the time a girl died in seventh period | trigger warning


i wanted to put this disclaimer here. she was declared legally dead outside of the school on the following sunday. however, she was brain dead and technically "alive" on respirators in the sense that they restarted her heart and kept it beating with the help of machines. but she did die in school, was revived and put on life support, but her life did end that day in school.

stay safe, stay alive.

here are some resources if anyone needs help or knows anybody who needs help. if you have any other great resources, please put them in the comments below:

Mecha sucks At everything
Dying isn't too scary to me. But living scares the crap outta me.
Anya Ellis
Starting to think your story times are bullshit. As if these crazy things happened in your life lmao
MissJoJo Quwinn
That is terrifying and saddening.
I can't imagine that happening to my school.
I hope the family is doing ok and the girl is resting peacefully.
Jose Lopez
I just noticed that necklace she is wearing is like the one she described in the running into my ex video
Omg she... died on my birthday...
wy would u dislike thats straight up rood
Destroying Things
Natural Selection.
If I saw someone getting bullied I would walk over to the bully and beat their ass up. people like that don't deserve to live.

sorry 'bout that
L.V Vlogs
And I just want to die please this is not a joke
L.V Vlogs
I almost overdosed and I am 12
Harreh Bruh
I've never had someone die when I was at school. It must be weird
Ariel the mermaid
Sometimes I feel like I'm worth nothing and I shouldn't exist because I let someone down. My closest friend has a a few mental problems and is very suicidal. I would always be the one to make him feel better when he was down and even talk him out of killing himself. Out of nowhere he was acting up and left me and now in his head is finding some reason to hate me. And I just feel like shit now, I feel like I did something wrong. And it also scares me a bit because I know he's still suicidal and I don't want that day to come where he's at his last breath and no one will be there to help him, I can't be there anymore because he pushed me out of his life and I'm really scared for him because deep down inside I care about him and would put his life before mine 😭
Amara Pandocchi
Im worried about my mom she does drugs and im worried she will overdose like my dad did and had a heart attack when i was 5 . Stay safe guys, drugs are like a dangerous killer on the loose just if you see them STAY AWAY like when you see a killer dont let it get to you . ❀❀
Wilson Furball
The day before I killed myself I gave it a chance. The day before I killed myself I had no friends

The day before I killed myself
I made myself some Waffles, with syrup and sugar. I wore nice clothing, A red sweater dress. Pitch black leggings without a single stain. White flats and my silver locket.

The day before I killed myself
I let my father drive me to school, as this was my goodbye. I walk into school, it was a big waste of time

The day before I killed myself I cried myself to sleep on my cotton sheets. The moonlight slipping through the window.

The day I killed myself I tied the rope. I pulled up the chair and kicked it out of my way. I held my locket as blackness seeped in
Taely DeLuna
I cried. I can't say much else but I cried.
Lyasha Labra
This is sad
olivia wix
I was so sad watching this😞😞😞😞
Jessy Lynam
"Doring" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ during?πŸ˜‚
Andrea Molina
This is so sad 😒😒 i feel so, so, sorry for that girl. Thank you for posting this video this will help a lot of people
Grace Lautier
One does not simy play truce
Apple Collie
I can't eat and I can't sleep. I'm not doing well in terms of being a functional human, you know?
Cedric Mondesir
Im sorry
Audree Rose
This touched my heart... ive had a hard life regarding family
Maddy Mercado
I disliked this video because it was so sad and a similar thing happened at my school but the person didn't die
Cupcakes and Unicorns
90% of the comments is about suicide

