Angie 272
whats the point of the matches one life hacks is something that makes your like easy
Life hacks that are pointless
estefano klamos Ki
muito top 👏👏👏
Oriza 9007
Next one: I can brush my teeth with my iPhone now!
Ewa Idczak
why would you cut yourself just for a video some people can be stupid
Julia Turzyńska
specjalnie sobie zrobiłeś tą ranę?
Mlada i luda
Omg hahahahaha i never use the toothpaste😂😂
Itz Voley
You can wash an use soap when your hands smell lot
Pigoo Gaming
I came here because I wanted to see how clickbaited these vids were... And the cleaning stuff with the toothpaste had nothing to do with, he just used some fucking soapy water and a spray bottle, the toothpaste caused more problems.
Kovi 4F vlog
Did he cut his finger for that hack at the end
HungDiscoBall ǝɯ dlǝɥ
Dont do these unless you wanna break everything you have just stick to soap and water
Kirit Rathod
this this
Mina Thùy
Are you hurt
Roope Järvinen
I came here from mrbeast
Kim Reodique
Advise for every one brush your teeth first before doing this hacks.
Stanko Miskec
jeste govna jedno jeno displej u drugo u stvarnosti kradete naš novac tim podvalama
dz Aimen
Jesus' Lover
For real....did he just cut himself with a knife.....on purpose???
9I HoBbIu' Ho TonoBbIu'
0:66 ● _ ● fun
9I HoBbIu' Ho TonoBbIu'
What music?
Wide20 Robloxgamin
Catalin Ciobanica
ou nou obcjfthjud
Darkbang Gaming
Why u cutting hand maddd? ?
Bossy Boots Mom
Why would you cut yourself?
Vishal Prajapat
Sir mobile par colgate se pehle paani bhi daala tha na?
Anika Murad Euna.
Can we clean our spectacles using toothpaste???
taufiq hidayat
Finally theres another video with "Toothpaste and crack screen" 😃 this is why i have trust issue..
mustafa korkmaz
madam lyné
Looool the comments😂😂😂😂
Levi Ackerman
Of course, put toothpaste on your phone to fix cracks Clap clap clap GENIUS!
Nicole Manuel
Check out Brady Manuel he is a good YouTuber
What is willing to do?
Pølse Mand
On the phone screen and pc screen he mixed toothpaste with soap Water #stopclickbaitplzibegu
good morning
Aliyah Mclendon
Why does he spray liquid on all of his electronics
Aliyah Mclendon
At 2:15 why cant he just use soap?!
Aliyah Mclendon
Only spray your phone if you have a waterproof phone
وليد خالد
من الي عربي
somchai Yanpaisan
Billa Billa
thank you
janos danyi
More elvágta az ujját he
Joe Falloon
Pointless and stupid is all I have to say for this video
Sterre Sala
You are crazy 3:00
Ikhalid Rizqy Al Raihan
What should we spray on LCD monitor? Water or alcohol?
The "cut" is crayon if you look closely at 3:01, you can see the red crayon in the background there.

Do Mis
1:19 What?
Niko Nierhauve
Wo ist der Sinn bei der ganzen Sache
Ilham Amin
Use soap
Bhavika Prahalad
Wastage of Colgate
Malu Bhalu
i love subway surfers
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