Things All Girls Do On Their Period


“Yes, I’m bleeding out of my vagina!"

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Lala Haha
Bs I don't get mood swings, cravings or extreme cramps. If anything mild cramps, bloating and that's all...I only get it for 3 days
Alma Tapia
I'm not moody, I don't get cravings, and I don't get cramps on my period. I just bleed and I can't even deal with that. Especially since I'm always paranoid if my pants are stained or not 😓
Jam Jam
Lmao I clicked on this and I got a diva cup ad
Rachel Tan
in school, i'm checking my pants by going to the toilet often because the pants, is the nightmare when my period comes.
things all girls do on their period: bleed from their vagina
Molly Owen
Okay..SELF SERVE TILLS AT THE SUPERMARKET! Does no one think of them?
Leo NichellieColeman
The other day I used the bathroom and I peed out a big chunk of my shedding uterus the size of a nugget. I was so grossed out.
MissGamerGirl Plays
Haven't started yet, I feel like I'm immortal. Thats going to be crushed, isn't it?
The Fool
anyone else have the stomach aches and desires to not eat? but when you dont eat you feel dizzy?
Sushi Rolls Gaming
I am on my period...

And I really want ice cream...
Sun Lights
I never meet someone who sync up with me 😒😂
Oh God, what if all the women at buzzfeed have synced periods.
Sh 992
I'm on period 😂💔
Twenty øne Cry Babies Falling Out At The Phan Disco
Am I the only one clutching a hot water bottle to their gut, stuffing their face in nutella and in a very weird position?
I've had craps 2 times in the 7 years since I got my period...
okay i've been watching and using buzzfeed for several years and a lot of their content has just gone down hill i've slowly stopped watching their videos and i'm sure they work hard but the content is very cringey to watch and not entertaining anymore
60 subs For no reason?
One day when I'm with my dad I'm going to invite all my friends that are girls to have a sleepover but the thing he doesn't know that we will all (almost everyone) would be on their period.

Ryan Pavel
I asked my lady what a period feels like and she punched me in the kidney. I'm not sure that's an accurate description but if so, God bless you women.
Claire Carlton
I never get cramps and mine only lasts 2-3 days.
Oakley LeMay
People with vaginas*
Meow Meow I'm A Cow
I cry.
here are the things when i was on my period:
1. take an advil to relieve the pain.
2. sometimes takes nap when i feel tired b/c of the mood swings.
3. wear a sweatpants for 3 or 4 days until it's gone.
Imaginative Light
Maliya Ojo
its as if they remake the same videos but with different set of people -_-
The Krught
Thank God I'm a guy 😂
Skeng Jen
... I can't be the only one that has a multitude of blood clots which look fascinating and make me want to play with them until I remember that this just came out of my vagirdle.
Hasn't buzz feed made this video like 5 times already...
Crystal Hernandez
I don't get cravings, or mood swings...i just get paranoid, I get kinda dizzy and I have lots of pain to the point I can't even move
Emily Jakes
That soy ice-cream is legit the best ice-cream ever.
I don't get/do any of this. I only get pain, drop things alot and forget words/names
Jayne Kyra
So apparently I am not female because none of these apply to me. Literally none.
Angel 28
Lmao why would she even wear white pants?? Of course she'd get paranoid wearing them😂
Rosemarie Tolentino
I get constant paranoia and think that someone could see my pad through my pants
Potato Llama
I've done MOST of these 😂😂😂
Vivian Tang
You know that you will get harder cramps if you eat cold stuff on your period right?
Lightning Star
I don't have period underwear, I don't ever have cravings, I don't have a hot water bottle, I don't smuggle tampons, I don't have mood swings (I'm pretty much 99.9 sad/depressed all the time) I hardly ever have cramps, I never am paranoid about blood leaking through, and I am always disgusted if there is something left in the toilet, even if I'm not on my period, all those things are false about me
Iz Yang
Yep. Tottaly me. But I'm actually not disugeseted with the tolite
Dana Draws
They forgot "Exiting the restroom yelling, 'I GOT SHOT! I GOT SHOT!' " ...or is that just me?
You forgot the dreaded sneeze/gush combo!
Nola Chick
No clench and sneeze?? COME ON!!
Skye Dabs
My period always want to come with me on vacation ugh it's so annoying
Gillian Huston
Who else is on their period while watching this
Afro kpopper
is it weird that i never get cramps on my period? i just feel tired and drained
Am I the only one who never gets mood swings?
king coconut
I relate to none of these :(
Goth Moth
naw just put on a fuckin pad don't matter the panties, don't get cravings, don't get mood swings, don't get cramps, don't use tampons, hot water bottle? why would i use that, um no just wear a fuckin pad, just bodily stuff nothin gross.

NONE of the this applies to me so no it's not all women. i just get mildly thirsty and over heat easier
Barend Buchler
who wears white during their period??
I can relate so much to the cramp positions and paranoia
Gertrūda _
Not everyone have cramps okay? ugh.....
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