75% of the comments is about people who have passed away

But 100% of the comments should be about how people shouldn't be a bully because it prevents suicide
wet bitch
Yay let's exploit the death of a girl for views
Heat Tube
My Dms ;) 457-892-8932
Jessica Guevara
Thank you Gabby you are so inspirational πŸ˜πŸ’
This is horrible..
Bestie Love
Did the person that sold her the drugs ever get arrested
Kobi Phimmachack
My junior year of high school I decided to OD. I got through my first three periods. During 3rd period the effects were hitting really hard. I was extremely tired. I couldn't stay up at all. I decided that I couldn't keep bearing through school and especially while I'm all overdosed. When 3rd period ended I decided to go to my counselor. I was unable to walk straight and I couldn't keep my head up. I had one hand on my head and the other hand against the walls for support. Each step I felt like I was going to collapse. think from an outsiders pov I was walking like a drunk. When I got to my counselor's office I asked for a pen and paper. I wrote that I OD. I wrote that I'm depressed and suicidal and that idk what to do and if I should go to the hospital. She looked at me with like a pain and sadness in her eyes and said " I knew you were on something right when I saw you at my door." What she said made me curious. I went through 3 classes, passed by many people, and not one person came up to me and said something. How come they didn't notice? Im glad that my counselor noticed I guess? I'm a senior now. I'm not suicidal anymore but I still have moments. It has been a year since that day.
Is it just me or when she said she died my back went cold
Gabbie, i am so happy you shared this story with us. Not only has it made people realise what to do in case something like this happens, but it has made many people aware how dangerous things might be, but YOU could make a difference. YOU could be the one who can save yourself and others from getting badly hurt. I have much love for you Gabbie <3
Ashlei Martini
Her intro was silent
Samantha Staerk
This happened to me and my school and I was in 3rd grade :( I didn't really know the kid So we went home for lunch and we came back and I went in class and we were sitting in a circle NO and my teacher didn't know so my Principle walked in and we were all like Oh Hey but he didn't say it back he started to mumble it and I said Huh and he told us " The kid Pasted away at lunch" I didn't hear him but my friend said He died
I have this friend that is constantly making stuff up about having other friends and boyfriends who she has sexual shit (idk) with and she's only 13. Now me and her other friends are very concerned about this and went to our teacher, but nothing really happened out of it and she still does it. We don't really know what to do now and are planning to talk to her or her mom after the vacation. Do you have any tips for us on what to say or do?
*ur_girl _livvy*
Pray for her πŸ™πŸΌ
If I was not allowed to even slouch in my chair in class. I would literally get up in leave because that is literally how I sit every single time. I also put my hand on my cheek all the time. I could not go an entire year or 2 without doing anything like that in my chair at my desk in school. I would transfer to a new one
Can someone please explain to me what oxicons are?
Alexis234Princess1 msp
wow i go to a catholic school so things like this never happen at my school but just to here that it happen makes me really upset
Alannah World
I love your makeup
Purple Unicorns
I'm crying, I am watching this while having suicidal thoughts. I have anger issues and when I can't control it I end up hurting people. I punched an 8th grader because he kept making fun of me. I hate being in 7th grade and having this problem. I have had them since I was 4 year old, that means I have had them for 8 years. It's so freaking dumb that little kids can control their anger better than me. 3rd grade, i got so mad at my teacher, that I went out in the hallway, my teacher chased after me and said,"if you don't keep your mouth shut, and are not paying attention in class, I'm going to move you to another class, and the counselor is going to have to walk with you EVERYWHERE you go." I screamed, called her a bitch, kicked her in the shin, punched her and slapped her. She got so mad she left the school for the day. I did not move to another class, but I was moved to the "special needs" kids(people with learning disabilities, in wheelchairs, ADHD kids, etc...) I did my homework in that room, never went to gym the rest of that year, at gym time I'd always go to the room and they would help me. It was so embarrassing having my counselor holding my wrist all the time, but if I didn't, I'd punch someone. If I wasn't paying attention in class, I'd have to go to the special needs room and learn there. For the first part of the year, almost every week, id get a white slip(if you don't know what that is, they write down what you did wrong, then you show your parents) But that never worked for me, after that they never told my parents about my behavior because they knew that I had a bad school day. In the summer going into fourth grade, I joined taekwondo. That has helped me so much. I still have anger issues, I still get angry all the time, but I'm better at keeping it in. If I have a bad day, I go to TaeKwonDo right after school, I get to talk to my instructor, then I get to break boards. It helps me so much. Thx for reading this, Ik it's long and horrible but I need to put it somewhere.
Leah's Guide To Life
Hello, I don't usually write comments like this but...
You are the most important person in your life and other people care about you. Even though they are the most important person in their life they put you before themselves. Everything you do is wrecked if you commit suicide. Those people's lives are stood still and they are so upset. This is what happened to my friend. I didn't know what to do. I got through it. You guys can talk to me here about this kind of stuff or message me on instagram
Stay safe and think about what you'd be throwing away and who you'd be hurting.
Riley Wilson
my bestfreind just graduated last year and died the other day of an over dose. We never new anything that he was doing. and it just tore us apart because he was popular and nice and funny and helped us all. and no one saw the he was going in the wrong direction till it was to late. pay attention to the people around you because you never know what goes on at home and try to help them because i feel like if i or someone else payed more attention to this kind of stuff it could have been prevented.
Nate Higgers
Omg I'm so triggered
Goofy Goober
My science teacher told my class a story of when he subbed a class at this school that wasn't in a good area and there was this one kid who had is good covering his face in class so my teacher stopped him and asked why he's covering his face and he just responded with nothing so after convincing him to take his hood off he had a knife mark on his neck and on his arms. Before all this cops have been in front this classroom. since then my teacher hasn't seen him since he showed him his cuts.
White Rose
This story hit me really hard. It's just...sad. It hurts to see someone get hurt or even die. It hurts to know that you could've done something to possibly save their life. I really respect the fact that you told this story and didn't revel any names or their personal lives. And with your friend, it was the right thing to do. It really was. They could've hurt you too or did a lot worse. And I honestly really respect you so much for what you did. You're so brave and amazing. Keep doing good for the world. πŸ’œ
And I can understand how the girl felt. In a way. I've never done drugs or anything like that, but I am medically depressed, though I am doing a lot better. I used to talk bad about myself, put myself down, always never felt good enough. And I hurt myself a lot. And attempted suicide. But I did get help. And I'm better. I still have a ways to go, but I'll get there.

To anyone who is depressed and/or suicidal. You are loved, you are needed, you are important. You're so amazing and have a full life ahead of you. Anyone who picks on you is wrong. Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong. You are so loved and cared for by many people. Don't let anyone bring you down.
we have anti-drug week and we are forced to dress up in stuff a friend from flex referred to it do "the drug process" day one we have to wear red and she said thats getting the drugs, the next day we had to wear crazy hair and then the day after that crazy socks and she said that we where effed by the drugs or high, then we had to wear a green shirt and she said that we where sick because of the drugs and being the incontinent child I was at the time i saw how bad drugs where and i had to stay away from them for my own safety and health.
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