Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer podiums on a NYC street, May 12, 2017

She's hosting the May 13th Saturday Night Live
Filmed by Jen Chung / Gothamist



We're going to miss this character! Good bye Sean!
SNL is far, far too easy/light on Sean Spicer. They could be funny if they took the kid gloves off.. they looking for writers? If not, they need to be.
Anthony Robinson
funny how all these "trump haters" are crawling outa the woodwork to make money outa him .
michael demeo
how about roller pig
Dee H.
I'm learning so many new words from Americans. What exactly is a kike?
Sean Spicer is a dumbass lmao
i didnt know what the fuck she was doing until i saw the comments. funny. . .
Cole Marano
Lol every comment I see is "trump supporters triggered". There is literally no actual political commentary in this video, its a person on a moving podium. Not everything has to be a political battle, the only thing to take away from this video is the humor of seeing a podium moving on the street. Everyone needs to calm down and just enjoy the video. Politics are about opinion and preference, everyone has their own and it's ok if it's not the same as yours. The world is not ending, people just have more access to information now than ever and everyone is seeing the dark side of politics that has always been there.
Anything 4 views
Fucking. Legend.
Grimsby BusChaser
She is so un funny.
Nizar JoFis
Indonesian viewer,,subscribe back please
Tatil Zamanı
harikaymış super bi şey
michael demeo
disgusting cunt
Donald Trump
This fat cow is responsible for the current mental state of my Spicey!
Aaron Seifert
Maybe someone will mistake her for the real Spicer and assainate her
If we're truly lucky her fat ass will get run over
Leo Does Art
0:21 that moment when people ain't listening to your presentation
Bill A.
melissa mccarthy is just fucking annoying!!
Miki Vega Tendo
hahahahahahah hilarious.
urandeit tet
here's me, laughing at the dumbasses who think trump bashing is funny

HERE'S ME LAUGHING AT DUMBASSES WHO ALSO KNOW NOTHING so think before you start being a loser
Philip Vizcarra
Axel Rivera
He eats ass
Look Out for the Podium Weeeeeeee. Too Funny.
Ivan Kornelius
fat kike
rekhaaa sanju
keep posting
Youtube Addict Pill
Propane Daddy
Fake news! Out, out, out!
Wa Aw
مستر بدر
Wa Aw
مستر بدر
Helvi Hautala
So when is Darned Old Drunk going to ask the NK diplomat at the UN to come down so Pyongyang can get plans to build an h bomb?
Mike Mc
Every character she does is the same
Where's one of those islamic panel trucks of peace when you need one?
Tasha Ms SweetTea S.
she's hilarious
GO watch my new video tell me what you guys think and share with your friends!
Chris Loew
So many missed opportunities
The Ultimate Reductionist
Radical leftist registered Green party member & atheist & antinatalist animal rights vegan who HATES this bullshit attack on LOCKERROOM talk and any private speech. In fact, I support freedom of speech for anyone (including prisoners, people in court) to make bomb threats, death threats, torture threats, rape threats against anyone. Same reason I think Bill Clinton should have been executed for being a scum hunter who murders animals, as well as his asskissing Wall Street repealing Glass-Steagall, just like Trump should be for his unnecessary Trump steaks, but NOT for having a CONSENSUAL affair and for SAYING WHATEVER HE WANTS about it in court.
I hate ALL this UNIMPORTANT IMAGINARY BULLSHIT about "Russians hacked Trump" or "Hillary Clinton's emails".
All demoturds and republicunts (Trump, Hillary Clinton) should be tortured and killed for being asskissers of Wall Street and for TREASON against the United States for their attacks on patriotic American hero Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning and for PHYSICALLY FORCING Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) and fossil fuel addiction onto our nation and world civilizations. AGW and FFs and the meat industry are NOT speech.
They are PHYSICAL ACTIONS. FUCK political correctness of anyone telling me not to advocate MANDATORY vasectomies and MANDATORY abortion to reduce world overpopulation (yes, in India & Africa & China for overbreeding and in the USA for overconsuming) and FUCK political correctness of anyone telling me not to advocate LAWS AGAINST BREEDING AND MURDERING NONHUMAN ANIMALS FOR MEAT & FUR.
Luke Carey
All the people that say that trump supporters suck fuck you
So, the video is about a fat chick dressed as a man. Looks like a typical woman who voted for Clinton!
Lmfao I like to see all these butthurt Tramp loving snowflakes in the comments. How does it feel like being little bitch?
idk. maybe its just me, but I have never seen Spicer act even remotely like her impression. now I know its just an impression for humor effect but what's it based on? she does however look just like him its uncanny. 😂
Andrew Heggie
As a Trump supporter this is hilarious
probably thee most hilarious thing Ive ever seen
Jawid Nazri
Zisheng Hong
I thought this was filmed in green screen
Lady Love
hahaha she is too funny
NotMyFirstDay Cooton
salty bugger
S.N.L./ Same old story, making jokes about our country instead of being grateful to live in it.They are making a mockery of us instead of loving us.Aren't we more deserving then to be the butt of the jokes?
The Real Nasty
LOVE Melissa McCarthy! She is one of our idols, and right down hilarious! If you support women in comedy, SMASH the like buttonnnnn!!!!! #funnygirls #funnywomen #womenofcomedy
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