wants to know that ish
NzGamerOz Yt
I used you in my star
NzGamerOz Yt
I love You Guys I'm a kiwi too
Skoglund16 TV
My dick more huge than space
nova hax
Origami Ninja
What can be more huge space?

Trumps ego
LiveLife 101
Popular vote total outside California:
Trump: 58,474,401
Clinton: 57,064,530
Trump: + 1.4 million

lol. So yea ^ that's why we have electoral vote, Trump won 80% of the counties, hillary had big liberal cities vote for her by the millions. Cant let 3 cities determine the entire voting for the country.
LiveLife 101
IF It wasnt for the electoral vote, California and New York would determine the vote for the entire country. The reason hillary got more votes is she had millions more in california voting for her since cali is an ultra liberal democratic state.

Popular vote total outside California:
Trump: 58,474,401
Clinton: 57,064,530
Trump: + 1.4 million

lol. So yea ^ that's why we have electoral vote, Trump won 80% of the counties, hillary had big liberal cities vote for her by the millions. Cant let 3 cities determine the entire voting for the country.
Bernice Perez
Nick Bunyun
you cant buy a star space belongs to humanity
Flawlessflamingo AJ
yasss it's Friday!!! I can watch you guys on TV!!!!
Who else didn't get the popular vote? Bill Clinton!
Arsenal Supporter
Ben has a new tattoo
Scott Jackson
69 why can't we buy the funny one!
Semper Reformanda
Trolling???? nah....just two stereotypical, pathetically weak, self-loathing Caucasian, virtue signaling, beta-male cucks in dire need of testosterone replacement therapy.....
East Jesus Nowhere
thats not v good trolling tbh
take out illegal immigrant votes and trump won easily. search YT for "obama encourages illegal aliens to vote". excluding just 2 of 50 states and trump was three million votes ahead. trump won 30 states, winning congress, senate and now the supreme court for conservatives. stop hating trump, dipsticks. we need good relations with america more than they need us.
Luke Ingold
Ahh it's junno end bin!
cutlipturtle 312
kum on jono and ben you guys can do better wtf was that...
T McDonald
Get off the Trump hating stuff already. Quit whining and make up some new shit. If my hair represented the quality of this video my head would look like Jonos. Straight shithead
Trump would fire all you bums. MAGA
Kendra Chisholm
These videos are not nearly as funny as what they used to be when you guys were signed with the rock ๐Ÿ™
Love how cut the Trump supporters get over stuff like this
Maria Bennett Harford
Haha lol
i'm sick of this shit to be honest. it's like get over it already. nothing you can do to change it AND you now sound like a whiney bitch
Could of got a box of beers some buds and a pack of darries for $90 bucks clowns.
RhiannonJane ส•โ€ขแดฅโ€ขส”
Should have named a star 33000emails
The PineApple
When shit posting tries to go mainstream
Dat Phlow
Harry Collis
fuck that was gay
MissionPie 831
The World Is Annoying
The only time I actually want Trump to tweet
King Aidan
HeroAssassin - Minecraft
am I early Jono and Ben?
atlantic games
Bruce Knox
a video of someone taking the piss out of trump. Never seen that before....
Adam B17
Pixel Dog
best tv show ever!
Pixel Dog
kourosh Rahimi
haha go trumpben
Nate epp
Austin Hoile
Not even American
Monz K-Blackler
ahaha top marks lads xD
DaBos 223
Coryn The Cow
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