6LACK - Prblms (Official Video)


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Music video by 6LACK performing Prblms. (C) 2016 LVRN Records


why does hes say GD so much..??no respect...
Samantha Jacqueline B
This Shit Baaad!
Antony Hewitt
The lyrics tho🔥🔥🔥
Caleb Jackson
his whole album go hard asf especially after you get high
Lyle Frappell
why the driver gotta ignore the domestic violence, her hitting him isn't right, i would've pulled the car over not about that stuff, would've told them i'm not gonna put up with it.
josh schroeder
Garrett Daniels
Magda Klimczyk
Hector Hernandez
The Real King.savye
cool song💯
ASAP victor
Edric Wazzee
this song is dope man, and just listen to the lyrics, too, smart guy
Pavel Citan
Freddie gibbs fucked this song up. fucked it. completely... fucked.
Tyler Browning
I relate to every word so much 💯
destiny casillas
Dam... gives you mad feelings.
Iyonnah Taylor
It would be so fucking dope to hear a females perspective to this.
Should I do it??
Like, comment, subscribe.
Love you long time. Lol
Tyrone Butler
gml recordztv
Loving this tune and video can't stop playing it on repeat 🔥
Edward Moore
next up
Mohammad Sultan
Aint got much in the bank order the steak when we go out haha wtf
Harry Styles
I searched 'Problems with Black American People's and got here
Frenchy P.k.A. JeenyuZ
Very dope song... nice vibe... its got that ongoing flow... like one big ass verse, but with a chorus section that repeats... but sounds like the verses... the repetition works very well because the story in the lyrics is forever Changing throughout... he's talking about some real shit. I dig... I dig.
Hope Heas
it made me wet
Lewis Linklater
I found me a new thing I'm not lost as you think
Dominique Clark
Why does this video look like it was made in the 1900's 🤔
Amy Diaz
So I found my a new thang I'm not as lost as you think ☝🏼
kratom vibes
Free The Drones
i feel bad for the driver 1:54 like stfu!
Major Ward Jr.
My nigga sittin beside a bear smh that's how you know he real💯
Sleepy Brown
who is the girl in video
Alan Lichtenthal
Why is this not platinum yet??
Tha Goat Artifactsz
"I got real shit to stress about girl I ain't worried bout shit" I SWEAR THIS MY FAVORITE SONG EVER!
Tim Mo
contradictory lyrics 😑
+Josee Rutland tell hubby I said hey ✋✋✋
Fatima Lee
"She text me I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, but how the f*ck can you hate me? " 🔥 Favorite part ❤
Jay Ewing
why you do that...dont got much in your bank we go out you orde a steak 😂😂😂😭😭😭
Raniel Gaúcho Álbum Signos
pesado abraço do brasil !!
Nick Delluomo
On repeat
Dinaz Kardooni
So well done! <33333 (... and he's foyn as hell; not to be objectifying tho...)
Lucas Lakey
"you hate me you hate me you hate me you hate me but how the fuck can you hate me, when I ain't do shit"
joseph singley
shit so raw
already addicted to his music ....
Larry Jones
Niggas can relate to this shit....and just burn one...forgeting about the issues women give a nigga...while chilling with a new piece
TheSkyScooper 360Sav
It's crazy I meet her that way EVRYONE time I look her in her eye I see the hate in her face like why u do that
TheSkyScooper 360Sav
Miss ster my prblms got one on my liv and she won't stop calling
TheSkyScooper 360Sav
So we left the crib and we in a got damn ride
TheSkyScooper 360Sav
I anti mean to say that bush I was go damn hot
TheSkyScooper 360Sav
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah she said u got lie
unknown unknown
when I was hear this had under a million views damn
Camila Santos
I love this music so fucking much
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