Pyongyang Parade: North Korea displays new ICBMs & submarine-based missiles

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Amid regional “military hysteria,” North Korea has marked the 105th birth anniversary of its founding leader Kim Il-sung with a military parade in Pyongyang, where it for the first time publicly showcased its submarine-launched ballistic missiles as well as what appears to be a new type of ICBM.



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Samden Robinson-Lama
that little jump the marchers added to their walk was amazing
let's not underestimate them
Imran Khan
North korea
use it or lose it...
Debessai Abraham
be strong or die
That march has me fucked up. Looks like someone's sandblasting their nutsack every step they take.
I hope NK comes to their senses and doesn't do anything stupid.
john doe
some of it looks like CGI.. I'm not sure.
X3 RewindZ
When they say Americans are fat.....
I wish I could leave the USA and move to North Korea. They are the greatest country and under Kim Jung Un's leadership will soon become the greatest country!!
Akina Speed Stars
command and conquer : Our base is under attack...... unit lost, unit lost.
mark vines
Half this stuff is fake, but their crazy enough to be dangerous.
I don't know..... Am I the only one in the world that sees that this is CGI? The camera has always the same strange angle when the vechiles come nearby and always just a little a bit off focus to not reveal any detailed picture. Clean, jumpy lines and frequncy effct on radiator grilles. I mean... Look at any other parade, search military parade and see the details or camera angles there. This is not real. Its CGI. Pure CGI.
Johnny B
and I'm guessing those woman Sword fighters are gonna be in the Fight as well
Beso Nakopia
wow, thats more looks like topol m
"my boys would take out the whole Korean army"
-lavar ball
Bruce Wayne
This Kim looks like a fucking body double....
Dan Manolache
i hope the Great Leader KIM JON UN will destroy USA with 10000 nuclear missels,, long live our GREAT LEADER !!!
Tahir Ahmed
Missiles, Guns, Tanks, Gunship Helicopters and fighter planes look very nice when displayed in a parade or show, but are very dangerous and fatal when countries use them against each other and kill each others innocent people and army men..............WORLD must think of decreasing weapons & increasing ways to solve problems by dialogue and with respecting each other rules n regulations because by winning WARS you cannot win peace..........Peace is always win by peace.....Happy independence day North Korea..........
nazi germany + nuclear
Lupita Cadena
Where did North Korea get the money to build those new cities, infrastructure and the powerful army they have, including nuclear missiles and submarines??. The trick is that they are not tied up to the Jewish Rothschild's Criminal Banks who suck the wealth of every nation including the US. Iran, Syria, North Korea and Cuba are the only countries left which do not allow the Rothschild's banks in their land. That is why they have been portrayed as the "Public Enemies No. 1" by the Jewish Controlled US government and News Media.
inboxianisca rafaele
a lot of ultimate equipments tech that has been covered by obsolete casing mode.
Youtubers1 hope you enjoy awesomeness
he looks like a peins
North Korea's soldiers are androids and yet people say North Korea is under developped
Azunatsu Deathrider
kim jong un looks worried...
Vincenzo Logo
No no no no no no no, say no to wars endlessly to you, it is the most insignificant human
baseness, is self destruction. There is no reason to make war, is pure madness. So what taught us
the history of past wars consequences of atrocities against humanity?
cristian siminiceanu
Just imagen that nobody has a internet conection no facebook children no Disney with hunger .. The Ceausescu and Comunism of Romania whas small compared with shit...y see how childrens of them sufer ...milions ...just dreaming for an orange like y whaz dreaming over the rumanian comunism ...only one internal Revolution whill change North Coreea ..
respect for korea....fuck american pusy..greetings from albania
Minerva Diaz
They look like WW2 Jajajaja Those are nuts for U.S
the u.s. keeps on bombing countries all over the world and north Korea is the threat? gotta love that old fashion brainwashing. but it's easy to brainwash when people in the u.s. are busy shopping, watching tv, playing video games, stuffing their hole with KFC, and surfing the Internet for porn.
Babacar N'Diaye
I don't understand the fact that U.S owns nuclear weapons and doesn't want others to do the same..
@0:37 Those missile canisters were dummies! Fake !
Nation Urban
다리 부러지겠다 ㅋㅋㅋ
Dicky Fisher
All Antiquated Soviet obsolete junk.
Clifton M
An impressive show of synchronisation!
Ddd Kkk
Them ICBM,s are Russian made.
lamin Bc
US should be Careful because NK is not Lybia, Iraq or Syria this is a United country with nuclear power not a divided country with AK 47s
Larry Bran
Americans provoke NK so that the nuclear war could happen. And in the midst of conflicts, suddenly some ICBMs with multiple warheads are launched toward China. "Sorry, our mistake."
"Top ten countries for persecution of Christians:
North Korea and nine Muslim countries"
(Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, and Eritrea)
(Six of these countries were on the Trump travel ban:
Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Yemen, plus Libya.)
Austin Sawyer
Why do these videos all look so fake?
america it's time to get bombed
Назар Кружилин
fun to watch, even when the DPRK began to understand the weakness of the political will of the United States
NotMe You
hahah all dictateurs have russian weapons or bad replicas =)
american think like small children even though they are so fat.
antichristliche Aktion
Isn't there the whole march?
lol do they realise that half their force parading is using semi automatic world war 2 era rifles and the other half is a russian knockoff of the first assault rifle
Michael Goldman
Fuck North Korea they cant even get it up lol
Glorndorsorn Boorpor
If those ICBMs are anything like Iran's new tech they're made of paper mache and plywood.
Aye Jay
Goofy Goose-steppin' motherfuckers!!!
Gentil Byemba
donie yen joue bien ses films.
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