Cut for Time: New Studio (Ariana Grande) - SNL

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Greg's (Taran Killam) friends (Ariana Grande, Kenan Thompson, Vanessa Bayer) attempt to be supportive of his singing career.

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Lukas Gray
LMAO ...I find the comments funnier than the video...
Charlie To0 Human
0:32 You can totally tell she is reading her lines from notecards or a teleprompter offcamera... She's not even looking at the guy while she's talking lol
Savanah Walker
Why was this stuck in my head
Ashley O
This makes my smile too big for my face.
It's the Keefa show
Professor Tiki's Curiosity Channel
Good song.
Really miss Taran .... sucks it didn't work out to keep him longer.
Bianca McCormick
Why didn't the girl with big hair look at that guy...she stared at the wall
Lmao Vanessa could hardly keep it together
Sutapa Bhattacharya
I love Leslie Jones.
My Favcom
Sideshow Bob!
Virginia Kelly
"I TELL IT LIKE IT I-AWS!" 💀😭😭😭😭😭im dyinggggggg😂
Colin Wood
Did anyone else like the song?
Metin Coker
"If Leslie shows up the end of the sketch being either horny or angry the that means the writer were to lazy to write an ending"
Underrated Critic
I did not laugh once. Can someone please explain to me how this is funny?
Mustafa Saifuddin
Libin Blaze
Matthew Polak
Miranda Sings vibez
Charlie Pashayan
Are we absolutely sure this was cut for TIME?
Alex Mercer
Man. 😂 its been three days and I am, singing this song like a JB fan girl
Casey Alcoser
This is one of the most inexplicably funny things I've seen. I'm crying.
Jason Hernandez
Needs more cowbell
steve conn
2:05-2:11 the best
Forgetful Merc
Taran couldn't be better 😂 love his singing, this was hilarious
Emma Marlowe
Why is this actually my new bop
Emiily Emiily
And now he is playing KG3 in Hamilton...Dreams come true people, dreams come true!
Making Life Less Boring
He should colab with Miranda sings 😂
Josiah Sanchez
This is one of my favorite recent sketches
Mel Ev
he sings like miranda
Panda Power
I found this totally hilarious.
James Fleeting
"Cut for time" more like cut for being awful. What the fuck was that.
Nyteria Edwards
did anyone after the fourth time watching this start to sing along
This is so true! Here in LA everyone has a Demo! Lol!
lame meme
"just sing it greg"
this is now stuck in my head. Great.
Kuroshi Michi
"If Leslie Jones suddenly appears at the end of a sketch, acting vaguely horny and angry at everybody, it means the writers couldn’t think of an ending."~Tina Fey
Isabelle Sofia
They couldn't stop laughing!😂😂
kj oatman
LMFAOOO I died laughing
Chaise Latterly
Taran just left the show with no announcement and is now playing King George III in the play Hamilton.
Caitlin Belforti
It's like they realized how bad the sketch was in the middle of it and started laughing.
Yoshiki G
Taran is a great singer. Since he studied and trained music professionally, I want him to put out albums. This was enjoyable and funny.
Angela Isneato
She's such a good actor I want her to act more
Dann Cardona
that was amazing
LOL Leslie is hilarious!
he sounds like miranda sings
Aleksa Aleksic
He sings like Miranda Sings!!😂
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