5 Hidden Messages In Famous Logos!

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5 Hidden Meanings In Famous Logos!


Companies have always identified themselves with logos that help to relay a message about what they do or who they are. This has been the case for a very long time now. However, like everything else, things are not always what they seem to be. And as we are about to see, there are some hidden massages behind famous logos that we take for their face value. So prepare to be amazed with these 5 Hidden Messages In Famous Logos! Lets begin!

1. The Bronx Zoo

The Bronx zoo is located in New York City, USA. It is the largest zoo in North America and about the largest metropolitan zoo in the world. Here, you can see just about any type of animal and easily passes as one of the prides of New York City. The logo of the zoo has some birds and two giraffes standing upright. From the face value, the logo just represents the animals. But what you may not have noticed is that in between the legs of the giraffes is a clear representation of New York’s skyline. Well, now you know. You can see the empire state building and a few other skyscrapers. Well isnt that crazy?

2. Wendy's

Dave Thomas is the famous founder of Wendy’s; a popular global phenomenon that is associated with everything homely. There are over 6500 restaurants spread across the world operating with the brand. What many people might not know is that Wendy’s was named after Thomas’ own daughter. What would surprise you even more is the fact that when you check closely at the ‘Wendy’s’ collar, you will see jewelry with the word ‘mom’. Many people will obviously not notice this because of the delicacy of the food they serve but once you realize this deeper meaning, you will not stop thinking about it. 

3. Toyota

Toyota car manufacturer is probably among the most popular car brands in the world. The logo is even more mysterious when you look at it more closely. The logo shows three ovals that overlap with each other but that is just about it. But wait, if you look at the ovals, you will see the word ‘Toyota’ spelled out. Apparently, the overlapping ovals represent the unification of the hearts of Toyota’s customers with the heart of the products. The space inside represents the technological advancements of the brand and the boundless opportunities that lie ahead. No one would have thought about it, let alone reveal the hidden meaning behind this brand. Why hide it anyway?

4. Baskin-Robbins

Baskin-Robbins is among the largest chain of ice creams in the world and it spread across several countries. The logo for the company is a simple BR initials at face value. But if you look at it very closely, the initials have the number ‘31’ in between. Apparently, the number is not just a number but it is iconic in nature. It represents the 31 different flavors of ice cream that the company deals with. The officials from the company explained that their customers should and must have the opportunity to explore different ice cream flavors every day of the month for 31 days. Who would have thought about it?

5. Tostitos. 

Tostitos Company is owned by the PepsiCo. It is a chips manufacturer that many people have come to love and adore. This is perhaps a perfect case of once you see, you can’t unsee it. Looking at the logo at first, it is a simple name with a vibrant color behind it. But on close investigation, you will notice a strange activity in between the two “T”s. You can see that the two Ts represent people dipping a tortilla chip into a salsa bowl. It is obvious that the creative department of the firm has not been sleeping on the job after all. 
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Good video👍
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