Lizzy Tallmondo
What is this song... I must know
SilverWave Productions
Please don't be an Independence Day resurgence, Please don't be an Independence Day resurgence
Godzilla Fan2019
Carlos Acuña
K exito
Anbingo Channel
What the music at 00:01
Flamemporer 1
Looks great
Manh Tan Nguyen
Gipsy danger nhìn xấu vl
Swag-Lame Matthew:/
Saber Athena is a beast!!!
Kenreal Williams
Ganda Nelson
We defeated the kaiju, lets use the jeagers to kill each other

Oh nvm the kaiju are back
The thing I want is a movie or series about Cherno Alpha. Also, what moron gave a robot a spiky rocket fist? Have they done no research about the Pacific Rim lore at all?

Also, is that girl a teenager or just a short woman? Cause from the look of it, most of those candidates appear to be kids... which is extremely stupid as during the initiation of the neural link you need to have pretty strong hold over your emotions. Teens are also emotional and likely to lose their head.

If the candidates were 25+ I would not have any issues with this, but from what I could see they were not. Sure, if all the older pilots had been killed this could be understandable, but generally, you don't put a 15 year old kid at the front in a warzone. Especially if that kid is supposedly a genius that might have created the only single pilot neural link in the whole world.

You would keep her out of danger and make her try to recreate it as this would mean that the restriction of candidates would disappear and you would be able to recruit many more thousands of people able to pilot their own jaegers...

I was initially excited for this movie, but after I calmed down and truly saw the trailer for what it was, I kind of lost faith in this movie. They are pulling off way too many unbelievable things (even for Pacific Rim) that I honestly do feel a bit let down. The having "young cadets" rather than the old crew is pretty much to try to appeal to younger audience in the US whilst the rest of the world enjoyed the older crew of the first movie just fine.

They did this for financial gain, not because they story would be more interesting that way. And after the hundreds of "teen saves the world" movies we have been getting the past decade I am personally sick and tired of that trope. : /
Jay D
def a mistake not having Charlie Hunnam & Rinko Kikuchi as main cast smh
My inner 9 year old is going to enjoy the hell out of this movie.
I like that the filmmakers make an effort to give at least part of the film an Asian setting. Not everything needs to be set in america and considering that monsters v robots was pioneered by japan it just feels like these films are coming home
Donita Meghan
Overall... this will be best movie on the world!
This movie is good to me, i've been watching it on [ ]
juan manuel liendro
Me gustaría en algún futuro
Que aparezca gamera la tortuga kaiju pelicula japonés queremos que regrese gamera guardián del universo,defensor del universo y amigo de todos los niños el peleará contra los kaijus malos.
Que regrese gamera.
shoutout vince in this bitch
raped Slime
Oh look rap and a new black lead...what a surprise to see such a combination.
How about actually...I dunno continuing with the two leads that you tried to endear to us in the first movie instead of starting all fucking over?
The CGI looking cheap also doesnt really help.
Also,is it just me or do the Robots look/feel weightless?

Urgh well that might be just the trailers fault but replacing the main leads is a genuine problem.
Fucking xXx 2 all over again.
talin nalo
category 6 kaiju.
lego reviewer 2000
1:57 When your Minecraft clan ready to raid that admin's base
Francisco Javier Alvardo Ortega
Name of the song?:v
Win Nguyen
Anybody know the song?
Bella swift
What do is this
wtf is the song?
Julio Lopez
good work
VonPierre Pepper
Who watched this because of Karan Brar and was upset that he wasn't in the trailer then got mad then disliked the video?

Oh wait.. nvm, that's just me, ok, yea.
DLC 935
Is it bad that I don't know the song?
Danni TheFan7
What’s the name of the song that’s played in this?
Franklin Clinton
Transformers Rim
Shonna J. Kelly
✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ WATCH FULL MOVIE ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪
As someone who throughly enjoyed the first film, I can say this looks like utter garbage.
M0sca Varejeira
Well...hes prety big
Mirtes Martins
gual a música do trailer
CATEGORY 6 KAIJU!!!!!! 1:55
Wali Rahman
Python Lysol
Ahmed demha
Power rangers in the transformers suits
I'd honestly hate this song... If it wasn't so awesomely blended and in sync with the visuals and sound effects!
Hardik Ahir
Can someone give me that song's name plz?
Manic more
This Trailer Is A Sci Fi Movie For X Men
oh. i thought someone was joking when they said II was coming out. Clearly this is going to have issues. huge issues. Like did you not learn from the first PR mistake....
Mary Boone
why does everyone always judge a movie because of the trailer , I bet some people judged the first one in 2013
Saila akter
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song name?
Chris Miller
This movie is gonna be sick!
Hype, liked the first one but really excited for this one bc like there's just more if that makes sense plus the trailer music made it cooler XD even my parents said they didn't like this trailer :/
jet jauger shouuid be in this movie
M0sca Varejeira
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