Krista Martinez
I can relate to all of these, i was triggered by the not-so guilty cravings though, because thats literally me everyday.
i didnt get a damn pad yet and its my first period ahahdjfksnnc someone help me

i have to deal with toilet paper ugh smfh
My period is very very late
Madison Lynn
ALWAYS keep the underwear you've already ruined, save the good stuff for after you're done bleeding.
Maple Blackoak
I can agree with literally everything in this.
Deets J
I literally only do 2 of these things
Reema Kaoud
I honestly have the craziest mood swings, one day after school while I was on my period for some reason I was actually happy, then when I got home my mom asked me what I had for lunch today and I just lashed out on her (screaming and crying) "WHY DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT I HAD FOR LUNCH TODAY! ITS SO PERSONAL!"
Crystal_ Anime_Art
I'm not sure if my sister was on her period or not but one time my sister asked my dad for pickles, my sister hates pickles.
olly the kitten
am i the only one that doesn't leave blood in the toilet when i pee?
Miss Lovely
I'm on my period now I can honestly say that I have done all of these
Lexie Johnson
I'm 14 and haven't gotten my period yet, is that wierd?
Moogan Thy potato
I'm one of those lucky people Who don't get cramps on their period😄
Anah Kopaladze
You go to sleep on white sheets, you wake up on the flag of Japan
I just got my period today and then I get the news that my grandma's dog died (we were close) so now I am even more sad than normal.
Aubrey Thornock
Who in there right mind would even consider white pants???
Ajiannah Turner
Me right now 😭😭😭😭
Arion Briyel
Does anyone else not drastically mood swing? I kinda stay in one mood for... the whole week
Aisling Ó Néill
I never hide bringing my pads or tampons to the toilet, it's nothing to be embarrassed about
elizabeth trudgill
It's the pad smuggle for me, getting it into your pocket or bra when no one is looking is a talent.
Grace Whiskers
"Things all girls do on their period" bleed.
Babette Porceddu
You know what the best thing ever is?! Being on your period together with your best friend! Believe me that's amezine
//Alexandra //MSP
What u do on my period :
Watch YouTube
potate kewl
That intro was way too cringey
Maria Roshto
I'm gonna sink to the bottom so here we go

...I don't do any of these things IM AMAZING AND NOT NORMAL WOOOOOOOOOO 😆
Kenny's Life
the tampon smuggle struggle is real!
Faith Anderson
My aunt and uncle say that when I'm on my period I can go from being the sweetest girl into the quote on quote "mean girl of high school"
Kassidy Landwehr
I never get cravings or feel the difference after i eat chocolate
Amadis Gonzalez
Omg cramps are the worst...😦😱😭
Good thing for me, I use the Blossom cup. Leave it in ALL DAY and no leaks. Dresses, wight pants, you name it. Doesn't waste paper and plastic and is better for the environment (no, this is not an add, I just am in love with this product). WAAAAAAAAY better alternative to tampons and pads.
amazing bear
All I do on my period is sit and moan...
Shadow Gold
I related to one of these and that is mood swings and I don't even get those all the time.
Sehun's anus
Lmao I don't relate to any of these
Φωτεινή Τζουβελέκη
I hadn't get my period yet
Mikine Jin
I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't have mood swings, food cravings and all of that. I heard that Coca Cola can actually make things worse. But idk tbh.
Vivilota V.
Am I the only one who isn't emotional on her period? Everybody seems to be crying for no reason and becoming a bipolar for a week and I'm like.. I'm the same as always. Calm.
chrisonette Riley
am i the only one who doesn't feel pain and even when i do its just a little
Pan Chan
Weird I have a period and none of these relate to me 😕
Breezy Boo
I wear black pants with a sweater around my waist
Things I do on my period

Being in bed all day watching "Things all girls do on their period" Videos
Julia Hills
I didn't have mine in so so long like 5 months and I was so worried. I finally got it and now I'm celebrating by binge watching buzzfeeds period videos :)
Lydia Alonso
I'm paronaia I always feel something wet and constantly check but nothing is there
And Peggy!
i was on my period and i opened the cupboard and I cried because there werent any chips 😂
Keiths Nugget
cannot relate at all
//Alexandra //MSP
Well idk how it goes at me but on my first period I lost 3 kg weight (sorry for my bad english) but when I'm not on it I'm always hungry like a monster ;-;
Sophia Arenas
I absolutely hate my period pads cause there so thick so I feel like I'm wearing a diaper and I'm a afraid you can see the huge lump through my shorts
Sophia Arenas
I'm on my period right now so this helps
I kicked my wall and now there is a hole
I don't really get bad cramps but I get really tired and I eat alot of chocolate
Jevon Jackson
shout out to women that have to deal with that part of life.
Marwa Winchester
I don't actualy have any of them but at school we all have white uniform and 3 hours before break so I have to check out if there is something and I hate it
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