James adams
we don't just want impeachment. we want prison time. the republicans are selling our beutifull country. destroying it inside out. everyone involved will have to pay. may god bless the special prosecutor
james west
no real news here, just bs for the simple minded
Lacey Pelham
they did this to themselves. trump sets himself up for scrutiny and criticism on a daily basis, as do the people around him.
this is what comes of being dishonest and dishonorable.
Joe Mota
🅿Trump👺🏦 🗽🛃👬💑💏💍💞💐💝💕Putin 🐲🍆🐎⏰⌛⏳💩🚽🙈🙉🙊
The president's son is the son of a liar.
TRUMP.. a family of crimes .
trump Jr is dumb, you won move on. But you just had to come out and get yourself in trouble.
Lina Berger
gain course wealthy cool date range switch.
Michael Maher
I wonder if the Trump family are real Americans? If they are, why the continue to lie to the American people, not to mention what other gains are they after to screw Americans. It's clear that it's all about them now. Gather as much $Billions as possible while we can
Chester Logan
Trump has stunk up the place. A Total disgrace I they all go to jail.😁😀🇦🇹
brenda cooper
so where are the documents she left in the room?
A Load of Covfefe
That's my lie and I'm sticking to it, until the truth is out then I'll be forced to admit it.
a lot of liberal idiots hating on trump in this chat.
Alien FromSpace
Weapons of mass distraction 😴
Alien FromSpace
I think it's funny that there's all this hype about Russia and the only thing that the professional investigators can find is this empty meeting that jr was clearly baited to go to, to begin with
how has Trump been able to come this far without any action from the Law makers? what happened to the America that was once the beacon of freedom, equality and justice.
Reanu Keeves
He should have never released them and used bleach-bit like hillary....
Nothing's changed: the White House has been in chaos ever since Trump was elected.
Gabriele Riva
Trumpeters will say Donald Jr is fake news.
Chili B
Donald Jr. was just looking for info. on Hillary's uranium deal and how it tied up with Bill's speeches in Russia with bankers and donors to the Clinton foundation. Every American should be interested in the truth about that sellout.
Paul Dalnoky
Don Jr looks like a snake
John Preston
I guess I was wrong... it's not Eric that is the stupid one!
Michael Miller
Can MSNBC/NBC ever tell the truth? What a witch hunt! Private servers, Clinton cash, Huma & Anthony "Carlos Danger" Weiner, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Barry "the world is on fire" Obama, Benghazi, cash deliveries to Iran in the middle of the night and on and on. Incredible! Keep looking for collusion, we'll wait for NBC/MSNBC to take a look in the mirror!
Republicans like to create conspiracy theories. They don't like to be targets of them. They stand in the kitchen but cannot take the heat.
lesia Pellerino
donny we all know that you were leak to the Russians, President Traitor.
lesia Pellerino
Ha, ha ,ha, everyone said, even your enemies,. You have been proven to be donny the liar.
Joshua Taylor
We're sure going to miss the Trump reality TV show.
The "interpreter" was undoubtably FSB.
its treason. he, Jared and paul need to go to jail.
True Lies
no information was given another nothingburger, the left is not tired of loosing.
Zaq Voir
now selling Trump Family's Favorite Fragrance ... Dead Body Smell
David Sanchez
Puttin is a beast ..😂
Kenz300 x
If this was a movie we would say the plot is unbelievable
Only the guilty protesteth so loudly.
Sons, daughter, son in law other funny people, I thought the combination of nepotism + freaks exist only in a circus troupe.
Mamadou Dem
Next video of the meeting will drop....Trump better toe Putin line.
Deborah Watkins
Trump and Putin have been friends for years, he should never have run.
Military Guy
zuma surfer
Watching liberals melting down like Fukushima is highly entertaining and
well deserved.
Mark Murphy
By the time all these myriad of investigations are complete Trump will have his two terms done anyway so what's the point of it all.
I think people just have no idea how to handle pathological liars. trump lies, his son lies. they lie and lie and lie. end of story.
Mr X
Americans wasted countless dollars and effort chasing shadows over Obama's nationality for Trump, then over Obama tapping Trump's phone , for trump, then over Hillary for Trump. All of the above cleared as "under false premise" by the American Intelligence community. All of the above.....cleared. Now this debacle with his son and himself and Trump wants America to turn the channel and focus on something else....like the previous 3 "false premises".

Does anyone else see a pattern forming?
Can you name a day that the WH hasn't been in chaos?
Rebecca Conn
"adoption policy" is not innocent either... it was in response to a US sanction against Russia... one of Russia's sanctions laid on because of US sanction. It would require the US to lift sanctions. News coverage is giving Fredo a pass on this.
suz salter
You violent leftists are making idiots out of yourselves. Drooling over NOTHINGBURGERS! LOL!!!!
Mrs T
Republicans are completely reckless in allowing this fiasco to persist.
Johnathan Johnson
I wonder how the Washington post got the emails
They got “very high level and sensitive” info from the Russian lawyer and they won the election...plain and simple... “I am the president. I won...”
Meeting with the Russian is “meeting with the enemy”...wow....
I think this is Jared’s entrapment (he must have learn it from his dad whilst he was in jail) to displace Little Donny’s next-in-line position in the Trump Empire....after all Little Donny is Trump’s son whilst Jared is only his son-in-law
At 2:13 you would think the Trumps are realy dumb. I mean, they keep lying, but they are making so many mistakes. No wonder why nobody wants to be Trump's lawyer.
Ummmmm, the White House has been in crisis since day one!!!!
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