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Greg's (Taran Killam) friends (Ariana Grande, Kenan Thompson, Vanessa Bayer) attempt to be supportive of his singing career.

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Bob Builder
So no one is going to mention the "he forced me line"
akua o
i wish he was singing about me
Alpha Sierra
Does this remind anyone of weird Al???
Know 1squarter
This was painful
Lazy Bell
Ari is hot with that hairdo
Tate Winter
Does anyone have short hair in this clip
So when a woman is raped it's a tragedy, but when man gets raped it's funny... ok, thanks for the lesson SNL and the rest of you hypocrites. And if you think I'm taking this too seriously, just pretend SNL did a sketch where at the end a woman said she was raped. The video would not be posted on youtube, and SNL would have had to make a public apology.
Steven James Phillips
Love the song and the reactions!
Pie Are Squared
10/10 would buy this single
Michael Barrett
What the hell did I just watch?
"Get ready!"
That was.... so great.
Shailesh Rana
Were they fucking high writing this one?
Screw The Net
So rare to see Kenan actually bust out laughing. EPIC and FAVED!
Tina Jarmusz
This is fucking hilarious
Johna JoynerTV
He most of got vocal lessons from Miranda Sings....
Not sure why I didn't see this earlier. It's awesome! Miss Taran & Vanessa. 😊
Kristine E
They broke character to save the skit
Cristina Rafaela
The song sounds a lot like Brazilian music for some reason...
Lorenzo Carbone
how her real hair would be
Castle of Costa Mesa
Yes, this is the kind of joke the chinese will say can cause internal injuries to your worst foes! They will not know whether to fully laugh or keep it in! This will cause explosions of internal organs! Clever song, clever skid!
selina tiger
Not funny when he said some guy forced me to have sex wth him. Harvey Weinstein hollyweird
Karl trembath
Ariana grande needs to keep her hair like that
Zach T
She's Keefa "I'm a black stereotype"
Lorne this was gold!
PowdaToastFace Killah
Catchy tune
Ariana actually has great comedic timing
YES! I'll take one good Keefa over any fake ass "friend" every day of the week.
Natalie Moretti
Shes so talented!! Love her
um yikes
low key if someone played this at a party, i wouldn't be mad
JoJo Nellymans
That laugh at 5:16 hahahaha
camila jauregui grande
"also greg, you made a whole song. and then you sang it..i hope you're proud of that atleast" if thIS AINT ME
Nico G
This is a great song hahahaha
ChillingLikeANarnian InNarnia
Ariana is an amazing actress honestly I don't know why I'm surprised
Ray Rush
When someone's like "Listen to my mixtape, it's fire"
Kolp Lako
This just started out as a homosexual rape joke and the writers had to figure out a way to tell it
Cielo Carrillo
Bri Cano
mc star
A male miranda sings
Sk nation Lol
First time watching this
It's Hope
oml im crying
Katharina Kopp
one of the best skits
much love from Germany
Madi Delia
The part where they all start laughing is hilarious
Will Sims
this is beautiful...
Giving me Miranda vibes...
This is better than most of the crap we have today. cough Autotune sucks cough
asha johnson
"good for you. go greg." 💀💀
Definitely Not Hope
I actually liked the song
Fotograma ibarra garcia
he forced me!!! hahahahahahah
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