Sexy Sofia Vergara Funny Golden Globes Joke Blooper

Sofia VergaraGolden GlobesBlooperFunnyJoke

Sexy Sofia Vergara makes a funny joke blooper while presenting at the Golden Globes.

gizzycat cat
This stupid idiot just embarrassed the entire continent of Latin America. She is not funny here, she just makes herself look like a cheap latina whore who sucks cock for crack. What a fucking dumb cunt. All the men and dildo's she's had up her sloppy shithole must have made her think she was funny. What a disgusting pig, FUCK YOU BITCH.
Murat Usta Almanya
Hello from Germany👌
Bravo :v
Valentina Valero
y de repente español 😂😂😂
Kurt Hectic
ouw i would give her anal any time she wants
Oriol Riera
she has got THE REAL golden globes
Ah! "Duties!"
yes I also want to have anal with her
Yeiki Sanderz
i was thinking how it feels to pretend to be bad at a language just to maintain a character when one's really an expert.
Raul Juarez
She is stu...
i would give my globes to all 4 at the same time
Why people are mad at this? She is just making a joke -_-
A esta pinche vieja puta le fascina el sexo anal, que le rompan el ano a vergazos.
hohoho hohohoho
This woman is lovely
Borja Garcia
She clearly knows how to speak without such a strong accent. She knows people like her accent and keeps using it.
Martin GB
¿uʍop ǝpısdn
Steve from Yellowstone
Really edgy smh aren't women funny?
That joke made her sound like a porn-actress! xD
- Eth
What a dumb whore.
Gabex Videos
Was a joke!!!!
Anthony M
¡Que pinche naca! Sacando el cobre, tan corriente y vulgar.
Ow she has beautiful eyes🔥
♥Que Genial!
Anal? yes, that's what i would do to you.
when you kinda think about it , the "Joke" was realistic and true
Juan Rafael Castro
Dumb colombian bitch!
The funny thing is that for Spanish speakers "anal" and "anual" are pronounced very differently, so when they speak English they'll never make that mistake.
Stupid joke written by fruity Hollywood writers
Cesar G.Camara
No tengo ni puta idea de inglés pero yo me la follaba
If Sofia isnt the definition of a beautiful woman,i dont know what it is
tuong vi
His daughters are gorgeous ♥️
Alfredo Bustos
God, that wink.
Sherman ibiris
Like when you get paid tons of $$ for making us look latinos like asses, because you have no other talent but tits and buttocks.
Gustavo Plata
cringe ... but gotta love her golden globes.
Rachael Palacios
The joke is so obvious and old--- it is by now such a cliche that she plays the dumb latina. (It is no different if she were a blonde woman and she made a stupid comment to play to the "stupid blonde" stereotype.) She has more brains than that, she needs to break away from this role.
that was joke in her style, because everybody knows she has hard accent and makes mistakes,
Romick Vieira
DO NOT MATTER, shes hot AF, its automatically funny and not embarassing at all, its cute. Me, personaly, would 100% make fun of her and then eat her pussy,,,,
aitor Tilla
super sexy
Kat I
I like her, she is funny😛😛 very proud of herself
Me la como con todo y vestido
Agustín Garcia
Well she already has 2 golden globes...
Manelos98 xX
Estás TREMENDA hija mia
Neil Papier
must be some occult initiation thing.
its a prank bro
He pinchado solo para ver los "globos de oro". Literalmente.

PD: Si, es un chiste muy barato y que todo el mundo ha pensado.
Rodrigo Martín Granizo
Loool |D
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