6 Life Hacks for Toothpaste YOU SHOULD KNOW

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Toothpaste can do so many things other than clean your teeth.
6 Awesome Toothpaste Life Hacks

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Gabe The Dog
Ohh sure I love to puth toothpaste on my screen. Its 100% better than clean it normaly.
Zan Nasteski
that iphone toothpaste life hack seems legit
dayton shahan
clik bate
William Mcgilmer
me I did just now my mama finna kill me
damn indians
#أحمد الملك
انتة مخبل ليش جرحت روحك
Bui Huy Quang
That's what my "mother's mother" said.
brian 17
subnormal jaajajaj xD
Andrei C
Thanks God i run out of toothpaste!
I was ready to start slicing my useless fingers, just to see if it works
got it
Wait so he put toothpaste on the monitor then sprayed it with cleaner?? Just use the cleaner on its own!
Monique Boyd
Juliana boys and girls .
Marcos Estrella
toothpaste was stupid
you cut your hand for a video awesome
Jake Ryan
You suck at cutting onions!!
Ravi Jha
Phone wala sirf screen guard pe try kar sakte hai ya screen pe bhi use kar sakte hai
Peggy Little
I was more than happy to find this video channel-channel.I wanted to thanks for your time for this glorious learn!! I positively enjoying each little little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to take a look at new stuff you youtube post.
This is sooooo cool i think i'm going to go wax my entire car with my toothpaste now.....YAAAA!!!!
Phoenix Ingraham
I love how you can tell that he is using window cleaner
haikal halim
my phone cracked. shit
2:22 voor de mensen die eerst altijd in de reacties kijken niet naar doen wand je hele beeldscherm gaat naar de tering er kome vlekken op en het werkt nie eens het word juist erger en ik heb een toetsen bord van 35 euro er is een beetje opgekomen en me hele toetsenbord is naar de teering er komt de heletijd wit op en is nie weg te krijgen ik heb een toetsenbord van het merk Geneyis je weet wel met da licht erin dus niet naar doen wand me beeld scherm en me toetensbord zijn helemaal naar de teering geholpen door deze facke flikkertje
Saira Khan Khan
It very instresting video
Longlen Odyuo
Can anyone tell me why would anyone put matchsticks in water.😕😕😕
Roses are red violets are blue I just got click baited and so got you :/
Santhosh Kumar
Colgate is part of my life
Giselle Martinez

Chill I'm playing God damn 😒
M. Abdullah
And "ADDYOLOGY"you can clean your phone with normal water
iEnvy NooBz
I thought on the first one he was making Q tips
King Judah
so now we're using toothpaste for Band-Aids how funny
Rob 223
Pure BS on the crack fix. Cleaning windows w/ toothpaste has been aroumd since the 60's.
putting good toothpaste on phone you idiot or whut???
Arnie Cisneros
I got robbed the tooth paste life hack doesint work
grace li
Will the toothpaste really clean ur phone I don't want it to explode
Usha Soni
Who will clean a screen with toothpaste????? Instructions says that dont use water or liquid cleaners for cleaning screen.... Bad bad
shailesh patel
Stanly Stanly
toothpaste can clean everything expect your tooth
Dr 구
Night Wolf
1:38 Also you can eat the onion and then brush your teeth with the tooth paste
Kto z polski ten nieh napiszę obetnij pazury
Joseph Lightmountain
FFS now i have toothpaste all over my car it looks like extra white was the wrong choice... any tips how to remove the scratches?
Sourav Paul
Nice video
Андрей Сливкин
wtf u stupid or something? u cut urself in front of kids!
let's get to 1 million without vid
Can i get subscribers without a vid?
anteni game
Ten telefon byl zepsuty
Royal Gadirli
I saw the cover photo and decided to test on my broken screen. no success, F**k your əcdad, qaqulya
Karlbert Karol
please no one should put toothpaste on wounds that stuff is highly toxic if it has fluoride in it !!!
bleach flavored cheesecake
kill yourself
Barack Obama
He really slice his hand
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