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Cassandra Moody
I want a iPhone 7 i’ll give you anything I want because I’m an entrepreneur in my Business and I own about what thousand dollars so I might as will give you like a Camaro or something else if you want what you only have to give me the iPhone 7 So can give you anything you want it and everyone else to
Harry H
I subscribed
Perry Rhodes
Fidget spinner
Aswad Mahi
i want a iphone
Karlo Roko Tepeš
I know it before u flipped it
Karlo Roko Tepeš
Im a secret genius
Awesome Railah
I can do that
Jacob Isenberg
I saw the soldier
Jason Kierzkowski
Can I please have a iPhone 7 Plus
Yasmin Khatoon
I want fidget spiner
Jason Kierzkowski
Can I please have a iPhone 7 plus your iTunes card
hailey graves
I could separate my fingers without moving the others
hailey graves
I could do it
Maggie Vlogs
How was the hand stuff hard...i gues im......SMART?!🤓
Ashwani Shrivastava
I can also cross my fingers in only one sec. and I can touch the last line also I can do it with my alllll fingers
Maggie Vlogs
I can do all of them
Funtime Foxy Playz Minecraft
6:59 no you didn't i knew it was all of them
7:13 i said it was middle one so you didn't suprise me at all
Sobomate Sobs
iPhone 7
Funtime Foxy Playz Minecraft
4:52 i have one of those in my self
Brent A
It is so easy for me
Brent A
I could do it
Brent A
I found it
Kayden Leitch
Did it
Kyn Kykynzz
i want iphone 7
Willow Lloyd
I want a fidget spinner
Jennie Krueger
i can do i
Fire Skull
I can do it!
Isiah Butcher
I can
Kylie Guthrie
I would like the iPhone seven please love your channel please I really need it so I can call my mom why she is in New York City
Enniecgy Carrillo
Fidget spinner
Finley McDonald
I want a iPhone
Alaina Wilson
I can/ figured out/ did everything correctly and right away 😂😂 not trying to be mean or sound bratty but this was really easy
ny performance Morales
I can. Do. 2. Things
meagan jones1010
I can do it and have been able to
Marco Vera
Mia Penciel
I want the iPhone 7
Kittens World
I saw it
Heeni Nahu
I wan to win a iPhone plz
Nicole Carpenter
i can do the that finger trike : )
jacqueline henninger
Behind the rock
jacqueline henninger
Mackenzie Hurley
I can do the finger thing
fidget spinner
how? i don't get the 96% part
Aaron Glass
Michael Poole
If you see the nubers you are not namal i can
Michael Poole
96 of humans cant do this i can do it all
Caelee Williams
kassidy schroer
I want a iPhone😄
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