John Oliver looks like he really likes his job. Good for him!
Johm Doe
That laugh track tho
Djiboa Djiboa
Mr Oliver & company you have the right to not believe in these conspiracies but do you really need to pee on the topic ?
Adrian Thomson
I always knew there was something sinister about Cadbury Creme Eggs, horrible things.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: The eye pyramid is a Freemason symbol, not an Illuminati symbol.
Bro, he's pretty much just copying Ryan Higa at this point 😂😂
This is like why are fire trucks red according to Monty Python.
Jhon Oliver made a triangle. Obviously a member of the Illuminati. Therefore this is a coverup video. "Any conspiracy worth anything is organized such that any description of it will sound like the ravings of a madman" quote anonymous(not the group.... probably). This video is clearly the description of a conspiracy John is a part of and is covering himself by blatantly telling us about it as though it was ridiculous. Now anyone who actually finds evidence will be thought mad/joking. Well played
Sick Dream
i wonder if all the liberals who watch john oliver realize that the Russian hacking IS precisely a conspiracy theory
chris kooren
half-life 3 confirmed
The fact that he mentioned the illuminate makes me think that he is connected #TRUTH
But hey that's just a conspiracy.....
Jack Rogers
I actually like Cadbury Creme eggs, I guess I must just have a taste for mermaid placenta covered in candle wax.
Quinn Sacalis
As of June 6th this video has 7k DISLIKES! How, this is gold! They're just in too deep and there is No waking them up.
Comrade Godzilla205z
If you listen hard you can tell all the laughter is fake
Tomáš Gregůrek
It is quite a while since you've made last Web Exclusive, I am anxious what it would be this time.
Lord Skc
Mustafa alzobaidy
what if the video was not a joke and it was a real conspiracy
Anton Sion
I don't think creme eggs taste like mermaid placenta.... :/
Marsha Creary
What's up with this? I've seen this not only on the internet but also in the classroom (in my own childhood and as a teacher)
The bit about Jon Benet Ramsey and Katy Perry speaks to ascribing adult characteristics to children and conversely ascribing the characteristics of children to adults with disastrous results.
Robert Hanan
jOHN Oliver fuck princess diana. You think thats funny punk.
Robert Hanan
I believe that a real American tv network should start doing a show chopping the british crown and their queen and her bastard prince and his whore wife. That to me would be very comical in America. Fuck You John Oliver. All you brits are jealous of us Americans and we saved your asses way too many times. GO FUCK YOURSELF
Peter Parker
Back in the day when this guy put out good videos now all he does is bitch about trump 24/7
Alexis Zimmer-Chu
The best YouTube conspiracy theory video around
He didn't mention Lizard people. John Oliver is a Lizardman = Confirmed
the Bernstein theory is my favorite
Tanel Murd
"what if its all true ?"
Joseph Stalin
Real conspiracy theory: the years start coming and they don't stop coming
Shua Ved
OMG the most ignorant video ever of course Denver Airport was built by the NWO, and how dare you flash up a picture of the Grey's when it is the Reptilian's you ignorant Frenchman!!!1!
Jade M.
John Oliver should do a piece on ransomware.
I love you dad
tee bee
hmmm ... and yet this show has discussed things like the federal reserve banking system, the military industrial complex, conflicts of interests in the government and private economic sector in the way of lobbyist and super pacs. Not all information is misinformation, that distinction is all that matters. Fact check, source, and cross reference all information, and eventually you wont pull the worst possible examples from youtube.
Neil Mason
some people conspire to put John on prime time, it takes a lot of guts to dumb people down, the public can go watch conspiracys on YouTube , I'll tell you this , they are more entertaining than this poop sucker!
Mickey Shea
Who else has watched this thousands of times 🙋🏼‍♂️
Joan francesc Molines Pont
When i guess if there´s other kinds of life in the universe, wich i expect so, a friend is sure they come here and abduct people to put them a probe in the ass and all that stuff. Of course, the government knows, and they hide this, so i asked him, Why most of the people don´t see them aliens? He answered laughing at me as if i was a nerd, "If you don´t see them, asshole, it is because they can turn invisible!"-Oh god! i said. But, please, -i told him-about that video you showed me of a haunted house where the camera caught how some things were moving in the attic, You know what? -What?-he said, They were weasels, no ghosts, no spirits, weasels move those things in the attic, no haunted house-and he replied: -I see no weasels in the video.-Of course you don´t! because they turn invisible!!!! i said to him.
I am German and it took a Brit in America for me to learn that we are apparently bloody rich.
Adrian Davies
The egg conspiracy was a real thing in South Africa. Christians said that the marshmallow eggs had demons in them and would force their children to do drugs and vote for the EFF
Promateur Ent.
illoominardy confirmed
people who question authority should be shamed and ridiculed so severely that no one will dare question anything
Typical strategy- make fun of some conspiracies to discredit real conspiracies- wonder what this guy thinks of public water fluoridation- i'm waiting-
Jason Coomer
"In the future...people will love their servitude"Aldous Huxley

All the people on this thread posting have proven Huxley right......
Rafael da Costa Guimaraes
what is the point? You need to reconfirm everyone's doubts about conspiracy theories? Always when people talk about "conspiracy theories" or "illuminati" they take the most extreme ridiculous examples which don't have any prove and is only believed by a very small percentage of the people. But when you talk with people about your doubts about 9/11, conspiracy between large corporations and governments, news being manipulated, than all of a sudden you are also a "conspiracy theorist" and belong to the same group of the tin foil hats that believe the earth is flat and run by aliens. Its always the most easy argument against anything that goes agains the common believe system and it is: Not an argument: "Oh, so you believe in conspiracy theories?" And all your credibility is gone.
Sour OG
Sour OG
I emphasized I'm from Las Vegas because growing up I got use to seeing demolitions of casino buildings
Sour OG
I'm from Las Vegas, and I don't need a Scientist to tell me that the World Trade Centers on 9/11 were the result of a demolition. I like you a lot John, but you and your fucking team of writers are idiots on this issue. It's fact not an opinion, OPEN YOUR EYES JOHN
Mr. Friday
It was Cadbury creme eggs all along !
Georgina Critchlow
Cadbury Cream egg is available all year round in Australia....
Mare Graphix
GO, John, GO!
i love alex jones
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